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What is A System Called CODENAME: KARMA

A System Called CODENAME: KARMA is a popular web novel written by the author TheWeepingSaint, covering SYSTEM, ROMANCE, ACTION, MODERN, SCI-FI, FEMALE LEAD, SCIENCE-FICTION, DYSTOPIA, CYBERPUNK, UTOPIA, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 42.6K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 6 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 33 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Current Word Count: 44.76K _______ It was a humid night. Even worse in Winter's small bedroom. As the neon lights from the other side of the street found its way inside, she laid curled up in her bed, and her tears finally flowed freely. Below she heard her uncle and aunt argue, probably concerning her father's situation. She was about to lift her pillow and cover her ears with it when suddenly her phone lit up with a notification of an app she didn't remember installing. It read, "Codename: Karma was successfully installed!" Perplexed, Winter stared blankly at the LED screen, and as if out of reflex, she opened the app. She waited, but nothing happened. There was no user interface, just a black screen. She wondered if this was part of another cyberattack, but right before she wanted to close the app, the screen turned white, and letters appeared one by one. The unknown app asked her one simple question. "Do you want to change your life?" _______ www.instagram.com/og_carrel www.patreon.com/og_carrel https://discord.gg/Kjsbx7Q PREVIEW: https://imgur.com/a/OVP0DKV

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Honestly, great story. Your story line alone is captivating enough... Unknown app, wanna change your life... Well I was interested in why the MC may want to change her life, so I began the book and understood why anyone in her shoes would pick such an option. First being bullied in school and second, coming home and get your coffee and sandwich ruined with the news of an accident... A terrible de javu for the MC. Nice work author, keep it up.


Now, it is really hard to rate without spoiling but, this is what defines a 'neo-favorite'! I don't even need to break my ratings down to be more extrapolated. It's 5 stars! And that's final! The story's interesting. The writing style is one hell of an error-free stance. World Background? It's peculiar and I liked it so much! How about the characters? Well, I recommend you read and find out yourself HAHAHAHAHA! Trust me... Your time reading this, is worth it! You'll never regret any second spent.


Overall a really good story line, it takes the sci-fi fantasy mix and gives it a spin. Really interesting, expecially the app. It reminds me of the Webtoon Dice, but I really hope it doesn't turn out as dark. Virtually no grammar mistakes, easily read, great world building and character development. Not much to complain about


Good story. Captivating storyline, I like it. Made me want to read the book itself. Nice start and good writing, no grammatical errors. Good work author.


The novel is very interesting and somewhat relatable. As usual, our main character would start off as someone who doesn't have much confidence but the details makes it very interesting. The details are very vivid and although this doesn't portray to nowadays since the events had changed in this novel from WW2, it has some of the things that may happen in real life as well such as bullying.


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