A World Where Humans Don't Exist
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A World Where Humans Don't Exist


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What is A World Where Humans Don't Exist

A World Where Humans Don't Exist is a popular web novel written by the author Bishtf, covering FANTASY, ADVENTURE, R18, ACTION, ROMANCE, MODERN, VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF, HISTORICAL, NEWWORLD, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 341.6K readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 19 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 111 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Ashley had everything in her grasp. Love, Status and Popularity; she couldn't ask for more. That was until… One night, on her way home from her friend's party, she was caught in a car accident. Her life was turned upside down. She became comatose and was later in a vegetative state. She was in that condition for three years. Her friends who she thought were her pillars of support left her. Her boyfriend left her for her friend. What hurt her the most was that her family was breaking apart primarily because of her. She lost everything overnight. Everyone already anticipated her death and believed that she wouldn't recover. Why wouldn't they? The doctors said she was almost brain-dead. That was what they thought... In fact, Ashley knew everything. She was just trapped inside her own body. After three years of enduring, life gave her a chance. A silver streak that made her hope that everything would be fixed and she could go back to her once-perfect life. Instead, she is sent to another world. Only to come out of a box and serve as a prize for an annual tournament. More confusing was the fact that this world seemed to be a fantasy world were vampires, werewolves and other creatures dwelled. It was a world where humans never existed. ******* WFP #11: Bronze tier Note: This is a slow burn novel. The romance would happen eventually but it would develop over the following chapters (even the smut *hehe). Disclaimer: Images used are not mine. Got the images from pineterest and edited them on an app. Warning: 1. Smut 2.Cliches 3.Swear words/Curses

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I chose to make a review for my own book for the following reasons: 1. I wrote the book. 2. I'm a shameless author. 3. Self love and self support 4. I, myself, am inlove with the plot. I want to show my appreciation for those who read, voted and commented in my book. I know some things in my book may not meet some people's standards by I am still thankful for the people who spared minutes or even seconds to read it. I am doing my best and will continue to do my best to deliver a plot that would entertain and bring joy to my beloved readers. Thank you so much readers. I owe this book to you guys.


Hi reader! If you're still trying to find some reasons why you should read this book then this is it! You have to read it, right now! I'm telling you that everything you want is inside this book!


Wow I just loved the way you write and hope to read more from . The plot is quite interesting and the characters too . Keep going writer! Every chapter is amazing in it's own way.




This is a good read. The plot is interesting and unique. The female lead is strong, confident, and resourceful which is very rare to find in most female leads. Check this book out, I promise that you won't be disappointed.


Wow, loving the book so far. The author is really good at controlling the tone she wants for the scenario, especially when she wants to build suspense. The author has room to grow as a writer, but I can't wait to keep reading!! Keep it up!!


I can smell quite an intriguing twist all the way from the first few chapters alone. I like how catchy and descriptive the synopsis is - great way to hook readers. The character design and interactions are well-written. The concept of the story itself is interesting and unique. I'll be reading more in the future 😃 Keep up the good work, author!


I liked the story. The first chapter give me kind of a warm feeling and gained my interest. I keep reading and the next chapters always give the hook to read another chapter. The author is give a good job with story and also the languages. character design is dreamy, I love it! I would recommend this novel to my friends!


Well I liked the story so far. The story plot is perfectly written and it grabs the readers's attention. Keep writing author and good luck.fighting!!




Interesting read. Well the chapters are so far so good and I hope that continues. The chapter are still so short but I hope that more people give reviews to this cause this deserves some credit. I like the elements and im interested on how the MC will develop further. Author keep it up and update more!


I loveeeeeee this book. Im just waiting for more UDs so that I can binge read it. I really like how the historical setting blends with the other themes of the book. I wanna see what'll happen to the MC in this new world she's in. Can't wait to see the ML and FL's fluffy moments together. Please update some more authorr🙏😍❤️


I really like this book! It's very interesting. The FL is interesting and the ML just made me fall in love with him! I really like vampire stories especially when you couple it with the existence of wolves as well. I'm looking forward for future chapters! Keep the updates Author!


Quite a nice and interesting read. I'll prolly return again once more chappies are out for me to binge. Please keep it up! May the author write more, edit more, enjoy more, and even earn more^^ .


An interesting read! I enjoyed the way the writer wrote. The plot reminds me of a slice of life story mixed with horror. So far I really enjoy and am highly interested in seeing where this story goes next. Good work!


Liked it, I will keep reading this until the end just update some more chapters, Hope your novel be picked ❤ just write some more please ❤❤. Just focus on the story and I'll keep reading. My full support will be on you ❤❤❤❤


I love fantasy and this book is the best for me. The sypnosis is well written with interesting storyline which i definitely love. Please update more chapters .


I'm loving the characters and the development of both the characters and the plot. I'm in desperate need of more chapters to read. Please PLEASE write more chapters soon!!!!


Found gold. It gives a different kind of feeling yet intriguing at same time. Just waiting to earn more stones so i could read it continously since im poor. But so far, it is really good. Worthy of your time.


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