1 The Day the Earth changed (Part-1)

'tch', Ryan O'Cahill scoffed in indignation not to mention he was getting incredibly angry and frustrated as each moment past, he was grounded again for breaking a prized vase of his mother when he was not even present at the house during the time, he looked his sisters and suppressed a groan, 'who would need a enemy when you have such wonderful sisters they are always doing stuffs blaming it on me and my dear 'beloved' parents always believing them over me, after all how could their angels be wrong.' From the look of things he understood clearly what had happened they did something and he was being blamed again.

His sisters no not sisters he refuse to call the two of them as such were his sisters, 'They always do something I am their scapegoat and it has always been like this for as long as I can remember not to mention my parents who always taking their side no matter what even if I bring the evidence the best could happen, 'Please they are children they are always mischievous��, yup and I who is younger than by over 2 years is not, and the worst 'How dare you frame your darling sisters' followed by a slap or two. To be frank I am irritated at them there was a time like every other children I loved them and adored them, then it turned to hate for them but then I realized what would I get for hating them will get I money for that? Unfortunately a bug fat no otherwise I would already have become the richest human ever.'

'Then my 'wonderful beloved angelic' sisters, the bane of my existence even if I was in school they would always find ways to put me down or bully me, not to mention their so called friends always bullying trying to demean me under their encouragement, but will they do that to their own siblings? Of course not why would they after the end of the day they love their siblings unlike mine.'

'It is getting so frustrating I have half a mind to curb stomp them.'

"Why can't you be more like….blah ….blah….blah....", 'ugh my head is swimming.'

"Ryan are you LISTENING TO ME?", screamed out the woman who brought me to this world.

Something snapped in him as he spoke, "No I tend not to listen to craps."

"WHAT HOW DA…." Only for Ryan to angrily shout, "SHUT THE F**K UP. Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Always blaming me for things I have not done is this kind of perverse sick enjoyment do you get by blaming me. Did you even try to find out if I did or not? Of course not after all I am your favorite punch bag FOR YOU MONGRELS."

"Now young man calm down and do not raise your voice against your father or else…"

"Or else what?"

"How dare you speak to me using such a crass manner I never raised you to be…"

Only for Ryan to howl in laughter as he spoke, "Oh my God, this must be the best joke of the year you raised me, hahahahaha.", Ryan howled in laughter at that as he clutched his belly at that everyone was stunned into silence including the servants who were nearby he composed himself as he spoke, "Well then my dearest 'Mother'", he spat out the word mother as if the most vilest thing as he spoke, "when is my day birth with the year included."

The woman spoke haughtily, "It is 4th of January, 2005.", but she finished unsurely at the end.

Ryan smiled as he spoke, "I see but according to my birth certificate & my school certificate it was 29th of June, 2005. Oh well must be the government is wrong after all you claim to raise me right?"

The woman was stunned silence as Ryuu kept speaking, "Well if I go by those then 2 days ago I turned 15 years old and I can tell many many things but it is waste of both of our time so I will cut the chase, well today I had graduation ceremony I graduated from high school with not only with full honors but apparently it seems I scored the highest marks in the entire country, unfortunately the reporter took some of my time while taking my interview for having the highest score in the last 7 years, and do you know the best part I think in the entire history of my school it seems that I am the first person whose parents were absent during my graduation. So may inquire what you might have been doing?"

Ryan's father Marcel looked flushed in embarrassment as he spoke with righteous anger at that as he spoke, "Stop spouting nonsense, what graduations? Stop lying you are only 15 years old."

Ryan sighed as he switched the TV on as he put on a NEWS channel as he spoke, "Oh look over there don't I look nice, but of course once again the cruel world who despises your family and conspired against you right? Yes yes that must be it, am I not right Mr. and Mrs. O'Cahill."

Ryan: "So let me ask you again why were you absent during my graduation ceremony?"

Eleanora Ryan's mother spoke with a squeak, "Well your sisters wanted to go to shopping so we thought…. But but you are at fault at this why did you not tell us before." she finished sharply as Ryan gave her an understanding smile.

Ryan: "Yes, yes it is my fault after all who knows what apocalypse I might bring to the world by speaking to you directly after all that is why I have to schedule an appointment for just speaking to your secretary's secretary's secretary so that they may judge whether it is important enough for you two to hear, and as for the invitation letter for the Graduation Ceremony if I know them well then it is already lying in some gutter after all it would look bad on their resume if the world came to an end if their boss read a few words from one they claim as their son right."

Marcel sighed as he spoke, "Well I understand you are upset but please calm down and we can talk like a couple of gentleman, as for the graduation I am sorry but next time…"

Ryan: "Mr. O'Cahill, I never knew you went to school and graduated from it twice, I understand that a shop full of clothes is very rare sight yes yes I understand and as for 'Sorry next time…', well I lost count of such promise after your 50th one and till today, and best part none of which you have fulfilled any promises you have made to me till date."

At that the duo winced as Eleanor spoke, "Well I know we have made some mistakes but please come down son, why don't you go to your room and freshen up we can talk about later plus today is your birthday right so we can get ready for your birthday party."

Ryan looked confused at that as he spoke, "What birthday party?"

One of Ryan's sisters Catherine snarled as she spoke, "Enough stop it, there is a limit of your jealousy."

Ryan turned to Catherine as he spoke, "Jealous of what Miss Catherine? Jealous of what? My grades are way better than both of you, you two are still stuck in school where as I have not only skipped grades to complete mine but I am our countries topper, during my school days I have won the 'National level School Soccer Tournament' twice as a striker and ace of my team as well as I am a 'National Level Fencing Champion' who has been invited in a camp to prepare for international tournament even soccer clubs are trying to get me to sign contract with them , and do you know that yesterday I got confirmation for admission with full scholarship from one of the top Universities of the World, and after I pass out from that I do not doubt that if I pick any of the options I will easily get a nice paying job and lead a lavish lifestyle, as a matter of fact I will be leaving at the end of this week to confirm my college admission, a college which millions can dream of joining. So please tell me Miss Catherine what would I be jealous of?"

Ileana one of his other older sisters spoke hurriedly, "Brother why don't you go to your room and freshen up we know we did wrong but please I hope we can talk about this later brother.", she did not know why but her brother seemed too calm while speaking much much more calmer than before, she did not know why but she suddenly felt nervous

Ryan: "Well I came to your house and you are sending me out so soon what a bad host you have become."

Marcel: "What do you mean this is your house as well."

Ryan smiled as he spoke, "Well your darling daughter does not wish for me to be under the same roof as such I left over a year ago, when she had the servants of your house throw all my stuff out."

The couple were stunned upon hearing that, how much did they neglect their son that they did not notice he was not even living with them anymore.

Ileana gave a nervous laugh as she spoke, "It was a joke nothing more nothing less brother please.", Ryan simply chose to ignore her as both the parents glared at her.

Catherine growled as she spoke, "So what are you going to cry like some jealous crybaby now."

Ryan: "Jealous yes I was once jealous, jealous of how no matter what anyone does wrong I would be singled out every time and even if I was nowhere near that place I was still punished harshly, I used to be jealous then it to hatred for all of you but and fortunately I understood why you all acted like that until I had an epiphany."

The word send a chill down their spine as even the servants felt a bit unease at that specially as Ryan smiled brightly as he spoke, "Mr. and Mrs. O'Cahill, I finally understood how much agony you have to endure day after day for the last 15 years you have to tolerate my presence, for that I feel sorry for you all, but today I am happy to tell you that I finally found a solution to this little problem of yours."

Eleanora stood up as she shouted out in distress, "What are you saying you are our child my baby boy why are saying this please we know we made some mistakes so please do not say such blasphemous thing Ryan."

Ryan sighed as he spoke, "Please Mrs. O'Cahill please stop this nonsense even a blind man can see how much pain and anguish you have to suffer in order to say those words, so please there is no need to lie, here I brought this for you.", he handed a file to his father with a serene smile.

As his father took it in his hands he spoke, "What is this son?"

Ryan: "Well congratulations to the O'Cahill family, I am with great happiness can now announce to you that you no longer have to begrudgingly include me into your family by referring to me as your son, as of this moment we strangers, thank you for everything and Goodbye! And have a happy life.", with that Ryan turned on his heels as he started walking towards the door.

Everyone was stunned silent before Eleanora screamed as she chased after him, Ryan simply stepped outside as he walked towards the door, as Eleanora tried to grab him he simply side stepped as he spoke calmly, "Please ma'am you shouldn't try to grab another male in front of your husband that is extremely bad for someone of your stature and reputation.", before his widen as he spoke, "Oh I understand why you are panicking do not worry I have not touched even a single iota of your money since I was in the final year of my middle school, in fact I would have already left a long ago but unfortunately our countries laws prevents me from getting emancipated before my 15th birthday as such sorry for the delay, oh and if you are worrying about money you wasted on my upkeep then I have left a check with the amount you have wasted on me since the day of my birth, I hope the amount left is acceptable.", the file dropped form a wide eyed Marcel whose hands were shaking as he spoke with his eyes bloodshot from grief, "How did you get our signature on the emancipation form? How?"

Ryan smiled as he spoke, "Well your secretary was very helpful, when I spoke to your secretary she was extremely elated at that she was so happy she even told me that, 'Finally the taint plaguing my boss's family will be gone, trash should be left as trash not beside the true elite of the society, I hope after this my boss's family will be in a much happily and not in misery because of you.', then she got your signatures and voila."

Marcel: "Where will you stay? How will you pay your bills?"

Ryan spoke with a soft smile as he tried to keep his crying ex-mother off of him, "Ah about that you do not have to worry, a certain someone has been taking care me for the last few years, someone I wish was my real parent, after all because of some archaic laws I am now considered an orphan and the stae would have appointed me a guardian to check on me until my 18th birthday, as such she is adopting me thus bypassing the laws."

That stopped a sobbing Eleanora on her tracks as she spoke with horror, "You are replacing me?"

Ryan: "Replacing? What are you talking about? How can I replace something that never belonged to me in the first place?"

Marcel: "Please son forgive us, please give us a chance.", the once proud man who always walked with his chin high looked broken at that.

Ryan sighed as he spoke, "Really and why? Why should I? I gave you enough chance for the last 15 years, but you let me down time and time again, every time someone complains about me you do not even give the benefit of doubt you would straight out punish me slowly and surely teaching others to use me as a scapegoat for their misdeeds, not to mention whenever I required of you, you would never be there for me, treating me like a leper, so please stop acting like you care after you are simply wasting both of our time after all 'Time is money' is that not right Mr. O'Cahill.", he gave him an innocent smile as he continued speaking, "Well now you can say that there is at least something I learned from you."

Ileana stepped forward as she spoke, "Brother please, please forgive us please give us a chance."

Ryan sighed hard he wished how he should have had listened to his adopted mother and brought someone from his new family as he was getting annoyed with every passing second, "Miss Ileana 'brother' wow, I never thought that you would call me something aside from 'freak', 'abomination', 'failed abortion'?"

Eleanora screeched at her as she spoke, "WHAT?????? HOW DARE…"

Ryan: "Mrs. O'Cahill please be silent, after all you yourself had once confessed to it, when you gave away my trophies which I won at annual sports meet at my school to someone who can't even walk two steps without kneeling over and die from lack of oxygen and the best part the person never went to my school yet he claimed he won them and I had stolen it from him. Yet you believed him and what did you say to me, oh yes 'how wish I had used contraceptive on the night I conceived you.', and now you are creating a drama accusing her about something she learn from you."

Eleanora looked down as she stuttered out, "I-I-I am so so-sorry please Ryan I.."

Ryan: "Save it for someone who cares, and you know what my feelings is mutual how I wished I was born from 'MY MOM' instead of the likes of you."

A few hours later Ryan sighed as he exited an ice cream store it was very tiring for him his ex-family clinging to him trying to stop him from leaving, he never understood why they acted like that, every day, every minute and every second he had spent with them they belittled him, punished him or trying to make his life hell but now when he was leaving their life for good all of a sudden they are acting like the cared and what not.

Catherine and Ileana birthday party was always a huge one and him well it would be a cold day in hell before they wish him let alone they had a party for him after all 'delinquents do not deserve such honor', and then their annual vacation trip well a trip without him, or how he did not to receive a single Christmas presents did he care about it, may be when he was younger but as he grew older he learned how people many people in the world did not have one, and for how many getting chance to eat something is a great struggle compare to them he felt ashamed that he once threw a tantrum for not getting any present how naïve he was.

If he had to even talk to his parents he had to take an appointment to get an appointment, and when they themselves talk to him it was simply to punish him for something he never did, and now they had the gall to say that 'we are sorry, give us another chance' and then those two twins who always tried to make my life hell along with their friends, did her friends have younger siblings yes some of them did, will they hurt their siblings of course not they did rather die than do such a thing. But oh well it was a thing of the past now he looked forward to a new dawn with his new family, just the thought about them brought smile to his face.

As he licked the ice cream he passed he glanced at his watch as he sighed, 'Damn, it is already 8 o'clock, dinner will start soon maybe I should hire a taxi it is getting late and mom would be getting worried.'

As he was about to book a taxi using his phone to pickup him up from his location when a commotion drew his attention as he looked up and he saw a tiny moon like object growing bigger over time, wait a minute a moon like object suddenly it glowed as brightly as the sun it felt as if it was day time already before when all of a sudden an ear deafening large screech was heard as the object exploded.

��Aghhhhh", Ryan covered his ears as he dropped on the ground dropping his cell phone from his hand as did almost everyone the sound was too much for everyone as they dropped on the ground, the glass shattered everywhere and then it stopped, as everyone looked up their eyes widened at what they saw the moon. No the entire sky seemed to have an ominous red light emanating from it, Ryan squinted as he looked to what seemed to be a small firefly moving towards him at a great speed, "S**t….", was all he could say before it hit him causing his whole body to feel as if it was burning from the inside causing him to lose consciousness from the pain.

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