25 A Decision

Arya was highly anticipating an answer from Toni. But suddenly a loud voice echoed in the room.


Hearing the familiar, dignified and gloomy voice Arya's heart jumped. Toni was looking behind Arya in shock.

He was still contemplating whether to tell her the entire truth but he had not anticipated that his master would suddenly know about this. Toni was filled with regret.

Did he do the same mistake he did all those years ago? He nearly broke his master's trust. No… how can he break his promise?

He hung his head guiltily. Arya was still petrified. She slowly turned back only to see a 3d projection of her grandfather. The technology in the base is much more advanced than she had anticipated.

When she saw the familiar face of a dignified man whom she had not seen in ages, she felt melancholy in her heart.

This was her own grandfather whom she was desperately yearning to meet. She tried to meet him many times in the past three years.

Though she wanted to find out the truth about her friend, she was also longing to meet him. But he had denied all her requests to see him. Only now when she was close to know the truth he appeared before her.

Should she be happy that he cared for her? Or should she feel sad for, he didn't even bother to appear before her if not for this matter? She smiled in dejection.

Meanwhile Liam Glade was scrutinizing his granddaughter's face. His sharp eyes noticed her every expression. He also noticed how she laughed mockingly.

There was a faint light in his eyes which disappeared as early as it came. He regained his grave expression and spoke to her in almost a whisper.

"The 'society' had nothing to do with you, not eight years ago, not now nor in the future. I told you a million times to keep your nose out of these matters.

Are you so desperately trying to kill yourself? And you… TONI... what was the purpose I sent you to her? Is it to become her puppet and listen to her every order?" he reprimanded them both harshly.

Arya remained silent when he was scolding her. But when she listened to him berating Toni she couldn't take it anymore.

"Grandpa… Toni has nothing to do with this. It was me who forced him to tell me everything. Please don't be harsh with him."

She told him what she wanted to say. But when she looked into the eyes of her grandpa her heart shuddered. It was as if she was drowning in a cold pool.

Liam looked at her coldly.

"So..? I never expected anything more from you. You are just an emotional fool. Nothing more!!! But Toni, you!! You have disappointed me time and time again. I was lenient with you because I believed that you will never make a wrong choice when it comes to life and death matters. But you have already disappointed me twice today."

Arya's pupils dilated when she listened to him. He knew!!! He knew what she was doing all along!! But he never let the truth come to the light. Was today's murder a coincidence?? Or…..

"Grandpa… Were you the one who killed that man in the factory?" Arya was questioning Liam but she was 90% sure that he was the one who did it.


This single word shattered all her hopes. She had been hoping that her grandpa will not kill innocent people but she was wrong. Her heart twitched when she remembered the gruesome scene.

"Wh-Why?? Why? What did he do wrong that you killed him so mercilessly? All he did was to try to answer me. He was not even an important person in the 'society'.

You could have just let him go. You could have punished me. I would rather be the one to be punished than let him be killed. It was me who kidnapped him."

Arya's voice trembled. She always thought that the man was killed by the 'customers' but she didn't imagine the truth to be like this.

Liam looked at her as if she was a fool. He then chuckled a bit and finally started laughing. He laughed and laughed but there was not a single trace of humor in his eyes.

"Do you think that you will let him go and he will not be killed? What I did to him was merciful. He didn't suffer the torture and pain when killed. He just lost his life a with single bullet.

You are just a delusional, inexperienced and impulsive brat. Do you know why he died? It was because of you!!

You brought death upon him for your selfish reasons. I used to think that after all these years of training, You would at least have grown mature.

But…. I was wrong!! You are just the same immature person as eight years ago. If not for my protection… you would have died long ago.

Are you even worth my so many years' efforts? I truly doubt myself for taking you in!!! All you did all these years was going against me and questioning my protection time and time again.

And for what?? Just for some stupid girl who had no relationship with you?? What did she do for you? Why is she so important for you?

It was me who gave you everything you have now!! But all you do is trouble me and destroy my peace. Why?? Just for some wild girl who is dead long ago?"

Liam's harsh words broke something in Arya's heart. It was so painful to listen to his words. Without any warning tears fell like pearls from her eyes.

She wanted to cry loudly but she couldn't. It was not new for her to listen to her grandfather's taunts. He always will remind her that she is nothing without him.

Why? Why was she so wrong in doing something her heart wished for? Why couldn't he understand that she was also a human and had feelings?

She was also a normal girl who wanted to feel loved.

What did he do in all these years for her? Did he try to be a grandfather and guide her? No...

All he did was to remind her that she was a weak person who knows nothing about the world. Arya was trembling with grief and anger.

She was angry at herself for relying on her grandfather.

Yes!! Even though she had been independent she also had Toni with her. Toni is her grandfather's man.

She never worked alone. Toni was like a protective shield in front of her. Is this why she was always looked down upon?

Because, she did not achieve anything by herself? If this is what her grandpa wants to tell her then so be it.

From now on she will now be alone in this fight. She will not be a burden to anyone anymore especially to her grandpa. She made a decision and looked at him firmly.

"I have decided!"

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