1 Chapter 1: Figure

Wu Wang Chang'e was thrown roughly into the walls creating a sea of debris and a large hole. Unable to help herself she spat up a puddle of blood onto the floor of the courtyard.

"Chang'e"! Zhou Liu Yao screamed. She coughed. "I'm not done with you yet". A huge figure appeared in the hole cause by her body.

"Get up and fight", the figure blocked by the dust said.

Chang'e flopped probably in an attempt to stand. Falling to the ground again.

"What do you want" Zhou Liu Yao yelled at the figure.

"For the gods to die, the world to burn, and the heavens to fall!" The figure exclaimed. Laughing evilly he went up to Chang'e. "Good bye, moon goddess" he said scornfully. "Good thing you haven't awaken yet, and you only have one rebirth left . Soon you will be taken care of anyway." With that gleefully said he picked her up by her head before hurling her across the courtyard. Blood quirted from her mouth, and the snap of bones were heard. The figure stared at her as if trying to make sure she was close to death before looking at Zhou Liu Yao.

The figure shook his head, "I don't even have to bother with you the moment she dies you will follow soon after".

He then left the same way he came, silent and mysteriously.

Chang'e raised her head, "Ah Yao"

"Chang'e, you'll be ok, I know you will" tears spilled from his face.

"Ah Yao, Yao don't cry."

Liu Yao could tell she was blind, and he cried harder, trying and failing to suppress his sobbing.

Chang'e tried to look At Zhou Liu Yao, focusing as hard as she could before world slowly faded into black.