1019 Keep A Little Mermaid Who Could Spread Her Legs

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After wiping away the salt water on his face, Mag looked at the mermaid who had just flipped in the bathtub. She was breathing out bubbles with a happy expression and flipping her tail every now and then. Mag was speechless.

"Wow, seems like the big sister mermaid doesn't need our help anymore. She's so beautiful, so let's call her 'Big Sister Mermaid'," Amy said excitedly, not caring that she was soaked through.

"It seems that she is really fine now." Mag nodded too. Although this mermaid had not awoken, she was breathing out bubbles like a fish in the tub happily with a smile on her face. She looked well enough.

He took a dry towel and wiped away the salt water on Amy's face before he used a wet one to wipe over her face again. Mag gazed at the mermaid in the tub with a troubled expression. What should they do if they needed to take a bath from now on?

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