1 Where is she???

A girl dressed entirely in a black outfit jumped over the fencing stealthily and entered the garden. Her entire face is covered with a black mask and the black hooded jacket covers her head blending her completely in the dark.

Today she was extra careful not to make a single sound. Her heart beat increased with the increasing adrenaline. She wiped the sweat on her palms which never meant to stop.

She looked at the back door of the small but beautiful house and her determination hardened yet again. Today she was going to make this happen.

She reached the door carefully and tried to unlock the door. The door was locked as expected. She entered the code number but it got denied.

"What the.....???" she got frustrated. She got the password as early as she made the plan. Now the password is denied? She is angry.

"Calm down..Cool.. Cool.." she took deep breaths. She began searching for the key under all the flower pots in the garden. If by luck she finds the key it would be wonderful.

After searching half the garden she finally found the keys under a pot of oriental lilies. She fondly caressed the flowers and placed the pot as it is. Finally she can go in. she smiled happily and sprinted towards the door.

She entered the house quietly and carried her little backpack carefully. The previous time she came to this house she made all the arrangements.

But something caught her attention. Slight sounds of bed creaking can be heard from upstairs. Was Eliza awake? No! Her plan has to go on without a hitch. Should she go and take a look? But, what if Eliza was asleep and she wakes her up? Maybe Eliza was not in a deep sleep. She must be tossing. That's it. She took a deep breath and began her work.

She entered the kitchen and soundlessly began to bake a beautiful cake. Yes!!! Today was her best friend's birthday. She was not good at giving surprises to others.

It was always her best friend Eliza who gave her a surprise. But this time was different. She wants to surprise her best friend and make this her best birthday ever. She made all the arrangements prior to this with the help of Aunt Kelly. Aunt Kelly is Eliza's mother. Unfortunately Eliza's parents had to attend a wedding this time around.

She begged Aunt Kelly to leave Eliza so that they both can have the 'Girls time'. Aunt Kelly agreed after a lot of persuasion. She also helped her with the arrangements.

The clock struck four in the morning. The cake was ready after two hours of hard work. Though looks of the cake are not beautiful the cake smelled amazing. She was also sure that it would taste amazing.

After all she had practiced a lot. She was not expert at decorating a cake but she was sure that Eliza would understand that.

She arranged a table for two. She placed the freshly baked cake and took out all the snacks she prepared prior the day.

She lit the scented candles and made the atmosphere 'Romantic'. She was happy with the arrangements. She wants to give Eliza the best 'Girls date' ever. She giggled at the thought and once again looked at her arrangements.

She found that the drinks were missing. Now that the both of them were underage to drink she wanted to prepare a lemonade or perhaps hot cocoa? She was not good at deciding things like these.

"Ahhhh" she gripped her hair tightly. She was never good at all these preparatory things or whatever. Will Eliza like this?

Anyway she will prepare them both. Let Eliza choose whatever she wants. She went to the kitchen to prepare hot cocoa. While the girl was busy in her own world she was oblivious that two eyes were following her every movement.

Two beastly eyes were looking at her with many complicated emotions. The girl has been running all around the house without the slightest awareness. He watched the girl with interest.

Meanwhile the girl thought about what Eliza said to her a few days ago. Eliza told her that she wants to drink alcohol this time around her birthday. But when she thought about Aunt Kelly she gave up on that thought.

Aunt Kelly is a beautiful person. She is a mild tempered woman at all the times except when disciplining the girls. Usually she fulfills all their wishes but when she set a rule nobody can change them.

She is very scary when angered. Also Aunt Kelly loves her like her own child. She can't betray her trust just for alcohol. Right?

She gave up on alcohol and decided to go with soft drinks. Right when she stepped out of the kitchen she came across the two beastly eyes.

Those eyes were red just like splinters of hot charcoal. Beneath the eyes thick dark circles can be seen indicating his insomnia. His eyes were a little bit hazy and out of focus.

Maybe because he just woke up or because of overindulgence or?? The worst possible case terrified her. Was he a drug addict? Her mind was running faster and faster.

She did not know why but she felt that someone was choking her when he looked at her. She gulped and tried to control her frantic heart.

'I can face him. Be brave.' she chanted this in her mind like a mantra.

She gathered her courage with difficulty and asked him, "Who- Who are you?" her voice surprised even herself.

The man chuckled. She was clearly terrified but she was feigning courage. He was amused. But that did not stop the fierce light in his eyes.

If she does something she should not he would not hesitate to shut her mouth. The girl suddenly remembered that Eliza was still in her room. Her eyes widened at the realization.

She ran upstairs without thinking anything. She pushed the man aside with all her strength and ran to Eliza's room. The man was clearly surprised. He did not think that she would go into the house.

He thought that she would make a fuss or scream or try to run away from the house. Why would she ignore the unknown danger and run into the house? What if he was a dangerous person? which he is!

The girl in black stood before the door with her heart pounding. She was afraid to go inside. She did not know what she has to face. With all her courage she opened the door. Eliza was not present in the room.

But the room was messy. All she was greeted was a welter of building blocks. The litter included pens, books, a rubik's cube, bed lamp and blood?

Her heart dropped. She slowly approached the bed. The bed sheets were stained with blood. Lots of blood. She dropped the bed sheets. She has only one thought in her mind.

She turned around and there was an undisguised anger in her eyes.

"Where is she?"

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