1 Chapter 1 The teenagers

What is it like to be a teenager? Well if your going to ask me its very difficult, why? beacuse some teens are suffering from depression and anxiety even 13 years old and some teens are just fine normal teen happy about their life but why did teens suffer from depression and anxiety, maybe its beacuse of their past? maybe some school problems or maybe they got bullied alot or maybe some problems that they didn't told their parents? This story is about a girl who suffered from depression and alot of challenges in her life. But have ever wondered why do teens get depressed? what its like to be teen again. Teenagers now and before are very different

teens now is more on technology but the teens before are more on palying outside hanging out with friends. But the real reason of depression on teenager's is their parents. Their parents never have time for their child, they didn't know if her child is ok, is healthy beacuse parents work hard for their children but do they? Parents job is to take care and promise to have a good and better life for their children but what parents didn't know is that their children has a mental health, yes they give food they have a roof on their heads but its still important for the family to always there for each other no matter what. Children get emotional or angry when parents are mad at them or teaches them a lesson or ground them, parents do that to learn your mistakes not beacuse they don't love you. This story is all about a girl who got depressed when she's a teenager and faced alot of challenges and how was her life when she was younger.

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