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"Good morning! I have a reservation and it's under Jesyll Alamillo," I greeted the girl who is probably assigned in the front desk of the resortel.

"Is it okay if I will check our reservations first, ma'am?" the girl replied.

"Yeah, it's fine. Take your time," I told the girl.


I took my phone inside my pocket and I messaged Jessy that I already arrived in the resort she booked me.

I am already standing in the wonders of Enchanted Isle. This resort is somewhere in Davao, Philippines. Jessy, my best friend, is the reason why I am here.

She told me to loosen up from everything because she thought I am already so in love and dedicated with my job.

Well, it's true anyway.

"Here's your key card, ma'am. Enjoy your stay!" the front desk lady said and  I smiled before leaving the lobby.

I went inside the elevator so that I can go and rest inside the room I will be occupying.

When I arrived at the right floor, I search for my room number and went inside afterwards.

The pastel colors of the room welcomed me when I entered. The queen sized bed was positioned in the middle. In the left corner of it is the bedside table. There is even a flat screen tv and a dirty white couched inside my room.

I am impressed with the interior of the room. Not bad for a resortel.

I immediately went in my bed because I am so exhausted from my trip.

I didn't even notice that I fell asleep for a couple of hours. I woke up from my deep sleep because of a call from my phone.

It was Jessy.

["Letisha Concepcion! Do not tell me you are still working your ass out even in your vacation!? "] said Jessy on the other line.

I rolled my eyes. She is overreacting!

"I was sleeping due to exhaustion, Jessy. I can't even work without my laptop. You took it out!"

["Alright, chill! No need to lash out on me! I took your love-of-your life-laptop so that you can't work. Don't tell me you'll go to a resortel to work? I can't believe you! You are supposed to find peace and chill, you uncultured swine."]

"Whatever, Jessy."

["Loosen up, Letty. Don't worry, your boss won't fire you because you are too hard working. You are more like a boss because you work harder than him. Enjoy your life there. Find love, and don't think much of your work,"]

"Yeah yeah" I said, not putting the words she told me inside my head. I rolled my eyes. She is so difficult to handle! But I still love her.

["Go out of your room and have fun outside. Look for some hot young men or some sugar daddies if you like. You will catch one right? Hahahaha"]

"Silly. What do you think of me? I'd die without a love life? Hah! You got it wrong, dork."

["No. That is why I want you to find love because you are not interested with it. This is the 21st century and everyone is looking for someone in their lives. You are the only one who is not updated. I'll hang up now 'cause he is already here"]

"Ew, Jesyll! You are disgusting! Play hard to get sometimes, you fool!"

["He is too hot for me to play hard to get. He's too yummy especially his—"]

"Ew! Yuck! Yuck! "

["HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. I'll hang up now. Seems like I am ready for a sexy battle. Find love, alright? Don't disappoint me! And water your flower already! It's withering! "]

"Yes, mom. Bye," I sarcastically said and then ended the call.

I pampered myself after the call. I wanna swim at the clear blue green waters of the sea.

Wearing my black rash guard and a white towel hanging on my shoulders, I went outside my room and head to where the blue green waters of the sea was located.

It wasn't hot and wasn't cold either. In my opinion, the weather is good. Feels like the weather is with me today.

I dived in the water after putting my towel on the sand. It feels refreshing to be out of stress and to be embraced by the salty water.

I love my job, alright, but I guess it's not bad to have fun sometimes.

I swam and swam until I got exhausted. This is the first time I swam again after so many months and that caused me to get tired easily.

I went out of the water and got my towel to wipe myself.

As I was wiping myself to dry, I notice someone watching me. It wasn't creepy but I got bothered because I have never been watch like a cat in my whole life.

It was getting awkward so I faced the guy who is watching me or in other words, checking me out, I guess.

"I am bothered by you checking me out," I said cooly, still wiping my wet hair.

His eyebrows furrowed, "excuse me?"

He seemed offended but I don't care. I saw him checking me out! It's awkward.

"Stop checking me out, Mr. I don't know. It's weird and I am getting goosebumps. Stop it or else–"

"–Or else what?"

"I'll call the security," I said serious this time. I don't freaking care if he's joking or what because he is getting creepy!

For me, he is like a crazy stalker.

He laughed out loud, "you're kidding, are you?"

"I am not, Mr." I said with my lips in a straight line.

He got up from where he was sitting and went to me. My heart pounded fast. I was nervous.

"I'm no Mr. I have a name, you know," he said smiling. I bravely looked at him in the eye. As seconds passed, I got drawn from his stares.

He is attractive alright! With his bushy thick eyebrows, deep set hazel brown eyes, grecian nose, and daring lips, any woman could be tamed by the sight of him.

"I d-didn't ask and I don't care!" I said bravely. My voice was shaking and I hope he didn't notice.

He smirked, "I'll still introduce myself anyway. You don't have a say about it."

I rolled my eyes. He chuckled as an answer.

"I am Chavo, and you are?" he introduced politely but his lips says otherwise.

He looked hot with his black board shorts, and especially his white tank top with a print 'Ocean Vibes'. Some of his muscles were visible because of his shirt! His got a good body built!

Oh my! I can't believe I am checking him out!

I swallowed my saliva. I hate how he affects me. We just met for someone's sake! This is so not me!

"Hey, I am asking you."

I furrowed my eyebrows trying to look mean, "I will never tell my name! Even in your wildest dreams, you asshole." I walked out annoyed, and heart still pounding fast and hard.

"What a snob! Anyways, nice to meet you! I hope we can meet again and when that happens, I hope I get to know your name!" Even from afar, I heard everything he shouted and of course I also heard his annoying chuckle.

He is annoying! I don't like him! I hope we will never meet again.

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It was Monday, Lunes in Spanish, I met Chavo. The man who I never thought would ruin me.

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