8 Chapter 5

(Ember's POV)

I walk over to Ethan's room and I'm about to knock when I hear panting and moaning so I knock on the door.

"Ethan," I call out, "do you know where Emily is?"

"I'm in here," she responds. She comes out of my brother's room and we go downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat.

"So, what were you doing with Ethan?" I ask, already knowing.

"Well...there's just something about him. I have only known him a day but I feel safe around him and he feels like home. Don't tell him though." she blushes and doesn't say anything else.

"It's okay, I won't say anything," I reply. Emily looks relieved. I grab us a couple of waters from the fridge and hand one to her.

"Are you okay after that whole thing with your ex?" she questions concerned.

"I'm fine but my boyfriend was not okay. You know, after school, my boyfriend came to pick me up and he saw Nathan flirting with me and he got crazy possessive. It was hella hot and I like it cause it shows he cares but still." I respond.

"Oh my gosh, you have a boyfriend?" Emily asks.

"Yeah, he is actually around here somewhere. Anyway, let's go do our homework outside. I have always loved the outside, it makes me feel at peace and gives me a sense of calm." I reply. We spend the rest of the evening doing homework and talking.

Emily left like twenty minutes ago and I wandered around the house and found myself in front of Chris' bedroom. I open the door and sigh when I see he is still out doing Alpha duties. I lay down on his bed, lingering in his scent.

I wake up to a broad chest in front of my face. I lean up and peck Chris's lips and then run my hands down his chest. I move to get up but he pulls me back to his chest. He kisses me gently at first but then he heatedly sticks his tongue in my mouth making me moan. I lightly grind on him as I straddle him and he lets out a loud groan. I pull away and go to my room to change. I pull on light blue, skinny, ripped jeans, a black t-shirt, and a gray hoodie I found in Chris's closet. I'm in the bathroom putting on some mascara when I hear someone barge into my room.

I look behind me and through the mirror, I see Chris. He comes over to me and pulls me hard against him, my ass pressed against his hard cock. He wraps his arms around me and places hot, open-mouthed kisses on the back of my neck. I turn around so now my center is pressed against him and I kiss his lips softly but he doesn't give me the chance to pull away, he ravishes my mouth by forcing my lips open and sticks his tongue into my mouth. His wet muscle massages mine and we fight for dominance, I let him win and he sucks my tongue with his. I moan and throw my head back. Chris takes this opportunity to leave kisses on my neck. He lightly nips and sucks at my neck which I know will create marks. Licking the marks he made, he pulls away.

"Don't tease me like that again," he growls.

"Ok, I was just messing with you cause I like it when you get all possessive," I comment.

"You want to see possessive, I can show you possessiveness. I can take you to my room, throw you on my bed, and fuck you senseless till you can't walk," he whispers on my lips. My thighs clench at the thought. Chris notices and lets out a low growl. I look at him and see his eyes have turned fully black with lust and I see him looking at the spot where his mark will go. This is not good, his wolf is now in control.

"I got to go to school now. I don't want to be late." I say and try to walk past him but he stops me.

"Oh, where do you think you are going? You are responsible for this." he points at his hard erection sticking out.

"My dad will be mad if I am late to school," I state weakly.

"My mate isn't going anywhere until she is satisfied," he states and pulls me closer to him.

"Chris." I declare. His eyes turned back to their dark blue color that I love and he looked at me with much love in his eye.

"Thanks for getting me back under control. I have never told anyone this but if I let my wolf, Ripper, be fully in control, I will become a completely different person and I don't want to show you that part of myself," he responds.

"Chris, I want to know every part of you, even that part of you. I love all of you and every part of you. Plus I think Ripper is hot." I wink at him.

"Do you want Ripper to come out and claim you right now?" he teases.

"Maybe, but we have to get to school," I affirm and he growled lowly. We go downstairs and eat breakfast, then Chris drives us to school.