2 Chapter 2

Kala POV:

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Hello, I'm Kala. I recently started dating this guy named Simon. He is a bit thin and has a feminine face that makes an incredible transformation with a wig and minimal makeup.

We first met as a blind double date. Because the other girl got sick and was originally blackmailed to join, she got Simon to dress up as a girl. So when I saw him, he looked like a pretty frail girl. His petite frame in his dress made no one question his gender and his pretty hazel eyes with makeup to lengthen his lashes which made him look like a doll.

The 2 guys were late, so we talked for quite a while. Simon introduced himself as "Jane". He started off shy but and in our conversation, he revealed that he was the author "10". I was shocked because I love his work and we soon dove into a deep conversation about his work.

After the blind date, we met up many times as friends. After half a year, he revealed that he was actually a guy and that he liked me.

During the half a year where Simon pretended he was a girl, it was quite obvious that he had feelings for me. His face would turn red the moment he saw me and he would stutter. I was first planning to reject him, but when he talked about his books I noticed how amazing and creative his ideas were and how we can discuss them on the same wavelength. It would not be an exaggeration that I fell for his brain. I soon started to have interest in him and by the time he confessed to me I obviously agreed. Though what did shock me was that he was a guy. Because the thing that attracted me to him was his brain and not his meat cage, I didn't mind that he was a guy.

But dear readers, there is a secret I have.

I like to make people into works of art. But sadly there has only been one volunteer in my lifetime no matter how politely I asked. So I have to make them fall asleep first. I use their blood as paint and have their body parts arranged differently to create a work of art. It is quite an exciting hobby.

Before I met Simon, I had been in what you guys call an artist's art block. Then I met Simon and his beautiful brain which gave me inspiration. After that, I was able to create beautiful masterpieces. I once considered to personally observe his brain up close, but that would mean his brain would no longer be able to think about any new ideas so I decided not to. Simon even reminds me of how to remain anonymous and mistakes I could make. This is important because every artist has its haters. Unfortunately, my haters want to lock me up for the rest of my life. Really, some people can't appreciate art.

Simon currently doesn't know about my hobby but we never know what the future holds, do we?

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