5 Chapter 5

Alex 'Status'

* Name: Alex Starlight

Age: 7

Gender: Male


Innate Abilities: Penta Element Awakening, Tri Element Awakening

Mind: 25

Perception: 45

Constitution: 80

Power: 150

Agility: 115

Skills: Basic Martial Arts (Beginner - 58/300)

Info: Medical Knowledge (20/100)

Empty Attribute: 30 *

When Alex saw the Status window, his mouth was wide open, then he began to examine the innate talent section.

Penta Element Awakening: On First Awakening The Five Elements enable awakening. Only valid for first awakening.

Tri Element Awakening: Three elements awaken each time you awaken.

Alex started laughing madly after reading the explanations.

`` Ha ha ha ha ... ha ... ''

Lily Hope calls out: "Alex, dear are you okay?"

Alex `` I'm fine mom ''

Lily Hope " " I think today's incident affected him too much, I hope he gets through early. "

Alex said, "I'm glad I have a system, otherwise I would sink with so many elements."

At the table at dinner;

David Starlight: `` How are you Alex ''

Alex: "I'm the better daddy"

David Starlight said: "How do those dirty rats hurt my son?"

In anger, purple lightning sparks formed around him.

Lily Hope said: "My dear you have to calm down, you are at home now."

The fire started to come out around him.

The atmosphere calmed down when my mother spoke.

While his parents are talking,

Alex was taking bubbles falling from them.

(* Empty Attribute + 130 *)

(* Empty Attribute + 125 *)

Alex realized from these notifications that the system treats elements that it does not awaken as empty attributes.

David Starlight: `` Alex, I heard that there was a girl thing ''

Alex said, `` What daughter? ''

(Writer: David Starligh will be Voiced as Father, Lily Hope Mother from now on.)

Father "the girl you saved, what was she called Alice"

Alex "We are friends"

The father said, `` I did not hear it like that, but when you passed out, he held his hands and waited for you to wake up until you recovered.

Mother said, `` I saw the girl, I accept her as a sweet bride ''

Alex said, `` I'm just a kid! '' yell.

As a result, mom and dad started laughing.

'' HA HA HA ..HAHA ''

When Alex felt his face warm, he bowed his head.

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