2 Dos

Lunes, 7:00pm

I am currently sitting on a one person table of a restaurant here in the resortel.

The restaurant is flocked with so many people. Waiters are so busy serving each table.

Well, I heard from someone that this restaurant is known for its famous Filipino dishes and everyone here would love to try it.

I am also curious and besides, this is the only restaurant that is near my resortel room.

"Excuse me ma'am,"

My head automatically went to look for the man who is calling me.

He smiled, "may I have your order?"

He gave me their menu. I looked at him first before looking at the menu to order some food..

Everything in the picture looks delicious. I just don't know if it's delicious in terms of taste.

"I would like to try these," I said while pointing at the picture.

"What's it called po?"he questioned politely.

"Uhm... pansit and sisig?"I said, not really sure if it's the right pronounciation of their food.

He smiled again after writing my order.

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"Is that it, ma'am?"

I nodded my head as a sign of agreement.

"Your order will be served immediately after five minutes ma'am. I hope you can wait,"he said after walking out of my table.

I am not really good with dealing patience on my own so I scrolled through my phone to ease my boredom.

It was less than three minutes when someone put a tray on top of my table.

Three pieces of flavored chicken, one scoop of rice, and a fish soup was on top of the table.

It was not the order I was expecting.

I was about to lash out when I saw a familiar annoying and creepy, yet gorgeous face. He was smiling widely while looking at me.

My brows furrowed.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, not very happy that he is here in front of me smiling.

"Joining you for dinner–"

"No thank you. I do not need your company," I said cutting him off.

I don't care if he finds me unrespectful. It's better to stay away from temptation than feel heartaches after taking the bait. I don't want that.

"There are no other tables for me to sit," he said that made me look at the crowded restaurant.

He is right! There are no other tables for him to sit.

I looked back at him and found him eating his dinner. He didn't even wait for me. What a douchebag.

I just watched him eating his food gloriously. He was eating it as if he was alone.

I rolled my eyes. He is so confident! I hate him to bits.

He looked up to me while holding his flavored chicken with his bare hands, "why are you looking at me?"

There was a hint of satisfaction in his stare. I hope he will choke to death!

I just rolled my eyes on him and went back to look at my phone.

Minutes later, my food arrived. The smell of my order was so delicious that caused my mouth to water. I grab both spoon and fork and then I dig in my food.

Now I know how hungry I am.

So far, the taste is really delicious. I never knew Filipino foods could taste this good.

I noticed the man in front of me looking. Just like his stares earlier at the beach, it was uncomfortable.

I furrowed my brows. I was about to speak when he wipe my mouth with a tissue.

"You are too messy when you eat," he chuckled still wiping my mouth with a tissue.

I stared at him. My heart began to beat furiously. It was fulfilling yet painful. Butterflies started to fly around my stomach.

I haven't felt this before. Maybe this is what they called lo–

No way! It will never be! I am not in love with this guy! The heck! We just met for someone's sake! That's too hilarious.

I got the tissue away from his hands and wiped myself.

I don't want this shitty feeling. I don't want to feel attached and of course, I don't want to get hurt just like what people are feeling nowadays.

I am here for a vacation. Nothing more, nothing less.

I already lost my appetite but I manage to continue what I was doing earlier and that is to finish my unfinished food.

I can still feel the man's stare.

I named him 'man' because I forgot his name. That's much better so that I can't get too attached with him.

It's too hard to move forward nowadays.

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow?" he asked like the both of us are too close even if we are not. What a thick face!

I rolled my eyes and chose not to answer him. I looked down on my food and continued eating.

"Hey, miss" he called.

I didn't look at him but I can feel his waiting stare.

I don't need a man, I keep in mind.

"Are you listening?" he asked a little impatient but still I didn't look at him.

Let's see where his patience can lead him.

He still called me multiple times but me being me I still didn't pay attention to him.

I will let him be.

I was about to eat whatevers on my spoon when he took the spoon over his mouth and fed himself with my food.

"That's mine!" I shouted that caused everyone to look at us.

I even heard some of them chuckling and murmuring, "what a cute couple."

Tsk. Cute my ass.

This is why I prefer working. I hate love. I hate sweetness. I hate men to be exact.

"You are too occupied with your food. Learn to listen to me," he said. I rolled my eyes at him.

He is making me sick!

"If you don't have any plans for tomorrow then maybe I can be with y–"

"I am sorry to disappoint you but my schedule for tomorrow is fully booked." In an irritating smile I cutted him.

"Well, mind telling me your name now?" he asked playfully.


He chuckled, "easy, sexy. You're too hot."

My cheeks heated but of course I will never let him notice it.

"Okay. Let's have a deal," he said.

My eyebrows automatically went up. What is he up to now?

"If we meet again tomorrow you are going to tell me your name."

I feel confident for a second and so I answered him with my biggest smile.


I am confident that we won't meet tomorrow because I will certainly hide inside my room.