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Author- im not really a person who likes to critics someone but here I’m gonna say, I feel like your story doesn’t even have any development you just made him into a fucking beta characters, you see here I’m a person who hates writer who keeps following the original seriously. Plus what kind of dumbass are you he was once a human never gotten into a relationship you need to understand psychology that if a person been living to long with no comfort they will their mind unless they have problem I get that he did made some friends and many more(achievements) but you make it into a slow life novel, never seen progress only being a fucking slave, and many more. Give up writing if you don’t know how to write, it’s like those typical Japanese characters to dense, this day even a child understand a relationship. Why I call it trash there are many things where he doesn’t get into a relationship, like he is too inexperienced, revenge(but he doesn’t have s rival even in revenge their is still relationship) only I could think of is that those people who have no worth living- fix your novel or just dropped it


4 lives, 4 stories that could rival all other stories. 4 lives combined into one being, what an interesting way to start this story. Shall this story rival others as well? Let the tale begin.


This story started out really interesting, however the longer it went on the more boring it has become. In most of his different bodies the MC is something of a beta, only his Dragon persona is really interesting, he is also seemingly asexual. The author seems to be afraid of meaningfully altering the main story line.


The beginning was interested about him having four lives and all of them were very interesting. The picked a stereotypical anime world were he will build a harem and crap,harems are so annoying. The people who will say the MC will not try to build a herem in this world well here is what I have to say to you guys,the anime is DXD of course there will be a harem. So all and all amazing start with the four lives and stuff but the rest of it is pure crap.


Now the story is different from other fanfics, I have to say that's a good strong point of this novel. Sadly the writing quality and grammar can be bad at times, bringing the overall reading experience down. The updates were common before a few days ago, it's annoying for a sudden stop with no explanation. The character design is good but it focuses a lot on the mc and not the other characters also it repeats a lot, you learn a few things now and then but mostly we "find out" something we already knew making it annoying at times. The world is good but then again this is a fanfic, the only reason it has a good rating is because you at least have stayed true to the anime.


Really good novel, I really enjoy the main characters, however the only downside is there isn't updates that often which is sad but that's a norm for webnovel authors that I read lol


i have not read the novel but the sino**is is interesting so i gave this novel some rate , hope this story same interesting like the sino**is


Fanfic is boring!!!.Too many stories that focus on MC. Give POV to others!!! you idiot!!!. Being bored is too much useless MC development!!!. Try to make a different POV, don't focus too much MC. FANFIC TRASH!!!!.






This novel is amazing, each reincarnate has it's distinct trait that make it special and noteworthy. The world background is pretty interesting and boy the characters is godly. Thank you for your hard work. powah stone!!!


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So it’s an interesting concept, but i just hope that he doesn’t go full thinking with dick, “she beautiful she better with me” im not against netori, hate netorare, so if you want add Yasaka,Grayfia,Venelana,Shuri or Phenex lady Im not against harems, i always like a good harem but it’s tedious when the mc, flirts with someone, add her to the harem, have sex and then never talk or have date with her again till the author decides that she needs more sex scene of her. Note for author to read: also if this is 1 year before Issei is born, means that Rias is born in April, and she would definitely needs a teacher ( so she doesn’t become a sloth princess like in the original), could also save Shuri, the mom of Koneko and Kuroka, Valerie Tepes so she doesn’t become and experiment for tepes faction/ khaos brigade Also Does mc gonna create a new faction? What’s the objective of mc? To be honest what im picturing right now of mc is going to feast in valhalla telling the gods his stories and being friends with thor, then probably going on a full hikaru genji plan with the main characters of the Dxd verse, i mean he did became the a titan that could use to train shirone and kuroka with senjutsu,, the elve life for magic training with asia, akeno,rias,and rosseweise, he could make issei a girl with magic, then train her by being a dragon... kiba,irina and xenovia whit the ability of the paladin, They all could be great servants, or commanders of your faction/harem And finally character that i like to recommend for the harem/faction: Raynare (she a little sadist but she did what she did for love to azazel plus she only has an easy to remove superiority complex, she could be like your secret black ops operations, when you know that doing something isn’t the right thing on public so you do it secretly) Sona (love glasses plus, she a great strategist) Tsubaki (idk she cool) Aika(in the light novel she became a very good magician, but i don’t remember her name , if it isn’t aika, is that girl with glasses that was a pervert in issei class) Murayama and katase (those two girls in the class that the trio spied on, the ones with swords) Riser peerage,they were literally sex slaves, (this probably doesn’t need to be but i would like to know what happened to them, after they are free) Gabriel (could fix gods system) Grayfia (love that maid) Venelana (sexy and probably could be the director of meetings and things in official parties, cause past noble) Serafall (maou, to calm the other factions) Ingvild leviathan (she literally can control dragons, it’s either she joins you or you kill her, cause she could literally control mc if strong enough) (Obviously all the mc of this world) Rias (destruction power is Op if well trained) Akeno (she’s kinda of a nephilim , neither holy or demonic elements are her weakness) Asia (a healer) Ravel (Phoenix tears) Xenovia (durandal) Koneko (nekoshou devil op, they were experimenting on her sister for a reason, just sairaorg was op and he only used touki) Kiba (i don’t care, any character in dxd that prefer to train technique over power is respectable cause training power is easier than perfecting a technique, plus i dont care if there is yaoi) Issei (Boosted gear can kill gods but i would like to change his/her personality) Gasper (dude, vampire that can stop time, easy dio jokes) Rossewaise (is one of the best magicians in valhalla, according to the light novel)


Alright so plus points first. It updates regularly so yeah. It also has an OVERPOWERED MC. The previous lives of the MC are also very entertaining from what we have seen so far. . . Now to the negative points. The first thing is what’s the point. Like what the absolute **** is he even doing? Went to the devils for a while for what reason? Wanted a house in Kuoh for what reason? Helped the 2 Romeo and Juliet escape for what reason? He literally wasted the wishes. Give me all my weapons of my lives. WTF bro just get magic of creation or something. Not like your character isn’t op enough. Basically whatever he is doing makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Also he is a douchebag. Like there is scum like a certain character from Against the gods novel and there is this guy. He is so passive, I mean if he does think of her as a daughter and now she is clearly interested in him as a romance partner, make it clear to her it won’t be happening. But no, let me ignore this cuz it always fucking works~ It might have been amusing at the start but now he just seems like a bastard for ignoring someone so devoted to him. Casually goes on trips for long periods of time without taking her. Why?? Atleast give a reason. The Character also has no dept. The previous lives are just that. Previous. It’s like he is a totally different guy. Story development till now is zero. Character is also zero. The world development that I was thinking about is also as of yet, zero only places introduced till now is Kuoh, underworld and Kyubbi? palace. . . . . I expected a lot from reading some of the reviews but clearly most of don’t know how to differentiate between quality level works. My advice to Author is to actually read some bedtime stories. They have more character development than yours has had till now.


I like this and I tell you with this translation app because I'm not good at this language. But i like this..............................................


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Its a really good novel i really like it but the update time i know its like break after volume 1 but they do not give any info when its going to continue this series like its almost 1 month i hope they continue this series


The novel started off very well and the original characters introduced (Besides the mc) are all pretty good, the problem is that the MC has very little EQ to the point that a girl he's known in at least three of his lives who constantly tries to get him to look at her is disregarded completely. The absolute worst part and breaking point for me causing me to stop reading this is that he literally gives his harem candidates to Issei! (A girl he saved and trained for years is constantly pushed away from him and he actually helps Issei not only get close to her but go on dates with him as well.) This novel has become a NTR fetishist's dream.