1 How it all began.

I have been to millions of different universes and a uncountable amount of worlds I have seen civilizations raise and fall. I have seen the first steps of evolution and the down falls of it, I have seen the miracle of life and the curse of death. But through out it all one of the main constants I see repeated through out all these universes is the need for something to believe in. On one of the first planets I ever visited the civilization there believed that they where the creations of a God, and where all made in His image. How utterly laughable, yes there are Gods and Goddesses but they do not posses the power to create, there is only one being in all of the universes I have been to that has the power to create anything form nothing, to make life. But he stopped doing that a long time ago, He married a goddess and settled down in a peaceful section of the Halseion quadrant, I was His Best Man at the Wedding by the way. Which I suppose is only natural as I am His bestfriend and literality the first thing He ever made with his powers, oh His name is Dave by the way. He did not however give me a name which I am okay with, as residents in all He has created ended up giving me quite a few names. But that's not the point I was saying how just about every sentient creature needs something to believe in, whether that be a God or Goddess or even objects. For some unexplainable reason they feel the need to put there faith in others instead of them self which both Dave and I find totally unreasonable. But I guess they can do as they please, as it only ever affects them. I just find it rather unsettling that they would rather put there faith in others rather than them self. It just makes them so gullible but that's not my problem as my only mission from Dave was to watch everything and write it down, and enjoy my infinite life span. Anyway this is the beginning of my Journal for Dave, all of the interesting things I discover and see shall be written down in here and when I finally see everything there is to see I shall give this book to Dave, and after that who knows.

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