A stepmother’s reincarnation Book

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A stepmother’s reincarnation


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The notorious duchess, Victoria Gainsborough dies in the hand of her non blood-related son, David Gainsborough the night before before his marriage with another noble family. She had expected a fate like this to come across her, just like it did to her mother. Victoria didn’t bother to wiggle her way out of an escape that wouldn’t be able to be executed under the situation. Death was more of an escape than a tragic end for her, she will be able to meet her dearest mother again. That is until she wakes up in the body of someone else’s and not hers. The body of David Gainsborough, but younger. Not only her, but David also wakes up in her body, shocking both of them entirely. Both had their previous memories in place, they remember everything, down to the rebellious act. Through this, she learns things she had never known about David, down to the very core. She herself unfolds her own secrets, and maybe this time, they can fix their once broken bond. However, an odd thing has appeared that is unknown to her but familiar for David, [System noticed(!) Task must be done within time, consequences shall be dealt if it’s pass due.] [A/N: This is a work in progress on-going novel, there will be some changes and fixing later on in the title and chapters, so the final result would be different.] [Disclaimer: The picture is made by me, however I will add another person later to the drawing.] [Answers to questions: Yes there will be romance, no it’s not a mother x son romance.]


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