1 Are you one of them?


Known to have no emotions, to feel... nothing. No happiness, no sadness, no guilt, no love nor hate, they are simply empty. There are sociopaths who choose a life of crime and take advantage of their personalty disorder where as there are others who choose to suppress their tendencies and live a life of peace. But one common thing they share, is that they ALL hide their secret. After all, they are not monsters just misunderstood.

23 year old Emma was boiling with impatience on her way to the boutique, wishing the taxi could go faster. Why? because today is her special day, its the first day of business for her new boutique. Ranae. She was exhilarated and nervous. She swung the doors wide open while giving off a positive aura. She smiled when she saw Kara, her assistant (and best friend), greet her. Emma was filled to the brim with excitement and without any hesitation she went straight to work and started stocking the shelf's with brand new dress's that she had designed herself. When Emma returned to the entrance to collect more boxes she heard Kara grunt from annoyance.

"Whats wrong Kara?"

"There's another serial killer on the loose and experts believe the source of their actions were sociopathic tendencies." Kara explained while looking at her phone with disgust plastered all over her face."They are just crazy killers the lot of them, inhuman."

"Stop." Emma's tone turned from calm to serious. Her sudden change of tone pierced Kara's earlobe as if the grim reaper himself was there slowly cutting Kara with his scythe. Kara never saw Emma turn so serous before, so she couldn't help but be captivated with what she had to say next. "They're not monsters, they're not inhuman, they're just like us but lack a few emotions but that doesn't mean they're all killers, it doesn't mean they're all the same. Some even wish to feel, like we do. So... instead of scolding them, try to accept them." The moment she requested for Kara to accept them Emma couldn't help but smile at the thought of Kara agreeing, especially with that stubborn attitude of hers and as she predicted Kara agreed with a slight smirk.

"Huh, I guess your right."

Just as the two girls were talking a dark figure appeared at the door and caught both their attention. The mysterious looking man was tall, broad and masculine. His hair was as dark as the night sky and eyes as blue as the sea and his jawline looked as if it could cut diamonds. Emma felt he looked familiar but couldn't seem to remember who he was. The man walked towards the two girls, when he finally spoke, his voice was deep and sexy making any woman who heard it, instantly fall in love.

"Excuse me, do you know where I can find Emma Martin? I heard she runs this boutique."

Upon hearing this, Emma walked closer to the man while Kara was slowly melting from looking into his strong yet charming gaze.

"Yes. I am Emma, how may I help you?"

"I am here to order a custom made suit."

"Oh, come right this way sir."

Emma then led the mysterious man to a room in the back to be measured. She then grabbed a paper that was sitting on on her desk, and kindly asked for the mans name.

"Adrian Lucien." He answered.

Upon hearing this Emma couldn't help but give out a loud gasp, she had finally remembered where she had seen this man before.

"YOU'RE THE FAMOUS MODEL ADRIAN!" She couldn't help but yell it out.

At this moment Emma's head exploded with questions like, why she hadn't recognized him earlier?, or why he is getting a suit from HER boutique? or how he even knew her name? Emma was experiencing so many emotions at once, she felt nervous yet excited, happy yet embarrassed. She couldn't help but turn red from embarrassment, if she only knew he was the FAMOUS MODEL ADRIAN LUCIEN she wouldn't have been so casual. Seeing this girls face turn from emotion to emotion, Adrian couldn't help but be a little confused. After a while Emma calmed herself down and turned to Adrian with a smile as she asked Adrian to lift his arms and so he abides. Emma couldn't help but giggle at the sight of Adrian and once again Adrian was confused.

"Whats so funny?" Adrian asked with a slight smile.

"Oh nothing, you just look like a scarecrow." Emma said with a slight smile as she wrapped the measuring tape around Adrian's chest accentuating Adrian's strongly defined pecs. Adrian was surprised, he was an international model with a body of perfection and yet this simple girl was comparing him to a scarecrow.

"Ms Marti-" Before Adrian could finish he was cut of by Emma.

"Just Emma is fine thanks." Emma said with a wide smile, looking up at Adrian.

"Um... Emma, I need your help... you see," Adrian's kind and warm aura along with his welcoming expression turned cold and dark with an evil smirk as he raised his once shy head and looked at Emma with monstrous eyes. Making even the naturally positive Emma lose her grin as she widened her eyes in disbelief of what she had heard next.

"You see... I'm a sociopath."

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