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What is a world without

a world without is a popular web novel written by the author JP_TransLaLa, covering MODERN, WEAK-TO-STRONG, ACTION, SCI-FI, SURVIVAL, REALISTIC, WAR, MARTIAL ARTS, POST-APOCALYPTIC, JAPANESE, Martial Arts genres. It's viewed by 76.1K readers with an average rating of 4.63/5 and 69 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 36 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Hitomi, a 17 year old exchange student, had just killed a mugger in a dark alley with a rusty steel pipe. She was a beautiful nerd with zero martial arts skills, but the power of "Absolute Personal Defense" would do anything to keep her alive - even if it tore her untrained body apart. Now she was trapped in Washington D.C. as western society begins to completely collapse. It's the end of the modern world, but not from a nuclear bomb, biological attack, alien invasion, or even zombies. It had just taken a few words spoken by an angel. An angel that had also killed the President of the United States on live television! Hitomi's first priority is to escape and survive, but her journey will take her across a post-apocalyptic Earth as she trains her body, becomes a soldier, a leader, and ultimately a master of the martial arts. It's a journey of seeking truth: was God's judgment real or an elaborate hoax? Why is she the only one with a special power? And why can't she die?

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I love your writing, especially on the prologue, it captivated the readers to visualize it like a scene in a movie. And it goes to the next chapters as well. I can see, hear, and taste each scenes as you write it. You are very good at this one. Good job author!


It's amazing to read this from a perspective of someone who is unfamiliar with the surroundings and religious practices. It is difficult being in a foreign land all alone and being able to speak the language choppily. It's just refreshing. I was also impressed by the amount of research it took to find a suitable phrase or quote for the opening of each chapter. This was an amazing read.


Awersome story. Thank you autor. Awersome story. Thank you autor. Awersome story. Thank you autor. Awersome story. Thank you autor. Awersome story. Thank you autor.


This is an amazing novel. I'll support the author and recommend the readers to read this work. Keep writing and updating with this same spirit. ALL THE BEST


The book was great the intro and prologue really captivated my attention. your writing was unique so keep writing!! so hats off to our talented author - the reader!


I have never been into this kind of stories before so I thought that I would leave it hanging from the first chapter but once I started reading it, I was proved wrong. To put it simply, this book was very interesting and.. original! It was well thought of. The character design, the story development and all the other details screamed 'Get hooked on me!' So, hats off to our talented author!


See now its stories like this that make you wonder what's going on in the authors/writers mind, but you can't help but keep reading because you're just really enjoying it. Maybe a little too much.


Well, first off, let's just acknowledge the amount of research there in this story. The rest is also good. Finally, can't go wrong with interrupting the nameless president's rally.


This story is so amazing!!! I reallt love your writing style. I got hooked by the first chapter of your book and this is a great book to read. I will definitely wait for more updates. Hope the author will update soon💜💜💜


Amazing amazingg I want more chapters cause there is a cliff hanger it wont be good to just hang the reader you knowww More chapter please author!


You have a very interesting way of writing and I can notice the amount of research that was put into this work. Your contrast of American and Japanese culture is executed well. You write well and I like certain vocab that you use. I am enjoying this book this far and I will read on in my spare time. Best of luck to you.


The story is good and the author knows how to sprinkle some humor in it, the author's description of events is excellent and the plot itself is interesting.


wow. Just Wow! this book is just so good I couldn't stop reading! Hitomi as a character feels so relatable and watching her through the course of the chapters, from her feelings to thoughts, was just great! Definitely A Gem of Books!(。ノω\。)


Whoa. That escalated quickly. I knew something big was gonna happen but I was really surprised how the events had turned out. I wanna comment your writing skills. Your grammar is on point and your sentence construction is absolutely up to par. Really good writing.


I've read a couple of chapters and this story is interesting so far. The prologue was pretty intense and I like how the author described the president. I feel like the author incorporated their personal views on politics and how the politicians can be very questionable. For the characters, I originally thought that Hitomi was gonna be a cliched "I'm not like other girls" girl but she's not. Instead, she admires her best friend, Minako, even though she is the complete opposite of her. She mentions that people view Minako as promiscuous but Hitomi doesn't seem to think any less of her friend, which is a good thing since it shows that Hitomi is not super judgmental towards what other people do with their own bodies. I also like how the author described the Smiths. It feels like the author is taking from their own experience of what Mormon families in the US are like. I liked how the author described Hitomi's experience in the US and how the change impacted her. I thought it was very appropriate for the author to include Bible quotes at the beginning of each chapter since this is a story that involves angels. Now for the negatives. Mainly just poor grammar. I thought it was a little weird when the author started describing the MC's posterior and chest. However, it then related to Western beauty standards and Hitomi's self image. In that case, it was kinda relevant. But then the author mentioned that people who are muscular and very sweaty are "Totally worth it", which I thought was weird. Overall, this story is pretty interesting!


awesome story, perfectly written.I loved it, I honestly love the research done to create the story and how the author research and start the chapter using an awesome quote. I loved the story, keep it up, and good luck!


Dropped a vote here 'cause it's a very amazing story! Love it. Very unique and interesting... I love God, too. You need references in the bible to strengthen the key points of your story! 💛


A simple yet engaging read. The story flows well and the dialogue between characters is crafted nicely, in addition to the believable atmosphere that surrounds these characters. You can feel what they're going through.


I really like the writing . It makes me not want to stop reading and it just keeps pulling me in . This is really amazing !


I really liked thr authors sarcastic style, it's really interesting! The story gradually captivates you making you not help but keep on reading! There is nothing else to say other than it's amazing!


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