A Star was Born HIATUS
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A Star was Born HIATUS


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What is A Star was Born HIATUS

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Rosae Kim was a girl with big dreams. She believes that she can reach her dreams by working hard. She wanted to be a star. A star that can inspire others. She wanted to be a model of her generation thus she worked hard in becoming a superstar even though people did not believe in her she still believes in herself but... A scandal suddenly arise in her agency where she is training to become an idol. It was a s*x video of an old man having s*x with a young woman and the young woman in the video was none other than her. She was crying so hard and tried to defend herself that she was drugged and raped but people did not believed her. Her bestfriend invited her to go to bar and she agreed yet when she woke up. She was naked and there was a blood on the sheets. She did not remember anything except for accepting a drink from her bestfriend. She was a victim yet no one seem to believe her. Bullied by the people around her. Mocking her and degarding her by sharing her video. Her company has fired her and did not even defend her. She was ruined, hurt and hopeless. Cheated by her boyfriend whom her only solace in her miserable life. Betrayed by her own bestfriend. She was drowning yet no one saved her. She tried to swim but failed. Walking in the middle of the road. Cars sped past her. Car horns and curses was thrown at her. "f*ck it lady!! Are you crazy?!! This is a road!!" "Heyy!! Get away!!" But she never cared. She wanted to be freed. Freed from the darkness and coldness that was embracing her heart, her mind and her soul. When she finally see a blinding light in front of her. She embraced it with longing. Longing to be freed. Longing for light to brighten up her dark world. Car screech, horns and shouting people was heard. "Ahhhhh!! my God!! Help!! A woman was hit!!" "Blood!! So much blood!!" "Call 911!!" "Somebody call 911!!" She could hear them. But all she could feel was the excruciating pain in her body before the darkness has claimed her. Before her death, a light suddenly escaped her body and a sudden disturbance on Earth has happened. *** She was drifting in an endless void of darkness. She thought she will be freed after ending her life. But the feeling was still there. The sorrow. The grief. The sadness. And The hatred. It was still there and it was eating her soul. She wanted someone to save her. To save her from the darkness of her life. To save her from the coldness that was slowly embracing her soul.

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It's like a Cinderella story to stardom. So far so good. But very slow updates. 😔 The girl dies and gets reborn in another body in the past and decides to pursue her dreams. The story development is going well so far.


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