A Witches World Book

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A Witches World


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Disaster had struck the world long ago. Now referred to the apocalypse. Only minuscule fragments were left from the largest buildings in the old world. After the apocalypse a barrier that kept magic out of the world had shattered. A meir fifty years ago this had happened babies born after this alteration now were able to wield magic. However like the old world in the beginning of this new era the people tried to suppress the use of magic. However non users,born before or during the apocalypse, were getting old and dying off from old age. While the magic users, born after the apocalypse, had been growing up. Now thirty odd years later it was no longer a crime to use or practice magic. Today a group of five early twenty year olds band together to create a safe place for the new generations of magic users to hone there skills and live with magic coherently.


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