8 Chapter 8

Alex returned to his daily routine after awakening, the days were flowing like water.


Alex moved from Primary school to Middle school a month ago. Over the years Alex has grown; His height reached 170 cm, his muscular body became even more prominent, he became much more handsome.

Alex 'Status'


Name: Alex Starlight

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Abilities: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Spiritual / Psychic Element

Innate Abilities: Penta Element Awakening, Tri Element Awakening

Mind: Spirit Soldier (474/500)

Perception: Spirit Soldier (458/500)

Fire Mage: Intermediate 1 (3259/3 500)

Lightning Mage: Intermediate 1 (3235/3 500)

Wind mage: Intermediate 1 (3182/3 500)

Earth Mage: Intermediate 1 (3199/3500)

Spiritual Mage: Intermediate 3

Skills: Basic Martial Arts (Delicacy), Meditation (Delicacy)

Knowledge: Medical Knowledge (small achievement- 120/300), Basic Magic knowledge (Delicacy)

Null Attribute: 79,627 *

Today is the day when Alex decided to reveal everything to his family, a week ago they decided to hold Alex's awakening ceremony by talking to his family a week ago, but he said at the ceremony that only his mother, father, and grandfather should be, he had a very important secret to talk to them. there are only 4 people at home now.

Alex was sweaty looking at the three people standing in front of him. A high-tier mage whose mother is close to becoming supermen, his father, a super-tier mage, his grandfather, John Starlinght, a wizard who has achieved the forbidden curse in the Lightning element, these three high-level wizards exude a sultry air as Alex keeps secrets from them.

Alex "HMM", he coughed.

Mom, `` Speak up, little gentleman ''

My mom is so angry, she's in demon mode. When she gets angry, that sweet woman leaves, as if a devil is coming, I can almost swear to see a great devil burning behind her. '

Alex said, `` Mom, let's wake up first, then we'll talk.

His parents agreed. His father brought the awakening crystal. Alex put his hands on the crystal ball like his first awakening and closed his eyes and concentrated. When he opened his eyes five minutes later, he found that his family was looking at him in shock.

Her first grandfather was John.

`` Ha ha ha, my granddaughter awakened a genius, the triple element Space, Shadow, and Summon. ''

Mom and Dad were also happy at first, then they noticed a problem. It is very difficult to awaken each of these elements on the first awakening, and it is impossible to awaken the three difficult elements here on the first awakening. They both turned their eyes to Alex.

When Alex saw the burning eyes of his parents, he decided to throw the bomb in one go.

`` Mommy, Dad, Grandpa, this is my second awakening, and I'm a middle-class wizard, '' said Alex and his family began to pour everything without temper.

Alex said, `` I had my first awakening at age 8. I awakened 5 elements: Fire, Lightning, Earth, Wind, and Spiritual. ''

Alex said, `` Before the age of ten, I knew that awakening had risks. But since I was five, I had occasionally felt that my head and body were aching and burning. I realized, and when I performed the awakening ceremony, I realized it was because I have high spiritual energy. I didn't tell you because you wouldn't believe me, and I thought you wouldn't allow awakening. ''

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