A Word of Praise
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A Word of Praise


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What is A Word of Praise

A Word of Praise is a popular web novel written by the author Pixie_Auri, covering ROMANCE, LOVE, FAMILY, ARTIST, STRUGGLE, CONTRACT, HATE TO LOVE, CIRCUS, FORCED LIVING ARRANGEMENTS, PARENTSWHODIED, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 37.7K readers with an average rating of 4.71/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 11 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Kiara sat at her small kitchen table literally bumping her head into the wood. Several times. Why the hell did she agree to spend four days in a fucking island with loaded snobs she knew nothing about? Of course, she didn’t know exactly what she signed up for before she accepted his offer, but she knew it came from the guy who sent her to fucking jail and said yes anyway. And based on what? A hunch. Something so intangible and arbitrary she would be unable to explain even to her dad, who was always a firm believer in following your gut. But she saw it, right there hiding behind his handsome stoic façade. He was… desperate. -- All Kiara has in life is her passion for art. Her career as a circus performer is a constant search for real attention, for people to see through the veil of plain entertainment. Chris Wright is the heir to one of the most profitable construction empires of the city, but to get to the top he needs the approval of his authoritarian father. Who knows what will happen when art meets business and passion meets duty?

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I got the feeling of cinderella in this story, no? The beginning of the story was funny, I like the girl. Not many novels put notice on aerialists so I appreciate that you shed light on it. There were some grammatical mistakes, but we all make mistakes. What matters is that the grammatical errors didn't interrupt my reading. I need more of this story, like I'm being dead serious. Keep up the good work!


okay, I am supposed to read more chapters from this book before I can rate but seeing the build up of this story and how interesting it is getting I didn't bait an eye before reading this book. I recommend this book to everyone. kudos to the author.


Reveal spoiler


This is a good novel. I liked its description and plot. This would be amazing pass time for the readers, so I'll surely recommend this novel to them. All the best and keep updating more chapters.


Creative ability is well clear from the way you have chosen to write the story. Do contine and keep writing what has come out well. Watching out for more tegular updates. Do well 😍😍


I love the wording of each sentence, to me it gives off a satisfied feeling. Also, there are some typos here and there but, we all make those mistakes. Also, it gives off a medieval vibe off, for some reason.


This is getting real interesting, it got a catchy start and the development is indeed getting better and better. I love the attitude of the MC😂🤣 i am shipping them hard! Good job Author! Keep it up!


There is a raw energy and emotion in the writing which draws not only the readers in but also the chacters towards one another. A unique perspective in the female protagnosit as a circus performer and interesting to see where it goes in the future!


Great work author! I generally don't read stories of this genre but I was pleasantly surprised. The characters almost feel real which is truly impressive. I love the main character in particular, she's great! Great story, heavily recommended!


I love the characters that have emotion and seem human. Incredibly so. Not only does each character have their own quirks, emotional state, and manner of speaking and acting, but they also interact with each person depending on who they are to that character. Masterfully built storyline, wonderful characters, and an enthralling novel.


Thank you author for this story. i enjoyed reading your work. Looking forward to learn more about Kiara and her mysterious background. Her talent and hidden past would be something that reader look foward to find out more. Her initial reaction and the way she treatS Chris vs. her taking up Chris offer to go on a holiday and getting to know him from that point - nicely written. Keep yp the good work!




This here is a strong story. The writing quality is superb, and the chapters are coming hard and fast. The characters are what really make this story, Kiara especially and the colorful cast that surround her side of things. There is such natural humor that comes out of their very relatable personalities. Love the differences between the two main characters and there's a lot to explore in this story that I can't wait to see. Keep up the good work!


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