1 An early morning of Disappointment

Osuni woke up early in the morning around 5AM and began her typical routine, started a fresh kettle for tea and sat in front of her large vanity in her spacious room. She looked at her slender physique in the large mirror as she untied her long black wavy hair, her skin was a vibrant red with black markings evenly on her forehead and arms, her skin was soft and flawless, her bright yellow eyes were dazzling in the dim light of her room.

While she was getting ready for her day she heard shuffling coming from the kitchen, which could only mean her master was up and getting prepared for his day. She quickly got up and threw on her jedi robes, braided her hair and walked out her door. He stood besides the counter his tall, muscular figure learning while he drank his morning tea. Osuni's eyes lit up when she noticed him and quietly approached him. "Good Morning Osuni" he said while his back was still turned to her, he could sense her precense long before she left her bedroom. "Good Morning Master, when would you like to begin our training?" she said eagerly. Osuni really enjoyed the rare opportunities she had to train with her master, he was extremely busy typically and could rarely work with his Padawan, with being the GrandMaster of the council his days were typically filled with political work. "I'm sorry Osuni, but we will not be training today, I have a lot of preperations I have to make for the festival, why dont you look for your friends to train for the day" He gently said. Disappointed, Osuni put on a smile, bowed to her master and made her way to the temple.

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