A Story Of a Neutral Book

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A Story Of a Neutral


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(Book 1 of Hunter Fantasy) The Bloodline of Angelina fox is endangered She is cursed to become a neutral, an immortal after the massive death in her coven Never letting her chose of which plane (Hell or Heaven) she can be in the afterlife Being the last demon hunter & becoming an immortal, she used her new abilities to hunt those demons down after they killed her whole family She seeks to destroy Lucifer, The Prince of Demons for centuries To finally being able to have her revenge for her family, She also has to save her sister & this so called Black Witch trapped in a ship filled with Demons, the Bride Of Death But Her Destined Mates always gets in her way leaving her no choice to choose; If it is war she need or love she wants... Warning: there are some chapters restricted only 18+ are allowed if you could not handle death and violation, then maybe sexual activities