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A Wizard's Romance


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What is A Wizard's Romance

A Wizard's Romance is a popular web novel written by the author _Daulla, covering FANTASYROMANCE, COMEDY, ACTION, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 85.1K readers with an average rating of 4.96/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 54 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Discord Link- https://discord.gg/bpnn9tf6PN Discord Id - _Daulla#3925 "Long Enchantment spells, freaking orbs, taming dragons, fighting demons, sorcerers, witches, all these got me bored Chesire. Suggest something interesting." A certain fluffy grey cat swayed on his master's shoulder and whispered, “why not fall in love." " And you think it's a good idea kitty, a certain smug wizard spat." [ sigh! only if he knew very soon, he would love this idea, clashing with the time and with magic itself for his beloved] --------- Arthur is the wizard King of Reinstels empire who is surrounded by various mysterious enemies. Amidst of all the dangers he has a task to protect the love of his life from an unknown enemy. Will he be able to win over Ceil? Will he be able to protect her from him or will he lose her? What if his brother like a buddy betray him? Will he able to solve this complex game of emotions.? Let's find out. Join us for a magical romance story. Discord Link- http://bit.ly/sorcerorsphere ------ " Let's leave," Arthur said. Vladis crouched down on land and gently asked Camy to hop on his back. Although she wasn't injured she happily climbed on Vladis back because she felt safe around him. "Big brother you need to give me 1,2 no,10 packets of candy. Promise?" Vladis chuckled. "You sure have a sweet tooth. Your teeth will rot if you continue eating sweets like this." Vladis commented with a slight smile. Camy totally ignored her sister and talked non stop with Vladis. Vladis didn't deny her and got engaged in her sweet nothings. Witnessing Camy ignoring her and the sweet interaction between Vladis and Camy Ciel pulled a dark face. She glanced at Arthur and pouted in frustration. Arthur was very much enjoying her expressions but after remembering about Ciel injured leg he stopped being mean and he too gently crouched in front of Ciel. "Come on what are you waiting for? Just hop on. With your tiny and injured legs, there is no chance that we will cross this forest before dawn" Ciel got furious after listening to his comment and wanted to scold him but decided against it. She was not a fool and understood his kind intentions and thus forgave him this one time as she quietly hopped on his back. ------- [ I don't hold any copyrights of the image above; it is just a random image chosen. If any of you have copyrights then do tell me, I will give the credits.]


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Heyoo everyone~~~ So I am here again with another story. This time the plot is based on a world full of wizards and spells. This is a fantasy rom-com story and will be based on it. So I have seen people doing pros and cons of their story so I thought Let try it. Pros of my story~~ 1-Everyone who loves a handsome wizard is welcome here. 2-The pace of the story will be moderate. Neither slow burn nor skipping. 3- It is good. 4- For grammar, I would defend myself by saying I am not a native English speaker but I will try my best to write as best as I can as per my capability. 5-It will have two handsome wizard and a lovely Fml. 6-It's an FML story. Con's 1- Roasters aren't welcomed. 2-It's a romance fantasy and if you don't like it then feel free to drop it. 3- Grammar isn't at its best but it's readable clearly. 4-You may feel sometimes what is happening in the story but believe me even I sometimes wonder what am I writing. 5-Plot might change a little bit according to new ideas that I will be getting as I will write the stories. Request to readers. 1-Feel free to comment and correct me where I am wrong. 2- Queries are welcomed. 3-Hate comments/abuse/roasting not allowed. 4-If you like my story feel free to please drop a review and support me via gifts and coins. 5- The author this side is of a chatty type so don't hold back. 6-Fangirling for Aurthur and Vladis is always welcomed :) 7- Check out my other book- A Fallen knight-Lost art of necromancy. Good Day!


I read the other works of this author and i can say that this one knowing her will be just as good. Try it before judging and you might just love it.


This book is so great that it should be highly recommended and the Author proved his greatness in the first chapter only so the none of us could wait to read another chapter and this book has a potential towards its readers so Author has mastered in that case so that's it .


Have read Author's other book and I can safely assume this one to be good as well. The plot seems interesting and no frequent frustrating mistakes either.


The description, the plot, the way it has been expressed and put out there it's all so amazing and so nicely done. It's visible how the author has worked on it. One should definitely give it a read! All the best to the author ✨❤️


this is a review based on the first 5 chapters I have read, the story is so far is focusing on Arthur, an OP mage who has the power to see the future, nothing much is known about the female lead rn :3 the story so far is interesting, the author managed to give a good amount of information while keeping that veil of mystery and the readers in suspense. I have read the author other novel "A fallen knight - lost art of necromancy" so I have high expectations for this novel too


Nice story. I have read authors other book. Author has a unique spice in story' which keeps me hooked up. Waiting for more chapters. Good luck


The book really hooked me. I love how it written. Please give us more chapters author, waiting impatiently. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


the first chapter seems so good and interesting and Interesting. looking forward to all the next chapterss!!! oh and imma go read all of these UvU. Adios~


With the amount of chapters I have read, I can say that this book is good. It's really good. Good plot, good writing style, little to no grammar errors, no typos. This is simply great. If you are thinking if you should read it or not, then I'll say give it a try. You'll like it.


I have read some of the intial chapters and I can say the book has potential. No noticable grammar mistakes, no no typos till now, and the plot pacing is good too. Enough to get on popular and trending lists. Let's see how it performs, btw lazy author do post chapters regularly


What's more to say? it's simply awesome. A Good Story with a good plot, good grammar, and everything about this story is good. This is a story to be read. all the best author.


great plot with a clear desription of characters....also relatable yo scenarios created...explained well about the different scenes....lots of romance and fantasy🥰🥰....great job author👍👍❤❤


Very goodu plot, very goodu writing style. Author is also very goodu. Need more chaps, and the rest is goodu. Author, gib more chaps!!! 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃


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