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A teenager's life


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This story is about teenager's, what is like to be them, and its about a girl named alexa who suffered from depression and anxiety and alot of challenges she has encountered her father died when she was only 3 her mom left her to her grandparents beacuse she didnt know what to do shes pregnant she cant handle it alone but after a few months she came back and lived with alexa. Alexa was so happy about it but what thats not the story end when she was 14 years old she suffered from deppression and anxiety she always want to be alone she doesnt like hanging out with friends she wants to die shes giving up depression is hitting her hard but she met a boy online that become her boyfriend, he helped alexa and planned to lived with her in his country alexa was 14 years old when she met the boy and the boy was 3 years older than her they dont care about distance age thats just numbers they truly loved each other.


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