A Tale of Blood and Steel (WH 40K SI) Book

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A Tale of Blood and Steel (WH 40K SI)


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One day you awake in a dingy, dark cell. The next thing you know, you're being bound to the Emperor as a Sanctified Psyker and send to school, so you can learn how to die in a useful way for the Empire. Once you've survived all that, you find yourself bound for the planet Kronus, where you're to meet the Inquisitor for whom you're supposed to work and everything goes to hell... Chapter every day with a bonus for every hundred power stones This fanfic is made by Illuviar and I do have permission to repost this story to web novel. if you want to support the author of this story with Patreon here you go https:// www.pa treon.com /user?u=24894352


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