1 That day

~Looking back when he was 15 years old

it was just a normal day in deku's world. a day with no murder no guns no taxes to be paid. a day of focusing on his quirk and trying to get his crush to notice him.

I pick up my now scattered books off the floor from bakugo knocking them out of my hands. I look back up at bakugo who is angrily stomping away. why does he hate me so much? I think as I look back at my books on the floor. I reach out for my math book but someone els picks it up. I look up at the person who picked my math book up for me. "T-Todoroki thanks." I say nervously. oh my gosh Todoroki is in front of me. "no problem Midorya." Todoroki says happily. "hey why was he bullying you?" Todoroki asks me handing me my math book. "oh you know him he hates me and just wants to make my life miserable." I say with a sigh. "he doesn't hate you." Todoroki says trying to help but failing. "he hates me, I have no idea why but he hates me" I say. "hey do you want to go to my house tonight?" Todoroki asks me. holly wow what did he ask me? I think as I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "S-sure, yea! of corse I do!" I say happily. "Ok! I'll send you a link on where to meet me, we will eat dinner then go to my house." Todoroki says with a smile. "ok." I say smiling back him. we stand up and walk to class together.

~at Izuku's house

"no, no, no this is bad, I have no idea what to wear, I don't know if I should go with the hoodie or something more fancy, I have no idea where we are going. ahhh" I say in a panic. I run my fingers through my hair. "should I text Todoroki?" I say as I get my phone out from my pocket. --hey todoroki what should I wear tonight? I text him. ... it takes Todoroki a bit to get back at me. -wear something nice but not to fancy :). He texts back. "Ok I'll just wear the hoodie" I say getting my dark green hoodie and putting it on.

I open the door of my house and walk out ready to see my crush.