7 Minerva Eire

<[Appraisal]!> Heine cast.

[Crystal Ball]

Durability 0/100

-Used to detect mana purity, its amount and the magic attributes.

<Ha.. hahaha. You really are a monster.> Heine dejectedly looked at his now broken crystal ball.


<No... it wasn't your fault.. I won't let this be! My pride as the Fae King is at stake!> The taste of defeat seemed to have awakened something inside Heine.

[...] Estelle was face palming inside her head at Heine's sudden enthusiasm.

<Heheheh... There's no other choice... [Mind's Eye]! How about this! A rare spell that allows me to learn everything about th->

Skill [Mind's Eye] was cancelled due to target's high resistance.

<Mhm, mhm. I also predicted that this would happen, but... I wanted to show off... There is a last choice, but it's no fun...> For a split second, Estelle thought she saw Heine with dog ears that drooped down in disappointment.

Pouting, Heine raised his index finger to touch Estelle's forehead. Like the previous Holy Magic, a warm feeling invaded Estelle's body.

<This is called the Truth Magic, a subsidiary of Light Magic. If used, it can unveil the user's stats... But I can't see it, so it's no fun!>

Heine was looking forward to be the first one to see Estelle's status, but it seemed like that wouldn't be possible.

[How do I use this?] Estelle manifested the magic and was able to concentrate it towards her limbs, or even all around her body, but she could not figure out how to see her status.

<Just think of your status and what you want to know.> Heine was still dejected because he couldn't be the first one to see Estelle's status.

[Right. My bad, I though it wouldn't be as simple as this.]

Status. Estelle thought.


A game like window appeared in front of her.


Estelle Clareste | Human (?)

HP : 10.000/10.000

Title :

- [ God's Blessing ]

- [ Reincarnated One ]

- [ Spirit's Blessing ]

- [ Creator ]

- [ ??? ]

Core Purity : 99%

Mana : ???/???

Affinity : [Null]

Unique Magic : [Creation Magic]

Skill : [Holy Magic] [Truth Magic]

[Hmmm?] Estelle raised a brow.

<How was it? I wanna see!>

[Wait, let me see your status.]

Heine looked at her. Estelle looked at him back.

<...Fineee! Here.> Heine swiped his hand and made another window appear.

Heine | Fae King

HP : 270.000/270.000

Title :

- [King of Fae]

- [World Tree's Communicator]

- [Ruler]

Core Purity : 78%

Mana : 20.000/20.000

Affinity : [Water] [Earth]

Unique Magic : [Light Magic]

Skill : [Bestow]

[You only have one skill?]

<Ahh, the skills displayed are the ones that I have shown you. [Bestow] was used when I lent you magic. Skills like [Mind's Eye] will not get listed, though. It's considered a universal skill, albeit a very rare one.

Did I tell you about universal skills already? Well, uh. In summary, universal skills can be learned just by obtaining a skill book... But for Unique skills, you either have to inherit it or look for an ancient grimoire... Or something like that.>

Estelle just hummed in response.

[How do I show my status to you?]

<Just think of me looking at the same window.>

5 minutes later, Heine's face was still blank.

[Earth to Heine?]

<Can I give up on being your guide?> Heine flashed the brightest smile he could manage.

[No?] The contract was already made, and her benefits would be taken away if she agreed.

It was obvious that she would reject.

<I want to rant. No. Nothing's making sense here! You're breaking my psyche! Spirits are supposed to be knowledgeable, but I've never heard of something like you! First of all, what the hell is with that obnoxious question mark next to your race? Why is your mana question marks? 99% Purity??? Go to hell! Why is your element something I've never seen before? Why is the Holy and Truth Magic listed as skills?>

[Wait. You can't see my titles?]

<Your titles and the HP are the normal-est thing in your status!>

[What titles do I have? ]

<Spirit's Blessing and God's Blessing?>

[Interesting. He can't see my other titles?] Estelle thought to herself.

[Have anybody besides me managed to break that crystal ball?]

<Hmm, yeah. The ones known are few, but I'm sure there are more than those discovered. The Sage was the first one. Then it didn't happen for so long until the Elf Queen Shirley. Then came Witch Minerva. Then... I did make a crack when I was tested but it wasn't split like this. The others also only made a crack...

Except the Sage.

Naaa, tell me, are you secretly the Sage's reincarnation? You're eerily similar to that guy..>

Heine's suspicions were based on his playful nature, but the more he seriously thought about it, the more it sounded plausible to him.

Heine squinted to analyze Estelle's whole being.

[Is the Sage dead?]

<I wouldn't say dead. No one actually saw him die. He disappeared after establishing the equality. Many believe he is dead, but I only believe in what I see with my two eyes.

Maybe he was tired of interaction or something, and decided to go live by a tree house somewhere in this world? If he decided to do that, who on Earth would be able to track him? No, you may be able to surpass him in the future, so I'd be grateful if you could track some people for me... I have a few names on my hit list... Just a few, I promise. Just a few...>

Heine started rambling. It seemed like he loved being absorbed in his thoughts.

[We share the same sentiment.]

<Now back to the problem... I don't know what the Null Element or Creation Magic is.>

Indeed, if Heine didn't know what her magic was, how would he be able to teach her? In a field that he's not knowledgeable on?

[... Is there really no one who knows?]

<I know someone who might know what to do, but seeing her is probably going to be a bit hard. I can contact her for you, though.>

[Then, let's try it.]

<To be frank.. She's a little, eccentric, to say the least. I mentioned her before, her name is Minerva Eire.>

[The Witch.]

<Whatever happens next... Let's just try, shall we?> Heine sucked in a cold breath as he materialized a golden wand and grasped it within his hands. He then pushed in front of himself and chanted in a weird language.

After the chant was finished, an oval-shaped space rift was opened, showing a completely different location than the one they currently staying at.

"Come out, you old hag!!" Heine shouted with all his might. Thankfully, he did put up a soundproof barrier when he started talking in reality, so no one would hear him.

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME OLD HAG, YOU WRETCHED FAE!" A deafening scream responded.

"Eh? She's present?" Heine covered his mouth in disbelief, but not a shred of guilt can be seen.

"You got lucky. I recently finished my newest magic, so I decided to come out for a while."

A beautiful figure with disheveled crimson hair and a pair of eyes that seemed to contain a sea of flames showed up by the window.

"Huh? Since when did you have a child?" Minerva took a glance at Estelle, who was staring back at her.

"She's not my child! Besides, spirits don't reproduce sexually!!" Heine refuted her outrageous claim.

"But you can, riightt?? That eastern fae, wasn't he a father of, I don't know, 20 something kids?"

"Ugh! Don't group me with that guy! He's a fallen one, there was no saving him. If it wasn't for his essential power, I would've killed him long ago."

Only here would you see two adults talking about obscenity and murder in front of a baby.

Well, since the baby was technically not a baby in mind, it should be fine.

"HAHAHA! Indeed, it's always fun teasing you~"Minerva stepped out of the space rift.

Her eyes swept to Estelle's body still lying on the crib.

"Ara? Isn't this the Clareste's kid?"

"You know her?"

"Hmm, Sheila contacted me to ask if I could teach her daughter sometimes,"

"That makes it easier, then. Could I leave her in your care?"

"How unusual of you. You're trusting her with me? A baby, to this one?"

"Well, there's no other way around it. And besides, I think she's the unusual one, though? Take a look at her status. Estelle, care to show her?"

Estelle nodded and imagined Minerva seeing her status.

"This-" Her expression turned grim as she seriously analyzed each and every single status Estelle possessed.

"Heeh, how rare! Even for Sheila and Alan, this is a bit too much, isn't it?" Minerva's tone changed. As a researcher and a witch, seeing Estelle was akin to discovering something completely unseen and unheard of.

It made her want to dissect and analyze every single piece of her.

"I came by the World Tree's revelation. I suspect that she might be the next variable."

"You know what you're implying by that, don't you?" Minerva stroke a glare towards Heine, reminding him of the disaster that might come due to Estelle's birth.

"Of course. I told her about it, and she said that she was the 'evil'."

"She? You mean she can talk?" Minerva got super close to Estelle, staring curiously at her.

Estelle was lifted by her half glove-covered hands and raised up to the sky.

"Don't do such things! Get back here, old hag!"

Heine gently laid Estelle back down as if she was a precious specimen that would be contaminated otherwise.

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