1 The Day My Destiny Takes A Turn

I looked up at the tall building, my heart thumping with nervous excitement. Big, shimmering letters at the top of the building said TS Entertainment. It was the most popular entertainment company which had produced nation's best celebrities in all fields of entertainment. I said a quick, silent prayer and walked in.

The lady at the counter handed me a room card and told me the directions to reach my destination. I headed for the room, slowly taking in my surroundings. I saw a number of familiar faces and considered myself lucky for having seen them. Not many people had the opportunity to see celebrities even from a distance.

I'm not really interested in the entertainment field, so why am I here? To know the answer, you should first know me.

I'm Laura Carter, Junior at St Mark's Academy-a prestigious school for the kids of the rich and the dignified… and to those people like me who got in by pure talent and hard work. My hobbies-reading, writing, observing, learning. Reading is like breathing to me. But people know me as a writer. The people who know Laura Carter know that she is a talented writer who has won many district-level, state-level and national-level writing competitions. But those who know 'mayday' know her as the author of the popular webnovel, 'This Princess Is A Bit Reckless'. And about my relationship with the entertainment company.... it's another story.

Last year, my film-fanatic besties, Maya Alvarez and Jeremy Smith, the only people who know about my secret identity as mayday, had compelled me to create an account in KnowYourCelebrity.com with them. I had reviewed a film I had watched not so long ago in this site and it had got pretty popular. Also I found film criticizing interesting. Since then I started watching movies with Maya and Jeremy just to do film criticizing (I don't want to admit that some of the movies were quite enjoyable) and thus I started gaining popularity as a film critic. That's when the KnowYourCelebrity community asked me to interview Austin Taylor, the most popular teen singer in the country! I'm going with an anonymous identity so no one (except Maya and Jeremy) really knows that I am going to interview him. Anyways….

"Miss, are you not going to get in?"


I looked up to see a man pointing at the elevator. While I was lost in thoughts, my legs had carried themselves to the elevator. I looked more closely at the man. That man… that man… he is none other than Noah Adler, the famous music sensation! I quickly composed myself (unlike many I know who would have fainted right away) and said:

"I'm sorry, sir, I was just lost in thoughts. Do you also want to get in?"

"Yes, and please call me Noah.."


Noah looked sideways and smiled apologetically.

"My secretary and I are in a hurry. If you don't mind…"

He pushed the buttons and the door opened. We got in.

"Which floor?" Noah asked.


As Noah pushed the buttons my mind started playing his songs. I looked at him carefully… from up close he looked more handsome than ever… What would you say when you meet a celebrity? I quickly rehearsed a conversation. First, begin by saying positive things about him. Then slowly express what you want to say-without hurting the pride of your listener, which, in my case is a celeb.

"Mr Adler?"


I wondered why he was insistent on not calling him by his surname. But I didn't ask.

"Yes. Noah, I love the music you produce. You really are an outstanding singer".

"Thank you"

"May I suggest something?"

Noah looked surprised. Hadn't he ever listened to a suggestion? I felt a little nervous. But then a smile twisted his face.

"Go ahead."

"The music you produce is wonderful but your song doesn't have equally wonderful lyrics. You may think that the people don't really concentrate on your lyrics and I don't deny that's the case with most people. But words can affect the subconscious mind. With powerful lyrics your song can energize your listener. I know you are already popular. But I don't think it's your craze for fame is what made you a singer. I understand it's the passion for your job. So if you want your songs to touch the hearts of your listeners, please heed my advice."

I waited for his reaction. He would probably scold me for daring. He may even insult me. But, I thought, your insults would be nothing compared to my aunt's. But what he did next, I admit, was truly unexpected.

Noah pulled out a card from his sleeve and handed it over to me as the secretary watched open mouthed.

"Meet me someday between 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Inquire Ms. Wang at the counter about my room. Show her the card I gave you and she will definitely tell you. I have a job for you".

The elevator door opened right at that moment and Noah Adler and his secretary walked out. Noah turned back and smiled at me, waving his hand.

"Until next time, then."

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