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"The History of the Fox Coven"

Long ago...

The Ancestors of Angelina Fox are demon hunters, who taught her how to kill demons since childhood & become the most powerful demon hunter in her coven.

However, they have a special power that no other people can do. The Fox family can enter at the island of souls, sometimes they go to the island of souls to retrieve the soul of their love ones, who died in capturing a demon & bring back to life with a special chant.

Her family's blood line came from a part of slave angels that came from the lowest hierarchy of the angels, but they don't know that & it remains a secret for decades.

When God knew that they have the ability to enter the island of souls & bring the dead back to life. He hid the island of souls somewhere from where the Fox family can never find it. It was guarded by Lucifer & the island of souls become hell from which living things will burn into ashes, then God made Angelina Fox a neutral, who can neither enter both afterlife worlds.

She was the youngest & the most powerful demon hunter; a sister among of her 8 beautiful siblings, a curse she will carry forever. She watched her family died many years & mourn with anger when her eldest sister vanished but still she fought demons then pledged to cherish her family's bloodline. She never change after so many years have past & remained young.

She searched the island of souls half of her life being the last demon hunter left in this world or so she thoughts.

When she was cursed by God she has no place among them and she used this curse as an advantage to wipe out the entire race of the demons, even if she is the only last demon hunter left as long as she is immortal no one can stop her."


I smiled as He slowly walked towards me with a sword in hand attempting to kill me, I swallowed the lump in my throat as I slowly stand from my kneeling position and conjured my powers one last time.

I take a deep breathe & caught a whip of scent of metallic taste. I know my time is not up yet, but I have to do this for my sister and for the whole dimensions & for him

I'm ready, I thought

I ran and roared crying for the God, my creator, the one who cursed me

And heared my bones snapped till darkness consumed me...

Angels around me; devils hiding in the shadows. God is keeping an eye on us, well, everybody is watching the bloodied fight of a higher angel & a lower angel, whose fighting for love or power.

But who will win this battle?

Will the innocent takes justice or takes the blame?

Will the King of Hell surrender?

Will I get my family back?

Then it is you to found out...

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