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What is A Story of Evil

A Story of Evil is a popular web novel written by the author Campoccino, covering ACTION, GENIUS, ADVENTURE, WAR, DYSTOPIAN, ROMANCE, POLITICAL, UNDERDOG, War&Military genres. It's viewed by 22.2K readers with an average rating of 4.95/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 66 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Within the ten Domains, it is only the Voids who are powerless. They have been subjected to the mockery of others, being unable to use mana nor cast any spell. For a thousand years that has been their fate, until there were those bold enough to try and change their fate. This is the story of a world destroyed by war and greed. A story coated by all sorts of sins and secrets. A story where only the strongest survive. A story of a young boy laughed upon by fate. This is A Story of Evil.


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Hello guys! Author here for a review of my book. 1. Point of View The story flows in a third person pov. This is to give details on other matters which the characters themselves may not know as of the moment. 2. Characters a. Main Character - he is a genius. This is a requirement for the Writing Prompt I joined. However, this does not mean that he is without flaw because that would make him omnipotent and, I don't want that. Some mistakes will be done by him but, I'll make it sure that these things are reasonable. b. Female Counterpart - This won't be a useless Sakura that would drag the main character down! In fact, on instances where the main character would be in a pinch, she would definitely come to his aide. I'm still thinking on what personality I'll give her and if I don't edit this part, it means that I want you to read it for yourself. c. Villain - Sorry I can't spoil it. I may just ruin the whole mood of the story if I do lol. 3. Pacing The story would progress slowly BUT THERE'S A REASON FOR THIS! I need to build up the proper emotions as things go along. I noticed that, if I try to speed things up too much, the events become shallow and bland and I don't want that. I want you to immerse yourself in the story as if everything was actually happening with you in it. :)) 4. Mistakes Of course there'd be a lot of mistakes lol. That's why I'll be counting on you guys to voice out your opinions on whatever you see on the story. I'll be sure to put them all into consideration as the story progresses. 5. THANK YOU FOR READING MY WOOOOORK!


The protagonist was likeable and has his emotions fleshed out. It was very nice reading this novel as I saw potential in this author's work. The narration was splendidly done for the readers to easily read and has its immersion within it. Its charm was very good as I saw the story development was in a good pacing. Overall, a nice read! Gotta recommend this to others!


Overall, it's an engaging story so far. Such an amazing and great novel of yours Author. I can't deny the fact that this one is interesting and at the same time a refreshing story for readers. Keep up the good work, Author.


I will take the first spot to review this novel. It's a wonderful series, serious but funny. The conversation between the characters and the flow of the story ain't so bad. The story is written well and the stability of updates is outstanding. The author knows what he is doing so far. I recommend for the editor and his fans support him until the end of the contest. He deserves the top spot in the Contest of #170.


A good work overall. The characters in the story seems well developed and thought thoroughly, the world... well the destroyed world seems as bad as it should be after destruction. The story is progressing smoothly and there is no question of bad writing quality. The only thing I found a little weird is soo less views even after 30+ chapters and so i believe the author is not promoting it that much. So for author just one advise and that is to promote it as much as he can. There is no issue with story so once properly promoted it can garner lot of views in a short time. Well all in all well done author.


I just want everyone to know I really enjoy this novel. It is definitely thought out really well. I am reading it at the point where it has 65 chapters and hadn't been updated in three days. I read all 65 chapters in one night. I do not regret having no sleep. Author, if you are reading this, I beg you, please don't drop this novel. I have been looking for a novel that I feel I will be satisfied with in the long run. That's not to say I don't like other stories but this is one that definitely has my full attention.


The writing quality is absolutely gorgeous, and the setting is reminiscent of Hunter Games or Battle Royal. The world is indeed depicted as evil; it is described in great details such that imagining it is easy. I also like how the character does not depend on luck, but instead he is very smart and cautious, with everything planned out. This is a top grade work that would satisfy any amateur of the genre, and I can only recommend you to try the first 10 chapters to make your own mind ;) Beware though, you'll surely get hooked !


A very hard working author, he describes well the world and the characters and pays a lot of attention when it comes to emotions, the style of taking the story more slowly combined perfectly with the novel. I just think it's a shame that such a good work is so hidden in the webnovel and doesn't get the due recognition.


The story is quite good, and of my favorite genre. I love it. If you like the isekai adventure stories, but craving something new, or some thing a little more detailed, try this story. It's awesome. Author! waiting for updates!


The first scene is epic! Although it's short, it is still enough to convey the story. The rest of the chapters (Starting with Ether) brings it a whole new level! I love the way you make the dialogues of the novel. It looks natural, and even epic at most times! [img=recommend]


so this author is obviesly insanely talented, no need to get into that. what amazes me, is the creative thinking and amazing writing skills! IF i studied litterature, id be showing your book as an example of a perfect book 😉 Saved it in my library and will def come back! ❤️❤️


Author hooked me in the prologue, immediately on action! I've read the synopsis and it awed me when you said the story of a realm is filled with all evils, secrets, and sinister beings. Descriptive words that is enough for readers to be hooked in!


Just wow! I love it! Let me add this book to my library. I was terrified when the boy stabbed himself but I will look forward to it as I am a fan of this kind of story. Keep it up!


The story was interesting from the get-go. The writing quality and the pacing both rocked. there were some awkward moments but who cares. I love the story and I couldn't care less about mistakes. Keep updating and I'll keep reading.


hidden gem interesting and easy to read MC is likeable just try it yourself.................................. ..............................


The dialogues are top-notch! Each chapter has them and is well-written as it allows you to get immersive the interactions between the characters and the environment, which is hella good! And because of that, writing quality should be that great, no errors and such, and the readability rides like a vehicle on the bump-free road, so smooth! The story is pretty slow though, as the author said, but don't make it SUPER slow, to the point the storyline is slower than a snail.  It's neat pacing overall, you should read this!


Pretty good so far! Story was conveyed well, world-building is exceptional, grammar is pretty good, I like where it's going! I'll read on later when I have more time


This story is quite good and, grammar wise there is little mistake to notice. I love the fact that there is a consistent update of at least 3 chapters per day and, the quality doesn't drop despite this. The character and the world is both amazing and I just wanna say that I'll continue reading this.


Yo the story is super good. I love all the little details in the world, and how much you bring in that gets fleshed out later on. Plus the main character is super likable and I love all of his dialogue with Cain. 10/10 will keep reading.


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