9 Chapter 9

Alex had to lie to his family because he could not expose the system.

After Alex told his secrets, his parents exploded and began to condemn him for his irresponsible behavior.

Only his grandfather caught the part where his grandson awakened the five elements on his first awakening, he was shocked and froze for a long time.

Half an hour later it came to his senses.

He immediately ran and grabbed Alex's shoulders, which was bombarded by his parents.

John said, `` What did you just say, five elements? Did you awaken in the first awakening? '' On the grandfather's tongue, the mother and father noticed this.

Alex `` yes ''

John '' and all of them in the middle? you brought it. ''

Alex``Yes ''


Alex's parents were also very happy. Alex was their only son.

After everyone calmed down, Alex told them that he could not keep their secrets forever.

So he told them his plan, everyone agreed. Alex then told them he had to fight monsters to hone his abilities. Mom and dad told them that they would take him out of the City to hunt him for 2 days a month. Alex agreed.

After everything was over, Alex checked her condition in her room.

He brought the newly awakened elements to the novice level 1 using his empty attribute points.

When he brought the space element to the novice level, information about space began to emerge in his mind and he grasped them.

Because Alex understood the importance of the space element and was able to understand the laws of space by points, he brought the novice to Level 3 using Points.

Alex current status:


Name: Alex Starlight

Age: 12

Abilities: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Spiritual / Psychic Element, Space, Shadow, Summoning

Innate Abilities: Penta Element Awakening, Tri Element Awakening

Mind: Spirit Soldier (474/500)

Perception: Spirit Soldier (458/500)

Fire Mage: Intermediate 1 (3259/3 500)

Lightning Mage: Intermediate 1 (3235/3 500)

Wind mage: Intermediate 1 (3182/3 500)

Earth Mage: Intermediate 1 (3199/3500)

Summon Mage: Beginner Level 1 (0/500)

Shadow Mage: Beginner Level 1 (0/500)

Space Mage: Beginner Level 3

Spiritual Mage: Intermediate 3

Skills :

Knowledge: Medical Knowledge (small achievement- 120/300), Space Knowledge (Beginner- 0/2000)

Null Attribute: 75,427


Alex's skills in the Skills section and in the knowledge section have disappeared.

The novice level effect ratio in spell cultivation was 1: 1.

At the medium level, it becomes 2: 1, with each realm the effect of the null attribute score decreases by 2x.

Mind and perception were also initially null attribute effect ratio 2: 1.

In the Spirit Realm, it became 5: 1.

In the Spirit, Soldier Realm became 10: 1.

Apparently, there is a two-fold decrease in mind and perception. It seems that it will be difficult to level up. I have to work hard.

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