1 Chapter 1

Simon's POV

Hello I am Simon. I have been dating Kala for a week. She is so perfect that it is hard to believe that she even agreed to be with me. I love her beautiful white skin, jet black hair, her smart brain, and her mesmerizing green eyes. In comparison, I am a writer who has a body that is equivalent to a stick and has eternal eye bags which is due to my profession. I write about murder mysteries and is famous for my realism. I love how Kala is not only interested in my book, but she also finds interest in discussing future ideas of my book with me. Really, she is too good for me. The reason she can stand our conversations about gore is probably that Kala is a butcher, which is a profession that was passed down in her family.

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3rd Person POV:

Kala and Simon decided to meet up at Simon's house. Simon's house was a comfortable one-story house. They ate salmon, broccoli, and rice. After eating they began to discuss.

Kala started the conversation. "So what's your next idea, Simon?" She parted her long hair behind her ears and her eyes gleamed with interest.

Simon replied "Well I think I am going to start a new book where the protagonist is trying to find out who killed his brother"

Kala asked, "How did the brother die?"

Simon replied "I wanted to make it a flamboyant death because it is the major event that causes everything. So I decided to make it where the victim was first bound with each limb pulled in a different direction, including the head. The murderer then carved a happy face with a tear drop while the victim was alive and then pulled the victim apart using 5 different vehicles. At the scene, there was only the corpse. The corpse is then placed back together sloppily with the words 89 written on it. What do you think?" Kala would often give out suggestions or point out faults after a couple of days.

Kala said "Your ideas are always so amazing. While working on the different livestock, I'll think about whether it can work or not" As she said that her lips formed a breathtaking smile as she stared at Simon. "I love your ideas that come from your beautiful brain, it always never ceases to amaze me"

In response to that beautiful smile and her kind words, Simon became a blushing and stuttering mess. They soon said their goodbyes and Kala left his house.

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