1 Meeting with Leela

Far away from the windy meadows of the summer, north of the endless sea, amid a secret magical world, a small town was located in the eastern district of the state of West Noor ( in Urdu the phrase "Noor" means Light ). The town was between the capital city Malayalam and Jadavnagar. The town was small in size, though a subdivision, market, and military barracks on the western border of this country. From here, you can see a very beautiful view. A long silver valley in the heart of a green expanse. Where tiny houses scattered like the fallen leaves of winter. The sound of a calm wind was blowing through the valley. In complete you could feel a peaceful atmosphere. This atmosphere of peace will be disturbed only when you hear another sound. The noise of a market. People were shopping for their necessities. Here you would find different things, you could find different stalls of all kinds of products. There were a few shops for magic items, some shops for everyday items, some for food, and some shops for rare expensive things like gold, silver, gems, and ornaments. Most importantly, there was a bank called "Bank of Noor Kingdom". A man or a woman was standing in each stall who would help you get the things you want. All in all, you would get everything when you came here. But here, you could notice a rare phenomenon, here the roads always change their path. At this moment you would see the streets going to a shop called "Dragon Heart" but in another moment you would find that the road was leading towards the bank. In the market, you would see that the carriages were loading meat, fish and other products so that the shopkeepers can sell them. There you would get the sweet smell of different solutions and a few were like heart-melting, love; hypnosis; life extends; afterlife and so on. It was a place filled with different colours. Most stalls had leather sheets to protect their goods from getting wet on rainy days. The stall also had wooden boxes for storing extra items. They sprayed many magical solutions on their items to keep them fresh and safe from thieving goblin attacks. The solutions created a guard that banned goblins. As a result, goblins could not enter. They kept a large goblet of heavenly blue fire to illuminate their stalls in the dark at night. This was a normal day in the market.

One fine Sunday afternoon, I decided to go to the market to buy some things for my college project. I decided to do a project on Darkmagics and the fierce elements of the world. At that time a circus company was located in the open area of ​​the marketplace. I had loved the circus since childhood. Clown's joke and ringmaster's game with many dangerous creatures such as white-toothed tigers, red heart dragons, bloodthirsty vampires and werewolves, all had always fascinated me. So I had a high attitude and flashed a megawatt smile to be able to see a circus. The circus was located in the free area, behind the market. So I had to cross the market to get to the circus. On that day the popular "Happy Wands Company" was offering a 50% discount on wands and their magic content on the eve of Year Ending. They sell everything from magic wands to magic pots that you need for magic and they have some rare expensive items like gold, silver, gems, life-saving items etc. So the market was packed like sardines. The crowd were pushing and shouting because there was a big year-end sale going on here. I made my way through the crowd and reached where the circus was going. There were many long lines to collect tickets. But I couldn't stand it for so long, so I came back from there and went to a food shop a little further away without finding a nearby food store. It was near Martin and Dutt's store. Usually, a lamp post is always lit there but today for some reason it has gone out. So the road was very dark. As I approached the grocery store, I noticed a faint cry coming from the corner of Martin and Dutt's store. So I went there in suspense but saw a girl crying in the corner. When I looked closely I noticed she was one of my classmates in my class. Her name was Leela Majumdar. She was in the 10th class B section. She was one of the famous girls in my school. But recently she had become one of the most talked-about subjects in the school. All I heard was that she ran away from home with her boyfriend. I was very surprised to see her here because she was supposed to be with her boyfriend now!

She looked like she was in a lot of trouble. She was not smiling, her hands were shaking, her hair was messy and she looked like she was scared of someone. Perhaps she was very shocked by something or exhausted from something. I felt a little sad about her. So I wanted to help her. But when I approached her, she started crying even louder. Did I say, anything? I'm sure I didn't say anything that could make her cry. Although I couldn't do anything, it's something I wanted to know. Why was she crying like that? Where did she go that day? But first I have to stop her. Her eyes were blurred from crying too much. If I were to compare today's Leela and school Leela, I would not think that they are the same person. I didn't know how she's scared this way or why she's here, but I didn't know she would want to answer this question if I asked her at this point. I probably had to get her out of here before anyone noticed her. Otherwise, she would get in trouble. But I might get in trouble for helping her too. But that's not a big deal. It would be inhumane to see a girl in this condition in the middle of the street and not help her.

"Why are you here?" I asked her. But she suddenly started crying louder. At first, I was a little surprised to see it, but later I controlled myself and insisted on telling her something. But the girl did not agree to say anything. When I tried a lot but couldn't find anything from her, I asked her, "Am I going to drop you off at home?" She didn't say anything and started crying again. And told not to go home. But I couldn't leave her here alone at this point. So helpless I begged her to come to my house with me.

But she refused to come to my house. "I can't go to a boy's house at this time," she said

But you can't stand here like this at the moment, "I replied.

"Thank you for your kindness, I appreciate it. But you don't have to worry I'm fine," she replied.

But it can't stop me. So I again forced her to come to my house. Finally, I was able to convince her and took her to my house.