1 Chapter one : Time change

"Colleen, you're joking right?" Alyce said with a small laugh Colleen shook her head "No that's what happened" Colleen said with her usual dorky laugh. The two continued to wander down the street until they got to a dead-end "Huh that's funny I don't remember there being a dead-end" Alyce said then turned to Colleen and then shrugged. The two girls just laughed thinking they just took a wrong turn earlier so decided to walk back, but before they could take a step a dark shadow flew in front of them and then pushed them through some sort of portal. Colleen and Alyce screamed but before long everything went black.

Alyce woke and sat up looking around, everything seemed to be old fashioned, different, unusual. "You're awake?!" Colleen said then went over and hugged Alyce ``Where are we?" Alyce said hugging back for a moment before moving away and looking around "A girl brought us here she in the other room "Colleen said then grabbed Alyce hand and took her to the other room where there was a girl with short black hair "This is Mabel'' Colleen said happily, Mabel turned around and looked at Alyce, Alyce just stood there confused and unsure "It's nice to finally meet you Alyce'' Mabel said than got up " and now that you're both awake let's get you cleaned up and looking like people that belong here" Mabel said with a laugh and then pushed them into another room and threw some clothes at them.

The two got changed then came out, Colleen was happily twirling around in her new dress whilst Alyce looked at herself disgusted "This is disgusting, I'm not wearing this" Alyce said looking in a small mirror. "What do you mean it's so pretty! "Colleen said as she continued twirling around in her dress. Alyce sighed and looked at herself "I hate it" She muttered before she looked around then found a cape looking thing and put that on. "Better" Alyce said with a smile, "Whatever suits you," Mabel said, looking out the window "Feel free to go for a wander around town, here are some coins, maybe get a job or something," Mabel said then passed the two 10 gold and 5 silver coins.

Alyce looked at Mabel then at Colleen and smiled "Let's go then!" Colleen exclaimed then dragged Alyce outside. Alyce stopped at the steps and looked around "Where the hell are we..." Alyce asked, "Well definitely not 2021" Colleen said with a smile then started walking off. Alyce sighed gently then started wandering around a bit. "Colleen, we should probably stay- together... Colleen?" She called out. She noticed a lot of people staring at her, so she put her hood up and continued looking around for Colleen.

Alyce saw that Colleen was inside a cafe, so she started walking over to it but was then stopped by a bunch of people who looked like guards. "Stop right there!" They said, "Um hello is there something bothering you Sir?" Alyce said, looking at them. "Who are you?! We haven't seen you around here before and you should know what the king feels about capes" The guard said, pushing Alyce to the ground, knocking the hood off her head, "Hey what the hell is your deal!" Alyce yelled then went to get up but was stopped by a sword to her face, slightly cutting her cheek. "Where is your respect, young lady!" The guard said.

"Wait wait stop hang on, oh gosh I am so sorry, what are you doing here you should be in bed," A voice said from beside Alyce, "What who-" Alyce started but the boy just gently kicked her side Alyce cleared her throat then huffed "I will not be sleeping on a fine day like this, my friend!" Alyce said. The guards backed up a bit "You know this unmannered young lady?" One of the guards said, "Yes yes, I do. I deeply apologize my kind Sir's, I should take more caution when watching her" The boy said, Alyce scoffed and rolled her eyes. The guards looked at the boy than to Alyce and sighed "as you were" One of the guards said then the three guards walked off.

"Thanks..." Alyce said, looking down wiping the blood from her cheek, "It's nothing really" The boy said then held his hand out, Alyce took his hand then stood up, Alyce looked up at him briefly then looked away "um anyways I'm Easton..." The boy said with a smile, taking her hand and gently kissing it. Alyce looked at him awkwardly then cleared her throat "Um it's nice to meet you I guess my name is-" Alyce started but she was cut off by a loud voice "ALYCE!!" Colleen yelled then ran over to her "Are you ok I saw that all happen" Colleen said "Yeah I'm fine" Alyce said with a sigh. Colleen nodded "Ok good well you stay with your friend and I'm gonna go shopping for a bit. I'll meet you back at Mabel's later!" Colleen said and hugged Alyce tightly then moved away pushing Alyce back into Easton who caught her.

Alyce then quickly regained her balance, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall for, I mean on you!" Alyce said then sighed shaking her head "No No it's all good" Easton said with a slight chuckle then looked closer at Alyce' cheek "They got you good, let's get that cleaned up hey" Easton said then took Alyce' hand and dragged her through the marketplace "Woah, jeez dude I can walk you know" Alyce said stumbling a few times "Trust me if I let your hand go you'll lose me rather quickly" Easton said then turned down an alleyway and down a couple of stairs to a green door which he unlocked with a small silver key.

"Home sweet home," Easton said as he opened the door, he then quickly dragged Alyce inside and closed the door. Alyce looked around a bit. She studied the walls which were filled with equations and writing. "Nerd..." Alyce said with a small laugh... She read most of the work confused by some of the words "What?" Easton said, confused as he looked over at her. "You're a ner- oh right um your very smart," Alyce said. Easton rolled his eyes and shook his head "I already know what that means..." Easton muttered with a sigh. Alyce then walked over to one table which was covered in scattered papers all describing some sort of designs and more math's equations "that's my new project, I'm trying to make a machine that can take you to different places and times throughout the universe," Easton said wetting a cloth and grabbing some disinfectant. "You mean a time machine?" Alyce said, crossing her arms.

"A time machine huh... Is that how you and your friend got here?" Easton said, looking over at Alyce with a slight smile. "Time machine? Ha I wish but no I don't know how I got here" Alyce said then looked over to him "What year is it?" Alyce asked curiously "year? What do you mean this year, well I guess I don't keep track of that so I would honestly be the worst person to ask about time" Easton said walking up to her "Now hold still" Easton said then gently wiped the blood away from the cut on Alyce' cheek. Alyce sighed gently, looking away "well that's quite helpful coming from the guy that wants to make a time machine," Alyce said looking out the window. Easton scoffed "Ouch," Easton said then cleaned up the cut and then smiled "alright all done," Easton said then wandered off.

Alyce watched him for a moment "Thanks..." She said softly then looked around a bit more "what method are you using because I'm pretty sure those equations are completely off," Alyce said, picking up a piece of paper. "What do you mean?" Easton said as he washed the towel, Alyce went on to explain what was wrong with the equation and showed Easton what and how to change it. "Well then aren't you just a bit of a nerd," Easton said looking at her. Alyce looked at him for a moment confused "What... you know... What the... Oh, you are good, I just know this math because I learned it at school, can't believe I remember that" Alyce said, glaring at him. Easton laughed and crossed his arms "so what time are you from?" Easton asked leaning up against the table beside her "um well I'm from the 21st century" Alyce said looking over at him "Wow that sounds like it is quite a long time from now, what's it like?" Easton asked curiously, Alyce looked over to him then sighed "It's great in some ways, and in other ways, you would honestly rather be dead." Alyce started. The two then went on to talk for hours about where each other are from and what it's like.

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After a few hours it had started to get dark, Alyce looked out the window and then looked around "I should probably get going before my friend comes looking for me... Uh, it was nice to meet you" Alyce said, grabbing her cloak, ''Wait um let me walk you these streets aren't the easiest to find your way around they get confusing," Easton said getting up "are you sure? You don't need to, I'm sure I could find my way" Alyce said with a slight smile. "Oh come on it's fine besides I wouldn't mind the walk," Easton said looking over at her. "Alright then let's get going then," Alyce said then walked over to the door and opened it walking outside waiting for Easton.

The two walked around the streets for a bit chatting quietly to one another when a group of men wearing different colored capes came up to them. "What's a girl like you doing out here with a buffoon like him?" One of the men said, pushing Easton to the side. Alyce frowned gently "Obviously trying to get away from dumbasses like you," Alyce said then walked over to Easton to help him up but another one of the men stopped her and grabbed her by the waist pulling her in "Feisty I like it," The male said, "Let her go, Markus," Easton said getting up and adjusting his glasses. "And what are you going to do about it, dolt," The male said with a laugh.

Alyce elbowed the man in the chest then kicked him in the private area "get your disgusting hands off me your old crusty onion" Alyce said with a glare then stood over near Easton. "Let us go and I won't have to beat your asses into the gravel." Alyce said the men laughed "Oooo we got a toughy here how cute" The men said, Markus laughed gently "You got yourself a bodyguard hey Easton" Markus said with a smirk. Easton frowned, "You're gonna need a bodyguard once I'm finished with you," Easton said, then went up and punched him in the face. Markus frowned and hit back. The two fought for a while until Alyce stepped in and knocked Markus back onto the ground. "Come on, You men are so weak," Alyce said then looked at Easton "you, ok?" Alyce asked, looking at him. Easton nodded, "Nice punch," he said, running his fingers through his hair to get it out of his face.

"Either of you want a taste?" Alyce said, looking over to the other men, but they just shook their heads then grabbed Markus and walked off. Alyce smiled gently then walked over to Easton and sighed "Looks like we're gonna end up with matching scars'' Alyce said with a smile wiping the blood from his cheek then from his lip. "Now let's get going hey," Alyce said, Easton laughed gently then started walking again "So you're with Mabel?" Easton asked, "Yeah she found us, she's been a really good help even though my friend can be quite a handful when she's excited, she's like me when I have too much sugar. But Mabel gave us money, clothes, and a place to stay," Alyce said, walking up next to him. "Ah well if she ever gets too much of a handful you know where I live and you're always welcome," Easton said looking at her. Alyce nodded gently "I'll keep that in mind," she said then stopped outside a house.

Easton stopped next to her then just stared at her for a moment and briefly smiled before looking away "Thanks for everything today" Alyce said looking at him, Easton nodded gently "Of course I like to give our newcomers a warm welcome" Easton said with a small laugh, Alyce laughed then sighed "I guess I'll see you around" Alyce said then walked up to the door "Have a good night Alyce" Easton said looking over at her. Alyce stopped and turned around "You too Mr. nerd, stay safe walking home," she said with a brief smile before going inside. Easton sighed and made his short journey back home and went to bed..