1 Pain (I)

"It has been decided Joanna Mayfield is to marry Prince Gerard of the Tyran Kingdom" the kings voice vibrated all over the grand hall, all the elite families that made an appearance cheered, the ball room was filled with chattering and cheering.

There are five elite families in Tyran, the Deckers known for their majestic forging skills, the Stones known for their masters in potion making, the Holmes known for their masters in fire magic, the oargans known for their elite healers and the most elite the Mayfield's known for their mastery in all four elements.

In the corner of the ball room sitting elegantly Joanna's back stiffen upon hearing the kings statement.

"But I wasn't even a candidate s..so how am I now the Prince's fiancée?

" Joanna your mother spoke with the king and the prince agreed so there was never a competition in the first place" said the man stiffly sitting next to her, Joanna's heart deflated from hearing this,

"Why father"? her voice was weak and shaky as she got up and headed for the exit. If she stayed any longer her already broken heart might turn to dust.

" darling you have to understand your mother and I only want what's best for you.." this is the only thing he could say as he tried to not lose sight of his daughter in the crowd.

As soon as she got through the doors the tears that she was holding in slowly made its way down her face, " now...now Joanna!" her father said in a lazy voice as he caught up to her.

"no, no father I don't want to do it"

her father reached out and grabbed on to her arm, with her facing him she knew his patience has ran out and he shouted " you will marry the prince and its final and if I hear one more complain you will be punished",

Joanna's heart stopped instantly upon hearing her father's last words she knew what he meant and the fear that struck her made responding with words impossible so she only shook her head.

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"Good now dry your tears and go meet your new fiancee", a sinister smile crept on his face as he analyzed her reaction to what he said.

"Patrick oh where have you been" a shrill voice sounded from the entrance of the ball room. A skinny woman walked in their direction with a devilish smile on her long and bony face.

" the king has requested our presence"

"yes dear our daughter here was just telling me how happy she was, weren't you Joanna"? while saying this his eyes flashed menacingly before they settled on his wife with a bright smile.

" y..yes mother I am very happy", she managed to say this and forced a smile on her face, as her mother got close and held on to her husband she growl " you better be". They turned around and headed back into the ballroom.

Joanna's life has been awful ever since she could remember, her parents abused her if she did something and it wasn't good enough in their eyes she would receive ten lashes and as she got older the amount increased. She got use to the whipping and the punches and kicks but her life truly turned into hell on her twelfth birthday.


It was a day just like any other, it was Saturday and her mother had gone to buy groceries from the market and her father is in his workshop.

"yay happy birthday to me" her voice was low and sounded like she hadn't had a drop of water.

She said this while sitting on the old rags she had as a bed in the basement. Earlier in the day she had completed all her chores so she is hiding out in the basement until her father starts working, with all the noise he won't hear her go in the kitchen.

Joanna sat fumbling with her fingers as she try not to focus on the feeling of her intestines twisting and her stomach squeezing from the lack of food. It has been a week now since she's had anything to eat, her parents decided to restrict her from eating because she spilt tea on her mother favorite mat.


Her father had started doing his work so she had to hurry into the kitchen and get something to eat. Joanna slipped up the old steps of the basement as best as she could and headed straight for the kitchen.

The first place she went was in the first cabinet beside the pantry, they never notice when food is missing from it. As her hands locked around the small canister of beans a heavy hand grabbed her hair and yanked her backwards.

"stealing food you little bitch"

the shock of being caught made her heart have a hard time beating how it should. Tears stained her face from the pain and the heavy throbbing of her scalp, she knew if she made a sound or spoke without permission her punishment would double. From her place on the floor she saw him stare down at her with hatefully eyes and a sinister smile on his face.

"how should I punish this food thief"?

he walked around her body and stopped at her feet.

Joanna's body started shaking from the though of what is about to happen. Out of fear she tried her best to place some distance between her and the monster that stood over her.

" where do you think your going you worthless bitch" his rough fingers hurriedly wrapped around her ankle and pulled her to him, she tried kicking out of his grasp as horrified screams broke free from her lips.

Between trying to get away and alerting someone of the situation a heavy slap landed on her face her body went limp from the amount of force used.

She looked at the man above her, his lips are moving but no sound fell on her ears her finally attempt to escape earned no response from her body as darkness overtook her.

**End of flashback**