1 I'm waiting for you

What story I thought of when I saw the final drawing:

"It's been 10 years since you had gone to a better place.Sitting here alone in the sofa with a cup of coffee where we used to sit and holds hands while chatting about little things,now alone I look through the window and the bright sun ray's that are coming through make my eyes sting.But also give me the warmth that you once have given me,when I look at the blinding light it seems like you would descend from Heaven and give me a hug telling me that you came back and I would say 'Welcome home,my dear', but I know that it's not gonna happen.

When I look in this room it feels empty without you but as the sun slowly penetrates and fills this room I begin to see you and every little gesture and footsteps that you made,like that time when I was working and you came behind and hugged me,or your face when you said that we would have a baby or when you where singing with your beautiful voice in kitchen. All these things make me think of you you're in every corner every place we used to go and anywhere I look,now as I recall all these beautiful memories of us I slowly get up from my chair and I take my tools and I start to make a sculpture resembling you and as I carve and the sun entering this room a tear drop runs slowly on my wrinkly cheek and the tears come down like a waterfall.Ahh how I wish I could loved you more I could say 'Thank you for being here' all these words that I never had the chance to tell you enough but you always knew them even if I sometimes was maybe embarrassed to say...

My dear beautiful wife my soul I want to say that as I carve this wood doll resembling you my hands are trembling but I feel like you grasp me gentle from behind hugging me stopping my trembling hands and saying that we will be together soon,and when I turn head and see leaving as you wave and say:

-'I will you see later dear'

seeing you ascending to Heaven with your golden wings I feel my heart breaking and I shout:

"Please don't leave me I want to stay with even if it's just a little"

and then you stopped there for a second and you turned back to me and started crying while smiling and slowly you faded away but I saw that when you were crying you moved your lips and whispered:

-"I'm leaving dear I will wait for you up there".

And then I'm left once more alone and I turned back to the wooden doll and started to carve once again,and I wrote on it's back "For my precious wife Elizabeth until we can be together again".And I say down once again I take a sip of coffee and look outside and think ahh what a beautiful day to go out and while a tear is falling down in the coffee cup."