1 The Unexpected incident

The sound of water droplets in the bathroom were making sound that can be in heared from the living room. A girl with a little manly build was lazly lying on the sofa. She was still in her office attire that was a skinny tight leather jeans of dark peach colour with pure white colour shirt that doesn't look like girly at all and dark black colour coat that make her looks like a perfect office lady , she has short haircut that is perfectly styled just like boys .Who knows if she was just like that kind of boyish hairstyle or she just can't take proper care of long hairs . If one can only look at her face they can easily think that the person in front of them is a boy. She was lying on the Sofa and wad still in her office attire so that she seems to feel a little uncomfortable .

She was 34 but still unmarried even by looking at her one can tell in just one glance that she is just some Workaholic that doesn't care about dating and being in relationship and marriage is a little to much to say.

She was the CEO of fashion designing company .

Despite being an orphan she had climb the stairs of success. She had everything that a person always desire. But now that she has achieved everything , what she still desire is a beautiful and warm family. But she does feel any attraction towards both male female. So she was thinking of adapting a child and give that child a better life that she never have experienced when she was a child .

In other people eye she was just a CEO but actually she was the world's no. 1 hacker known as 'Jazz ' that has got a long list of people wanting to make an appointment with her all around the world , nobody knew who that person is because her identity is secret and no one can even peek anything in her information because she has design a program regarding her each and every information related to Jazz that if a person mostly any hackers tried to dig information related to Jazz their whole device will crash due to the loads of virus transferred in their device and infected their files which ultimately lead their device to be completely shut down . She had helped world class companies regarding some of hackers intervene. But she still lives a simple life and just maintains her company to be just at the decent national level company that has so much offers from many multinational company. She also has a another hidden identity of a author that write novel beyond people imgination but nobody knows who that is because in that field she is known as

" Angelfall ''. But she would have never thought due to over work she will enter into someone's body from another world and top of that that person is male.

What would she would do after knowing what kind of personality the owner of that body have and what kind of life he is living in and how should she take care of herself with the upcoming challanges that are about to pop up in her life as a man . But how the hell , he has a son who is 2 years old and despite the fact that the person she is inside is just a 17 year old boy and he is already a father.