1 The end and the Beginning.

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Here we go again. Having to get up from my sleep to attend school. A place where the people hug eachother between classes with their fake smiles as if they haven't seen one another in ages. I don't even bother to shower , I luckily live a minute away from school and rather spend as much time sleeping before having to drag myself. My batman t-shirt, grey sweatpants and classic vans will suffice. I brush my teeth, grab my backpack and head out the door. I smirk while I watch kids run to try and make it in the building before the bell. I look up and am reminded that I have never known any other school, pre-school all the way up to my senior year, I know every room, seen teachers come and go and basically grew up with half of my class. I walk to the cafeteria and grab my free breakfast. Free because according to the papers my parents "forged" we're poor and wouldn't have enough to pay. I laugh just thinking about my mom instructing me in Spanish at age 12 to put that her and my dad make less than 40k a year and have to maintain five kids. They would talk about it like it was just more convenient and more money in our pockets but I always felt that it was the truth, we were poor, my parents were just to proud to say otherwise. I head to my homeroom, AP statistics on the second floor and make it just in time when the bell rings and the principle starts the morning announcements.

The first week of this class was okay I only took the class because one I was forced by the school since my credits were high as well as my GPA and they believed that the regular classes just wouldn't reflect "your character, you have to challenge yourself Keyla, you've done so well, finish strong." Whatever that means. Second the teacher was a sweet heart and since I had her my Freshman year I knew I could get by doing the minimum. My older brother Tony had taken the class his Senior year and well I knew he wasn't the type to do all the work yet surprisingly passed with a B. Mrs. Penny didn't have the heart to fail her students and so it was more of a tactic to take the class. Do as little as possible while still getting good grades, it has always been my approach. I understand I'm smart but not in the way they seemed to think.

"Keyla is the sweetest"

"Keyla is always smiling, always happy"

"Keyla will defiently join"

Keyla this Keyla that. I realized I was tired playing the part of this saint , who never had a bad day, will join any club any sport any event to help out.

They wanted me to take five AP classes. Fuck that. I dropped two, took two study halls that the principle would change to Internships and I got the last period free meaning I got to go home early.

I was now in the third semester and I was dreading this class, I was confused and felt stupid.As the teacher spoke I would eat my breakfast and day dream. Kids would take notes and I would just stay in my chair watching everyone. During test I would just doodle on the paper and turn it in just like that sometimes not even bothering to turn it in, ashamed that I didn't understand the material. Hoping she would get the hint that I had no idea what was going on.

I would constantly glance over at the table next to mine and catch a glimpse of my crush since elementary, Steven. He was also a bonus in my decision to take the 3 AP classes. Steven had glowed up in middle school and seemed to only getter hotter each year. Middle school we would flirt, I would wear my tight skinny jeans and two bras hoping he would notice my big butt and "big boobs" An ass I definetly had ,my boobs were still a working progress. I would sway my hips side to side whenever I was going to pass him knowing I had succeeded when he would call my name and ask for a hug. A hug that was more like an opportunity to feel me up. Although in middle I was competing with my best friend at the time Britney. I always felt I had been competing with her, every guy I had liked or had asked me out she would like too. When I would catch Steven flirting with her, oh how my blood would boil. I would then look for Delano, not the cutest but he had definitely liked me and I knew Steven would get jealous when he would see me with him. Except Steven would never say anything it was always cold and hot with him.

Britney would leave Freshman year to Mexico and I would come to find out that Steven would begin to date Alexandra. I couldn't get jealous of Alexandra she was the coolest and people had even called us twins in Elementary. They would later break up and we'd come to find out that Alexandra actually root for the other team, girls.