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I opened my eyes just in time to watch her short, red hair descend. Her warm, wet mouth took in as much of me as it could before it was too full to continue. She tightened her lips and lifted her head. A sensation like lightning coursed through my entire body. I squeezed my lips together to stifle a moan that escaped me. My heartbeat raced as climax drew nearer.

At the sound of my muffled moan, she looked up at me. There was a loud popping sound as her mouth finally released me. Frozen by pleasure, all I could do was shiver and breathe heavily. She placed her right index finger over my mouth as she climbed into place on top of me. I couldn't have made any noise if I wanted to. My eyes grew wide with alert as she reached down with her left hand and moved me into position. Her welcoming began taking me in while sparks of ecstasy ran along my skin. I felt my back curling toward her involuntarily.

When I was completely inside of her, she rose. Her breast gently bounced under the large, white t-shirt she wore. Her body fit mine like a glove. Her breath started coming out in short bursts as her hips moved. Her gaze never leaving mine. Trapped by the intense pleasure all I could do was watch her work on top of me. The pressure inside of me rose with every move she made. She sped up her movement and I couldn't help but groan in approval.

Her mouth sealed the sound in mine with a strong, lingering kiss. Her tongue massaged mine while she continued to glide up and down on me. When the pressure became too much to contain, I began breathing rapidly. My entire body shuddered from a sudden eruption of pleasure. It was more powerful than anything I had ever felt before. It made my eyes roll back inside my head and every muscle in my body tense up simultaneously.

When it started happening, she covered my mouth with her hands and kept moving on me.

"Give it all to me" she whispered in my ear as my body convulsed.

Her voice went from a whisper to a strained moan as she began to spasm as well. She moved her hands and kissed me again as her shaking grew more intense. I felt her welcoming squeeze against me even tighter until we both lost all the energy in our bodies and collapsed. She kissed and licked my neck while lying flat on top of me. After a few minutes she got up and put her lavender panties back on. I was still trying to catch my breath as she kissed me again and left my room. I watched her peak out of my door and then silently sneak into the hallway. My door closed behind her without a sound. The only thought in my head was holy shit I just lost my virginity to my brother's wife!