11 Chapter 11

In the party room, people were chatting in groups of twos and threes. When Alex and Alice entered the room together, the hall fell into silence for a moment. Everyone was staring at the couple entering the hall. Meanwhile, a voice broke the silence and brought everyone to him.

"Aleksy I missed you so much," he ran and hugged Alex.

Alex said, `` Aunt Lena, I miss you too. '' This person is Lena Hope, Lily Hope's sister. 21-year-old, high-level magician, a student at the Royal University, and very fond of Alex.

"How many times have I told you, call me sister," Lena said.

"Okay, sister," Alex said.

'How are you, Alice,' said Lena.

`` I'll be better if you stop sticking to '' Alex, '' said Alice.

Lena said, `` Impossible. I haven't seen her in a while, I have run out of energy. I need to restore Alexy's energy. '' Alex stopped them before the situation worsened.

Alex said, "Okay, we have to go to pay our respects to our family members."

Lene said, `` I'm coming. '' He did not leave Alex, so Alex paid tribute to his family members and greeted the incoming guests.

After a while, the birthday cake arrived. Alex cut the cake with his parents, the officers served the cake, and after the cake, they moved on to the real thing of the night.

Alex's grandfather, John, grabbed a microphone and started talking.

John said, "Hello, thank you to everyone who accepted our invitation tonight and came to the party. As we mentioned in the invitation, there is another important event of this night."

`` This is about the federation's seed list, so the Hope of Heaven list. Since it's about the federation, I invite the federation officials to the stage, '' John said.

Two men and a woman in suits stepped out from the crowd, and the person to speak was a woman.

The female speaker from the Federation said, `` Hello. I work in the seed list inspection department of the federation. My name is Sarah, these are my colleagues Nick and Thomas. ''

"We're going to be doing an audit test for a seed list candidate here tonight," Sarah said.

Many people were excited after Sarah explained the reasons for her arrival.

A week ago, the Starlight and Hope families reported a joint candidate for the seed roster, with a report on the candidate, Sarah said.

`` From the reader of this report, we didn't believe there was such a talent. But we wanted to believe the report would be true, so three inspectors were sent, '' Sarah said.

Sarah said, 'Because if the report is correct, there will soon be another pillar that people can hold onto! '' said.

The guests were even more excited.

`` The report stated that the candidate awakened five elements on his 1st Awakening: Fire, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Spiritual / Psychic, '' Sarah said.

`` It was stated that the candidate awakened three elements in his 2nd Awakening: Space, Shadow, Summoning elements, '' Sarah said.

`` More importantly, all the elements the candidate awakened are stated to be high-level wizards, '' Sarah said.

The whole crowd has begun to boil. If such talent really exists, it will be a night into history.

"Our latest news about the candidate is that the candidate will make his 3rd Awakening tonight," said Sarah.

"Before I explain the test, I am submitting our candidate, Mr. Alex Starlight, here," Sarah said.

Alex smiled, everyone around him was looking at him. Alex tried to keep his smile, being a little uncomfortable with the eyes around him. Looking to his right he saw that Alice was more nervous than him. He looked to his left side and saw his frozen aunt Lena. She took it and calmed Alice's head by stroking her. Then, using the Teleport spell, she appeared next to Sarah.

Guest A shouted, "It was the space element, the higher-level space element."

Guest B exclaimed: "High-level space element, the report was correct."

Federation supervisors were also excited.

"Hello, Mr. Alex Starlight," said Sarah.

Alex said, "Hello, please call me Alex."

Sarah said, `` Well, Alex, is there any missing, inaccurate or excessive information mentioned in the report? ''asked.

"No, everything stated in the report is true," Alex said.

"Well, let me explain the test to you," said Sarah.

"Since the purpose of the test is to validate your innate ability, it will consist of two stages. The first stage is to exhibit them to validate the elements you awaken. The second stage is to do your 3rd Awakening to verify that the tri-element awakening is in each layer."

"Okay," Alex said.

`` For the first stage, let's move to open space. It would be better to have a place with light as we will record your performance, '' Sarah said.

`` Let's go to the backyard, there are training areas there, '' John said.

After everything was set, Alex exhibited all of his elements in the backyard and proved he had eleven elements. They went back to the hall for the second phase. They set up a small awakening platform for the second phase.

"Everything is ready, you can start awakening," said Sarah.

Alex walked toward the awakening crystal and began awakening. Five minutes later the awakening was complete.

As expected Alex evoked three elements: Light, Sound, and Ice.

With this, the test is complete. Alex was successful. Everyone in the living room was very excited. It was full of applause sounds released after a while.

`` Congratulations, Alex, based on these results, I declare you the five-star Gold stage seed of hope, '' Sarah said.

Alex said, "Thank you."

`` Since you bought gold tokens, you have gained 500,000 federation points and many privileges, and you can use them on the federation store platform, '' Sarah said.

"What is the special of this store? '' said.

"This shop system gives you access to exclusive merchandise on five continents," Sarah said.

Alex``What are your other privileges? '' said.

Sarah said, "50% discount on all expenses, Immunity and free travel on all continents, etc. There are many benefits. You have to discover them yourself, '' he laughed.

Alex said, "Thank you," and left.

Alex went to his family and hugged them. They congratulated Alex. After the family guests came to congratulate him, so the night ended.

At midnight, only family members stayed in the Starlight main mansion. The members were talking in the living room. The family members were saying how proud they were with Alex tonight. There was joy in the room.

Alex'' Where did Aunt Lena go? '' asked.

I'm sure the grandparents are waiting for him for the result, '' said Mom.

"It must have been difficult to send," Alex said and laughed.

`` After tonight, all eyes will be on you. Big families will send you marriage proposals, '' said the father.

Alex's smile froze on hearing this, Alice's eyebrows wrinkled.

Alex said, `` Dad, we talked to you about this. I accepted polygamy. In return, you gave me the freedom to choose them. So it doesn't matter who sent the offer. I won't accept any of them unless I know the girl. ''

The room went loud, the happy atmosphere just before dissipated, Alex continued to speak.

"The person who wants to marry me must meet some conditions," Alex said.

These Conditions: '' 1- We need to know each other,

2- He must love me, even fall in love,

3- I have to love him too,

4-Alice must accept them. (They must pass Alice's test.)

As long as they provide these, I will love each of them, treat them equally, and protect them all. ''

After saying these, he took Alice's hands.

John said, `` You're right, Alex. The decision is yours, we won't interfere with this. '' When he spoke, the others fell silent. Lily looked sharply at David. He knew Alex was sensitive about it, so he changed the subject.

Anne'' Alex What is your next plan? '' said.

"This week I will register to go to the guild and become adventurous," Alex said.

'I'll come and register too,' said Alice.

"After a three-month preparation period, I plan to go to the Wilderness. I'll sharpen and train myself in nature for a year," Alex said.

'I want to go with you,' said Alice.

I'm watching you work hard for the next three years and become a high-level wizard, '' Alex said.

'Why?' Said Alice.

Alex said, "My estimates are that within two months I will receive an invitation to the God of War Academy for one of ten Special places. I will accept it on the condition of joining the academy six months after your wild nature education. If you want to go to the same University as me. You should move to the higher rank for the guarantee quota," Alex said.

Alice said, `` OK. I will work hard. '' His face began to hang.

The mother would protest, but she was stopped by the father and grandfather.

`` Okay, but you have to call us every day and let us know you're safe, '' the father said.

Alex said, `` Okay. '' He agreed and then saw that Alice was upset.

Alex said, `` After I get back from wild training, I want to get engaged to Alice.

Hearing this, Alice forgot her sadness. She was very happy, she shook her head as she blushed. The family members also agreed. After that, Alex left to take Alice home. The night was over.

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