24 A revelation and A misery...

Toni smiled at Arya and said, "It is an organization of spies or we can say double agents."

Arya's pupils dilated. She realized something incredible.

"So…? The members of 'society' are in other words working for the government but at the same time they are fighting against the government?"

"Yes… and no… the members of the 'society' are responsible to work for government. They will not betray or use any confidential information for personal gains but… they will remain loyal to the 'society' when needed.

Do you know why the organization was named 'society'? It's because Sean envisioned an ideal society where every civilian will be safe and treated equally when he established it.

He wanted to achieve his goal with the help of this 'society'. And he did his best to accomplish this goal.

He collected every single official's both good and bad deeds and kept accounts of them. As the time passed by even though the war ended, the chaos did not.

So the 'society' thrived. He used every soft and hard method to subdue the criminals who were plotting for their selfish gains."

Arya sighed in admiration, "Truly admirable..!"

"Yes… but, as the time passed, the 'society' underwent many changes both in administration and its visions.

Nobody could defy that it did good deeds. But… how can there be such thing as a noble aspiration for too long?

This 'society' was like a fat piece of meat for every evil doer. The power lust was too much to be resisted.

Just like every other organization the thirst for leadership and power drove people crazy. And the most amazing ability of this organization is the advantage to infiltrate into the government."

"That's true! How can anyone let go of such a chance to gain a huge power? So all the members fought for the leadership?" Arya expressed her doubts.

"Nope... Not all of them. Just some traitors…. After Sean's time, his son took the opportunity to lead the 'society'.

But how can this kind of chance be given up so easily? So all the traitors rebelled and from then onwards the 'society' lost its essence.

It became just like any other Anti-government organization.

After many fierce power struggles today's 'society' is just like an empty shell. Its power is unimaginable but it no longer serves its true purpose."

Toni sighed regretfully.

Arya was in contemplation. She understood everything except for one crucial matter.

She asked Toni to clarify her doubts, "This is all good. But what troubles me the most is, why the society is involved with Eliza?

What enmity does it have with a simple town side girl? The clue I got three years ago was that Eliza's disappearance was related to the 'society'.

Tell me Toni… please stop hiding everything from me… I want to know the entire truth."

She looked at him earnestly. She was waiting eagerly. This was what troubled her the most. Toni looked at her dubiously.

Seeing Toni's expression a vague suspicion arose in Arya's mind.

'Yes! What does Eliza has got to do with such a dangerous organization? Unless….. The target was not Eliza!!!'

At this realization Arya's heart ached.

'If my guess is true... then Eliza..?' her lips began trembling.

She stuttered, "Wa-Was Liz-Eliza not the main target that night…?"

Toni looked into her eyes deeply. He didn't give any answer but she knew it. She knew what exactly did that mean. Arya stumbled to the ground. She didn't have any energy left when she speculated who their target was…

She didn't want to know the truth at all. She would rather be ignorant. She was terrified when she thought that their target could be…. Herself.

Arya felt her chest tighten at this speculation. Was her best friend suffering somewhere because of her? Was this fate supposed to be hers?

Tears welled up when this thought came to her mind. "To-Toni… On that night, Was I their target?"

Arya asked him at last. She looked directly into his eyes. She didn't want to miss a single reaction of his.

Toni sighed, "That night their target was...…."


Ayla was going nuts when she couldn't reach Arya's mobile. She frantically began walking to and fro in the room.

Blake who was still writhing in pain, was squealing like a pig. His muffled voice further irritated her.

"SHUT UP!!!! ARE YOU A PIG????? CAN'T YOU GIVE IT A REST FOR A FEW MINUTES??" she roared at him.

Her hard work to maintain a husky and melodic voice went into drain. Luckily her voice changer was still working. A rough voice with not a single hint of earlier seduction boomed in the entire room.

Blake stopped moving at once. Something told him strongly that he must not provoke this mad woman any further. He was sure that he will be castrated by this mad bitch if he enraged her further.

He shuddered at that thought. What could he do if she truly decides to do it? He could not sprinkle his cutesy-dinky seeds in the fields anymore.

No... No… no… he will shut up instantly. Though the pain was still tearing his skin, he endured it gritting his teeth.

"PPPZZZZ EEEMMMEEE GGGUUUU!!" / "Please let me goooo!"/

He tried to beg her one last time. Ayla looked at him disdainfully.

"Who was the one, who ran up here with a single invitation from an unknown woman in the middle of the night? Who was the one drooling all over the place just few minutes ago? Where did your manliness from earlier go?"

She vented her frustration on him. Though she decided to torture him personally throughout the night she was not in the mood anymore. She still didn't know the entire truth. She also didn't know how Blake knew Ruby?

What if he was an accomplice of Ruby? What if he was a culprit in Eliza's case? Though she knew that Blake was a womanizer and Ruby could possibly be his girl friend she didn't want to take any chance at all.

Now all she wanted to do was fly to Arya and tell her the news that Ruby was still alive!! That was the most important thing. She tried to call Arya again and again but nobody picked up.

So she tried to trace her friend's location. This was a special privilege only for her. Arya designed special gadgets for both of them, more like twin gadgets.

With the help of them they could locate each other. This was designed to trace each other in case of emergency.

Now she was betting on a chance that the gadget might still be on Arya's body. Unless Arya personally deactivated it, tracing Arya was still possible.

When Ayla got the location of Arya she was surprised. It showed a desolate part in the North West direction of the city. Ayla didn't waste her time.

She moved towards Blake and pressed his finger roughly on his mobile. When the mobile screen unlocked she searched the recent call log and easily got Ruby's contact among them.

She erased her fingerprints on his mobile and threw it on Blake disdainfully. Her sister Sarah was cooped up in a room for an entire three days.

So she was going to punish him in a similar way. She was not at all worried about him. He will not be here for long. After all, he was a rich young master. His entourage will be on the way to find him, if they could not reach him for an entire night.

So she decided to leave as soon as possible. But when she looked at him in such a state, she decided to give him one last gift.

After a few minutes, looking at the 'parting gifts' she has prepared for him, she was very satisfied.

Ayla smirked at him.

She slightly bent beside him and cooed in his ears, "Good bye honey… Have a sweet time…."

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