A terrible night of Woodsow Book

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A terrible night of Woodsow


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The story is about spending a horrifying night in a city. woodsow is an imaginary city of horror. In this novel u witness romance with horror fantasy. SYNOPSIS: She slept. After sometime the sound of footsteps coming inside from the door of room disturbed her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes to see her knight looking at her with affection in his eyes as he was admiring her sleepiness. She returned the same gesture unknowingly as she was again became a captive of his mysterious yet charming eyes. Both looked at each other with a sense of longing as if they met after decades, as they knew each other from thousands of years, like two bodies one soul. He took some steps forward and her breath stops with each and every step. He caresses her hair and she got lost somewhere deep in him. The man started studying her and when she lost all the senses, paralyzed to feel, to listen anything he quickly descend his fangs, his eyes turned red and he said in harsh tone; "I want your blood, Elena."


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