1 Caught In The Act At A Party

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The clock struck twelve, reminding everyone that it was midnight. Natalia set down the empty wine glass in her hand. In a few hours, she would join hands with Vasili in marriage and become his legal spouse. The thought excited her.

Natalia looked around, but there was no sign of Vasili.

Mildly disappointed, Natalia shook her head slightly as she walked toward the bathroom in the inner part of the castle.

It was both bachelor and bachelorette parties for Natalia and Vasili tonight. Natalia had a little too much to drink.

Splashing cold water onto her face, Natalia felt much better than before… She took out the handkerchief Vasili had given her and wiped her cheeks.

Suddenly, she heard a woman's cat-like moan coming from the corridor. It sounded hushed yet amorously seductive.

Could it be…

An awkward embarrassment blossomed on Natalia's cheeks.

'Aren't they a little too bold...?' Natalia thought to herself.

Natalya stood in the doorway, hesitating on whether she should leave or wait a moment longer. Either way, everything was overwhelmingly embarrassing to her.

The husky voice dripping in cloying sweetness rang once more. This time, Natalia could make out the words.

"Vasili, don't go. I've missed you so much. You're getting married to that woman, Natalia, tomorrow. Can't you make it up to me tonight…?" Irina whined.

"Let go, Irina." Vasili sighed. "It's my bachelor party along with Natalia's bachelorette party today. She's still waiting for me outside." Although his mouth said no, Vasili's hands indicated otherwise as they moved excitedly over her body.

"So, what does it matter?" Irina's lips curled up into a smile. She skillfully undid Vasili's belt and deliberately rubbed her voluptuous chest against Vasili's arms. Playfully, she stroked Vasili's ear with the tip of her tongue. "My dear Vasili, you already belong to me. If it weren't for the family behind her, would you have agreed to marry her?"

"Besides…" Irina took off Vasili's trousers, slunk her hand into his underwear, and started rubbing him. She watched as Vasili let out a pleasurable sigh and smiled. "Natalia's family has abandoned her, and thus, rendering her useless to you. Vasili, it's time for you to abandon her… Mmm…"

Irina's words trailed off as Vasili mashed his lips passionately against hers—the prelude of the symphony between a man and a woman. It was also Natalia's death throes.

Natalia could not hold back her tears. She had never expected her fiancé to get romantically involved with Irina, her junior in the entertainment company.

For Vasili's sake, Natalia accepted the fate of being abandoned by her family. For the sake of Vasili's reputation as the CEO of TY Entertainment, Natalia gave up her budding career and selflessly handed over all her resources to Irina. God, how you jest!

"Baby, let's move to the bedroom instead." Vasili cupped Irina's slender waist with his arms.

Irina's raspy voice was tender, her legs wrapped around Vasili's waist. "Aren't you worried about Natalia? She's still waiting for you."

Vasili buried himself in Irina's impressive mounds and took a deep breath. "You're the only one who matters now…"

Listening to the sounds outside the door fade away, Natalia, who had been tightly pressing her body against the door, went limp and collapsed to the ground in a sorry state.

She squeezed her heart with one hand while her mind swarmed with messy thoughts.

Alcohol. It must have been the effect of the alcohol that made Vasili unable to resist Irina's temptation. He had no idea what he was doing.

Perhaps everything would be different after marriage. He would be a considerate husband and she would be a gentle and virtuous wife.

This was nothing more than the debauchery that followed after a night of drinks.

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