1 Starting Out

The Perfect Story

(Note: The lyrics of these songs are from different artists and musicians. All of these lyrics belong to their rightful owners, I will put the actual title of the song and also the musician that sung the song above the lyrics.)

This story is a love story....but...well... not really.....I mean it is but....lets just start the story..

Me and my family are a secret government that are called ATP.



(Childish Gambino: Redbone)

Chris: 🎶If you wanted🎶, you can have it🎶.

Dad: Quit singing were almost there.

Chris: Sorry.

Captain Morgan: Alright everyone y'all ready?!

Jason: Lets do it!

Nate: You guys good?

Dad: You got your music Chris?

Chris: Yep all set!

We all were on a boat.

It was dark. I had a bunch of armor and so did my family.

Captain Morgan: Were heading to the extraction point.

We all jumped off the boat and swam onto the shore.

Chris: hmm🎶🎶

Nate: You still listening to that song?

Chris: What? Its catchy.

Jason: True.

Dad: Okay I can't help out much but you guys are on your own.

Chris: Got it!

Nate: Lets go.

We all shot our grapples on our right arm.

We swung above the building.

Nate: Alright looks pretty heavy guarding.

Jason: Naww....we've dealt with harder stuff than this.

Dad: The mission is to steal the files and find out where Wraith went.

Nate: Got it.

Dad: Remember we do this we can avenge mom.

Nick: Yep.

Chris: Lets do this.

I put in my headphones and started listening to music.

Jason: Alright lets do this.

I brought out my pistol.

Nate: No real bullets?

Chris: I don't kill remember?

Jason: Alright. That is gonna get you killed one day.

Chris: If it does...it does.

We all jumped down.

The military base looked crazy.

All my guns had rubber bullets in them and also sleep pellets.

Chris: Alright I will take out the watch towers.

I pulled out tools out of my bags. It turned into a suppressed sniper.

I sniped one guy and he fell asleep.

Then I sniped another.

Chris: All clear.

Jason: There's two guards by the tent and also 10 outside.

Nate: Alright Jason.... Me and Jason will take out the ten and Chris you take out the two.

Chris: Good with me.

Guard: What was that!?

Jason came and knocked him out.

Nate: That's all...go Chris!

I jumped from the top of the tent and kicked both of the guards.

I went inside the tent.

I reacted fast and a bullet shot. I dodged it.

Chris: Whew! Almost got me.

The inside was full of items and on the desk was a folder.

Chris: This must be it.

Just then a timer showed up.

Jason: Whew! So whats in here?

I tackled Jason out of the tent.

Jason: Damn!

Nate: Run!!

We all three started running. The whole base was exploding.

Chris: This whole place is rigged!

We all grabbed above the hill and jumped over.

We landed on the beach and ran onto the boat.

Dad: You guys good?

Jason: Doing good uncle.

Nate: Shit did you grab the folder?

Jason: No...Chris?

I held it up with my hand.

Chris: I got it.

Jason: Whew!!!

Nate: Good shit bro.

Dad: Alright lets head back.


Morgan: Good shit guys!

Chris: No problem.

Jason: I'm surprised we did it.

Dad: I know its been kinda rough without your brother.

Nate: Yeah i'm gonna sleep. See ya.

Jason: I'm going to. Let me know when we got another mission ready. Im going home.

Dad: So Chris you going back home?

Chris: Na...i'm gonna stay here until we find out where this guy is.

Dad: You should get some sleep.

Morgan: Yeah I mean this might take awhile. But we do have some extra missions so we will call you if we need you.

Chris: Its just....

Dad: I know I miss her too.

Morgan: We've been doing these assignments for a year and we are gonna find him finally.

Chris: Alright then.

Dad: Going back to the hotel?

Chris: Yeah maybe. How's Joe?

Dad: Doing good.

Morgan: He's having a kid soon isn't he?

Dad: Yep.

Chris: Dang...being a grandpa.

Dad: I know. And you being a uncle.

Chris: Hehe...I know.

Morgan: Hey...you ever think about settling down?

Chris: No..

Dad: Your not planning on doing this forever right?

Chris: Yeah why not?

Morgan: What not interested in girls?

Chris: Naww I like to have fun now and days but i'm not ever going to settle down.

Morgan: That's what they all say...until they meet the right woman. Just like your dad.

Dad: Hahaha!!

Chris: Well i'm not waiting around for her....

Morgan: Didn't you always wanted to write music or sing?

Chris: Yeah but that passion I don't have it anymore.

Dad: Why not?

Chris: Have no clue.


We lived near California in L.A. and I lived in a nice apartment.

Chris: Its good to be back.

I was gonna open the door until a girl burst through the door.

Random Girl??: Sorry!!

She was going to fall onto the road. I caught her hand before she fell.

Chris: You alright?

I yanked her up.

Random Girl??: I'm so sorry...

Chris: Its fine.

She looked very cute. She had brownish and reddish hair.

Chrissy: I'm Chrissy, I just moved in.

Chris: Well....welcome to the building.

She was blushing. She was still holding my hand.

Chrissy: I'm sorry!!!

Chris: He-he... its fine.

Chrissy: Well see ya.

She had a guitar on her back.

Chris: (A singer?)

I went inside.

Chris: Sup Anna.

She was the front desk girl.

Anna: Hi Chris.

Chris: So who's new girl?

Anna: She's just lucky to be here.

Chris: Why?

Anna: She can barely afford her room.

Chris: Come on give her a break.

Anna: Whatever you say.

Chris: See ya.


I was walking up the stairs when I saw the janitor.

Chris: Sup Kenny.

Kenny: Hey Chris!

Chris: How's your day?

Kenny: Alright so far.

Chris: Have you seen the new girl that moved in?

Kenny: Yes! Man she is hot!

Chris: Haha... Why not go for it.

Kenny: You know me i'm not looking for someone. And besides she is way out of my league.

Chris: Haha will see you later.


I was watching t.v and just sleeping.

Chris: Damn need to do laundry.

I went downstairs to the laundry mat.

Chris: I still can't believe how big this place is.

I went and guess who I saw.

Chrissy: Hi!

Chris: Oh...hi.

I was doing my laundry. We both turned around and was face to face.

Chris: Oh...i'm sorry.

Chrissy: My bad.

We both continued doing our laundry.

Chrissy: Have you been living here long?

Chris: Yeah for almost two years.

Chrissy: Wow.

Chris: So your a singer?

Chrissy: How did you know?

Chris: I saw you carrying a guitar earlier today.

Chrissy: Yeah i'm actually trying to make it big and have a music deal.

Chris: Where do you work?

Chrissy: The Music. Down on 7th.

Chris: That's cool.

Chrissy: Not really. I'm just an intern. When I have my breaks I sing.

Chris: Do you sing on YouTube?

Chrissy: Yeah I make covers.

Chris: Cool. Is that why you moved here?

Chrissy: Yeah.

Chrissy: Dang it!

Chris: What?

Chrissy: I'm low on cash hold on.

She went away.


Chris: ( I should help out)


Chrissy: Dang it. Should I ask that guy. Oh great I don't even know his name.

She went back downstairs.

There was a note and some money left over.

She picked up the note and read it.

Chrissy: Brought to much money?.

She smiled.


Chris: Okay let me see..

I was reloading my guns and making a new weapon.

Chris: Oh. I'm exited about this one.

I got a phone call.

Chris: Hello?

Morgan: I've got a mission for you to do. You down?

Chris: Sure. Am I going alone?

Morgan: Yeah....sorry.

Chris: Jason's not available?

Morgan: No.

Chris: What about his brother? Jack.

Morgan: Sorry he is getting ready for a test. He told me it's more important haha!

Chris: Forgot that he is in college.

Morgan: You gonna be okay?

Chris: Yeah actually I'm gonna get to try out my new weapon.

Morgan: New weapon?

Chris: Yeah its more like a device for my weapons. So when am I heading out?

Morgan: Later tonight.

Chris: Alright.

I woke up at 6:25 in the morning to work out in the gym that they have.

And guess who I saw.

Chrissy: Oh hi!

Chris: Hello.

She had gym clothes and a tank top on.

My heart was thumping. I punched it.

Chris: Stop it.

Chrissy: What?

Chris: I was just talking to myself. So you workout to?

Chrissy: Yep.

She went to train in the boxing area.

I saw her throwing punches and the speed bag.

Chris: (holy shit....perfect form)

She looked at me and I pretended that I didn't see.

After we worked out she came up to me.

Chrissy: Hey thanks for the money.

Chris: That wasn't me but your welcome.

Chrissy: He-he stop lying.

Chris: What..., haha i'm not.

Chrissy: Sure...

Chris: So do you have family that lives around here?

Chrissy: Yeah just some friends and my cousin.

Chris: Alright....

Chrissy: Hey if you want later tonight we can grab a bite to eat?

Chris: Oh.....i'm sorry but I have plans.

Chrissy: Oh... a girlfriend?

Chris: No just some work stuff sorry.

Chrissy: Well see you later.

She left.

Chris: God dammit Morgan. You just have to jinx it.

Chrissy: Forgot to ask him his name again.


Morgan: Alright Chris....better hope your weapons work.

Chris: Don't it always.

Morgan: Haha. Whatever you say.

I was riding my motorcycle throughout the streets.

It was late.

Chris: Alright so what am I getting?

Morgan: Apparently these guys work at a warehouse for Wraith. They are shipping some weed to sell. But they have a warrant so the government can't check it out.

Chris: So what these guys selling weed with a warrant? I don't see the problem. Its legal here i. the states.

Morgan: Hehe I wish. But those are just cover ups. They are shipping guns.

Chris: Of course. So what want me to take out the warehouse?

Morgan: No.. I need you to take out the shipping car. Once you do that the cops will come and see the guns. They will find the warehouse and shut them down.


I was on top of a underpass on the roof.

Chris: Hmm..

Morgan: What?

Chris: This underpass is gonna cause trouble.

It was bright and many cars passing through.

Morgan: Find a way. Do you have your mask?

Chris: Yep.

I had a custom built suit. It was red and black.

Chris: I see the shipment.

Morgan: Okay do whatever you want just stop them.

Chris: Screw using stealth.

I jumped off and the cars went under the pass.

I pulled out two of my swords. It had grapples on the handles and I had a little canister behind my back.

I shot a grapple on the truck and clicked the button on my sword. The canister blowed out gas and I was flying through the tunnel and towards the car. I was hanging on the car with the rope.

Chris: This is awesome.

Criminal: Its the ATP!!!

Chris: Hi!!

They started driving quicker.

We were passing other cars.

Chris: This seems to easy.

The back of the truck opened and I jumped up.

Three motorcycle drivers came out.

Chris: Shit!

They started shooting but I jumped up over the car.

Chris: Shit!

My left hand sword was facing upwards.

My right hand I was holding the sword backwards.

Chris: Lets do this!!

I jumped off the car and grappled against the wall.

I zipped through and cut one of the guys on the motorcycle.

Morgan: Whoa. I thought you didn't kill.

Chris: It wasn't a lethal area, he won't bleed out.

I grappled the two motorcycles and was flying towards them.

Criminal: Shoot him!

I let go one of the grappled and swung to my left and dodged the bullets.

I was skidding across the street towards the guy and sliced him.

Then I was on the motorcycle driving.

Criminal: Hey!!

He pulled out a shot gun.

I put my swords away and pulled out my guns. My guns also had grapples and the button also connects to the canister.

I jumped off the bike and dodged the bullet.

I grappled onto his bike and shot him.

He flew off and his bike was flying towards me.

I shot my grapples to the back of the truck and jumped up over the bike.

Chris: Whew! These weapons are awesome!!!

I jumped backwards and shot the back wheels. The car swerved out of the tunnel and slowed down near the side of the street.

I grappled away.


Morgan: Holy shit that was amazing to watch.

Dad: You did it!

Jason: Damn these gears are amazing.

Chris: Yeah I was watching a TV show and got inspired.

Morgan: Dang. I'm gonna have my team make more of these.

Chris: Go ahead.

Morgan: Nice.

Chris: I'm gonna head out.

Jason: Hey the guys wanna hangout later Wanna come?

Chris: Yeah just meet up at my place.


Brian: Dammit! We lost our singer and our song writer.

Chrissy: Um sir..

Brian: Huh.... What?

Chrissy: I think that I can help.

Brian: Alright well find someone who can sing and write songs.

Chrissy: I can sing.

Brian: Really!? Why didn't you say sooner!? Any way do you have a song?

Chrissy: Well actually no.

Brian: Dammit! Well you have a good couple of weeks to make one!

She left.

Chrissy: Dammit. I suck at writing songs.


I went back to my hotel.

Chris: Okay gotta get ready.

I was walking to my door and saw Chrissy.

Chris: Hi?

Chrissy: Oh hi!

Chris: Is there something you need?

Chrissy: I just wanted to pay you back for the laundry.

Chris: No really....I don't need it. I'm fine.

Chrissy: Oh...so did you want to go eat dinner?

Chris: I'm sorry but I have plans with my cousins.

Chrissy: Oh....sorry its just my cousins and they live kinda far away so its boring.

Chris: Hey want to come with us?

Chrissy: Really?

Chris: Of course.

Chrissy: Okay see ya then.

She left.

Then she came back.

Chrissy: I'm sorry but whats your name?

Chris: I'm Chris.

Chrissy: Hehe...just like me but without the S and the Y.

Chris: Yep Haha.

She left.


Chris: Sup guys!

Jason: Hey.

Jake: Wassup.

Jake is Jason's brother.

Tony: Hey guys!

Tony is my younger brother.

Terry: Wassup.

This guy is my cousin.

Angel: Hey!!

She is my cousin. She is Terry's older sister.

Chris: I hope you don't mind but I invited a friend.

Jason: Its good.

Jake: Whats his name?

Chris: Actually she is a girl. I met her a couple days ago and also she lives here.

Everyone looked shocked and looked at me.

Jason: Is she your girl?

Chris: No just a friend.

Jake: Okay I see you haha.

Chris: Hey where is Serena?

She is Jake's girlfriend.

Jake: She was busy with work.

We heard a knock.

Chris: Hi!

She looked beautiful.

Chrissy: Wow really overdress didn't I?

Chris: No you look amazing.

She came in.

Chrissy: Wow this place is three times bigger than my house.

Chris: These are my cousins and that's my little brother.

Chrissy: Hi...

Everyone: Hi!!

Chrissy: I'm sorry about intruding in.

Tony: Oh its fine.

Angel: Yeah its finally good to have another girl haha.

Chris: Alright lets go.

Chrissy: Whats the plan tonight?

Jason: Well were going to go bowling then go eat at a nice place.

Angel: Alright lets go.

We all left.

We were at the restaurant.

We all were just laughing.

Angel: I was not that bad.

Jason: Yeah you were. She would non-stop post stuff online.

Chrissy: Haha.

Terry: She was horrible.

Angel: Shut up.

Everyone: Haha.

Angel: So I heard you were a singer?

Chrissy: Yeah just an intern at a music company.

Jason: Oh yeah Chris have you wrote any songs lately?

Chrissy: You write songs?

Chris: Use too. I love listening to music. And sing from here and there.

Jason: He sings pretty good to.

Chrissy: Wow that's nice. Actually can I ask a question?

Chris: Sure.

Chrissy: Well my boss, he gave me and opportunity to make a song. But I can sing and I need a songwriter.

Angel: ohhhh do it!

Chris: Um no.

Jason: What why not?

Tony: Do It!!!

Terry: Do It!!!

She was smiling.

Chris: Fine.

Everyone: Yeah!!!

We all went home and just hangout at my house the whole night.

Everyone of my cousins fell asleep but me and Chrissy.

Chrissy: You really gonna help me?

Chris: Huh....why not?

Chrissy: Thanks.

She hugged me then she left.

Chris: Huh.....i'm tired.

I was sleeping until I had dream of my mom getting killed.

I woke up and went to my computer.

It showed me and my mom in the store.

Just then some robbers crash through and threw explosives in the store and exploded. Before it exploded my Mom threw me out and the camera went dead.

Chris: dammit...

I started crying.

The next morning she came over.

Chrissy: You ready?

Chris: Yes.

We were just at my house making songs.

Chrissy: I think we should show him this one.

Chris: Okay.

We went to the studio.

Brian: Is this your boyfriend?

She was blushing.

Chrissy: No its the song writer.

Chris: My name is Chris.

Brian: Brian...nice to meet you.

Chris: Okay lets get started.

Brian: I like this guy's energy.

She went in.

She started singing.

Chrissy: 🎶 I feel like i'm flying🎶 I feel like i'm lost without your love🎶🎶.

She sung the whole song.

Brian: Amazing. You worked here for awhile should've told me sooner.

He looked at me.

Brian: Can you sing?

Chris: Just a little.

Chrissy: Get in the studio. haha.

I went in.

Chris: 🎶 Who would of thought I get you🎶

Chrissy: (wow)

Brian stood up and started clapping.

Brian: You guys need to do a duo song.

We both looked at each other and smiled.

We went back home.

Chris: Well that was fun.

Chrissy: Thank you so much!!!

She hugged me. I owe you one!!

She was so exited. She went back to her room.

Chris: See ya.


Chris: We anywhere near the location of Wraith?

Morgan: Were getting close.

Dad: Having fun with your girlfriend?

Chris: Did you tell everyone about that?

Jason: Oh gotta go workout!!

He ran away.

Chris: Dick.

Morgan: Whoa....The guy who talked about not settling. Hahaha.

Nate: Is she cute?

Chris: Yes....but that doesn't matter.. but were just friends. Im helping her write music and also she sings too.

Dad: Dang that's perfect.


I went to go train.

Nate: So how you doing?

Chris: I'm so busy that I can't sleep.

Nate: What you don't want to stop right?

Chris: No i'm gonna find Wraith.

Nate: That's not who I meant.

Chris: She nice and so sweet but....for some reason....I still want to keep helping her write music. And I love singing with her. Its just I don't want to make that decision when it comes down to it. That's why I can't date her.

Nate: Do with what you want to do. Its your life Chris. Don't think you have to avenge mom and not move on with your life.

Nate left.

I punched the punching bag and it broke.

Chris: Dammit.....


Chrissy: I hope I can pay back Chris. Dammit how am I gonna tell him that we got fired.


Brian: Look its just not working. I'm sorry.

Chrissy: What? I thought you said we were doing fine!

Brian: Look you guys had your time...but I think i'm done with your guy's music.

Chrissy: That's not fair!

Brian: Look get out or im gonna call security.

Chrissy: Fine!


She went back to her home.

She went to her door.

Chrissy: Eviction notice? No... Dammit.

She went and called her cousins.

Chrissy: Can I stay for a couple of days?

Wendy: I'm sorry but I have tons of people coming over.

Chrissy: Its fine...i'm sorry.

She went to talk to Anna.

Chrissy: Please you gotta just give me a couple of more days.

Anna: I'm sorry but your behind on rent.

Chrissy: Please I have nowhere else to go.

Anna: Not my problem.

Chris: What supp?

I walked in.

I noticed her boxes on the floor.

Anna: Look i'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Chris: She could stay with me.

Anna and Chrissy: What?

Chris: Here I will help you.

Anna: Alright then.

Chrissy: Really?

Chris: I mean I have plenty of rooms.

She hugged me.

Chrissy: Thank you.....

She was crying.

I hugged her back.

Chris: Its okay gosh...hehe.

Chrissy: no....i really mean it...we got fired from the company.....

Chris: its...okay we will.....find something alright?

Chrissy: thank....you.


The next morning.

Nate: Hey get ready were going.

Chris: Got it.

We went inside the house.

Nate: Got a roommate?

Chris: How'd you know?

Nate: Is either you have a girl roommate or you bought some girl boots.

Chris: Yeah its that one girl.

Nate: Chrissy?

Chris: Yeah...she got evicted and also we got fired from that one job.

Nate: Oh i'm sorry.

She woke up.

Chrissy: hello...?

Chris: Good morning. This is my brother Nate.

She went up to shake his hands.

Chrissy: You look so much like Chris.

Nate: Well I am the older one so he looks like me haha.

Chris: Hey i'm gonna come back later tonight and there is some food in the fridge and coffee made.

Chrissy: Thank you Chris... I really mean it.

Chris: No problem. We can talk later tonight.

Chrissy: Alright thanks.

Me and Nate left.

Nate: She's pretty.

Chris: Lets just go.


Chrissy: Huh...i'm unemployed and living with a guy that I barely know. Nice.

She was looking around the house.

Chrissy: This place is huge.

I think i'm gonna try to look for some way to get a job in the music industry.

She sat down.

Chrissy: This place seems....so normal.

She was walking around the house.

Chrissy: Whats this?

She saw my computer.

Chrissy: What is this? A.T.P?

Chrissy: Agents That Protect?

Just then my bed flipped and a secret room opened.

Chrissy: What the hell?

She went and saw guns everywhere and weapons.

Chrissy: Holy crap...

She saw the end of the room with a table and a computer on there.

Chrissy: My roommate is a agent? Holy shit!

Then is said secured video on the computer.

Chrissy: Whats that?

She clicked play.

Chrissy: Is that Chris?

It showed the video of my gas station and my mom as well. The camera went dead.

Chrissy: Oh god....Chris....


Nate: So did you tell her what you do for a living?

Chris: No...she's just a roommate.

Morgan: Hey we have some good news.

Nate: Any information on Wraith?

Morgan: okay....well I have news.

Chris: Sup?

Morgan: We decided to make all of our agents wear your tech and we have been completing missions faster than ever.

Chris: Cool.

Morgan: As soon as we find Wraith we will give you a call guys.

Chris: Got it.

Dad: There's your free time.

I left.


Chris: Hey I brought some dinner.

Chrissy: Hi..

Chris: Whats wrong?

Chrissy: Nothing. What did you get?

Chris: Some Chinese. Hey I have a few leads on some music industry. We just have to send them our songs.

Chrissy: Great....

I could sense something was wrong.

Chris: Are you okay?

Chrissy: Yeah its just....nothing..i'm still bummed out about my job.

Chris: Hey its going to be fine.

Chrissy: Kinda glad that i'm not alone.

Chris: We could say were friends right?

Chrissy: Of course.

We both raised our cups.

Chris: Hopefully to becoming big.

Chrissy: Yes.


Three months had passed with both of us living together. We made youtube music and had gotten tons of offers from a lot of music company's.

Chris: Alright. Lets see if I know how to do this.

We had a keyboard in our apartment.

Chris: Dammit. I still can't play it.

Chrissy: Chris!!

She busted through the doors.

Chris: What?

Chrissy: I was talking with my cousins and her friends and they could get us both to New York.

Chris: New York? For what?

Chrissy: To perform!!

Chris: Really!? That's Great!!

Chrissy: I know!!

She came and hugged me. Then she dropped down and we were both face to face.

Chrissy: .....ummm. so can you go?

Chris: Of course.

Chrissy: Yes! Now we need to decide on what song to sing.

She went to her room.

Chris: Haha. Yep i'm exited.

I went to my room and saw a picture of my family.

Chris: I finally get to do what I want.

Just then my phone ringed.

Chris: Hello?

Dad: Can you come back to the base?

Chris: Yeah...you sound worried are you okay?

Then my dad hung up.

Chris: (that was weird)

I said goodbye to Chrissy.


Chris: Hello!

Everyone looked down.

Chris: What wrong?

Morgan: We found him.

Chris: what... That's Great! Lets go get him!

Nate: Its not that easy.

Chris: Why not?

Jason: His base is very heavily guarded and it will take us about three days to get there.

Chris: Okay nothing we have never done before.

Nate: Listen...Chris... this is the decision that you have to make...

Chris: What decision?.....

Then I remember Chrissy.....

Chris: oh.....

Dad: You don't need to go. you've been trying to move on for so long.

Chris: I'm going....

Jason: Chris...being a musician is what you always wanted to be. You can't just give that up for this mission.

Chris: This isn't some mission! This is about avenging my mom....the man that killed her!....

Dad: Were not leaving until Friday....its your life...so choose before then.


My head was killing me. I had no idea what to do. The week felt long. But it was finally Friday.

Chrissy: Chris!! I have a surprise for you...

Chris: Hehe...what?

She sent me a link on my phone.

Chris: Whats this?

Chrissy: Promise me you won't open it until we leave for New York.

Chris: .....What is it?...

Chrissy: Promise??

She looked so serious.

Chris: Deal....

Chrissy: Okay well i'm gonna leave to my cousins house in the morning. I will see you at the airport.

Chris: Got it.

Chrissy: Well here we go! Whoo!!! I'm exited.

She went to her room.

Chris: Dammit.


Wendy: Where's your boyfriend?

Chrissy: Not my boyfriend...haha.

Wendy: Oh...does that mean he is single?

Chrissy: Yes....but no...but I mean I never said I didn't like him.

Wendy: Hahaha i'm just kidding!! I would never go after my cousin's crush.

Chrissy: Your not gonna tell him are you?

Wendy: No because its already so obvious.

Chrissy: Shut up!

Wendy: Hahaha!!

They went to the airport.

Chrissy: Kaycee!!!

Kaycee: Chrissy!!

Chrissy: Its so good to see you.

Kaycee: Thanks.

Chrissy: Where is Jada?

Wendy: They will meet us in New York.

Kaycee: Where is Chris?

Chrissy: He should be coming...

Kaycee: Dang nice looking guy and 4 of us. Wonder what could happen?

Chrissy: What do....you mean...

Kaycee: Hahaha i'm just joking!! We know you like him.

Chrissy: Shut up.

After a hour the plane was getting ready to set.

Chrissy: Where is he?

Wendy: Chrissy..we have to board.

Chrissy: No we should we....wait.

Wendy: I'm sorry....I don't think he is coming.

Chrissy: alright...

She got on the plane.


Nate: So you didn't go.

Chris: no....

Nate: Why you packing?

Chris: I'm leaving this apartment. I'm gonna go look for a new one.

Nate: I see.... Well meet us at the base when finished.

Chris: yeah....

I was packing and I saw a picture of my cousins and saw Chrissy.. she was so happy.

Chris: I'm so sorry.


Chrissy: Where is he..??

Wendy: Chrissy...your concert is tomorrow.

Chrissy: He's suppose to be here.

Jada: Who's this Chris?

Kaycee: Her songwriter.

Jada: Chrissy were gonna go out wanna come?

She was just face down on the bed with her pillow.

Chrissy: no....i'm okay..

Jada: Alright then.

Wendy: okay....bye..


Dad: You sure you made the right decision?

Chris: .....yes.. Hold up i'm gonna listen to something.

I went into the back of the plane and found a room with my headphones.

I sat down and clicked on the link that Chrissy sent to me.

Chrissy: Hi Chris!!! I recorded this video for you and I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the laundry money hehe..Thank you for helping me write music and help me with my passion. Thank you for letting me live with you...in the video she was tearing up. I also saw your room.

Chris: She knew?

Chrissy: I know that you were an agent. I know that your mother died....i didn't say anything because you might have been going through some stuff....but despite you losing your mom and also being busy being an agent hehe...you still made time to be with me...I can't think you enough for everything.

And there has been something i have always wanted to say... I love you....not just as a friend...When we both land in New York later I was hoping you would see this video and I hoped that you felt the same way about me.

I teared up and smiled.

Chrissy: So...i wrote a song for you....

It cut to her in the studio with her cousin Wendy.

Wendy: Chrissy! Ready?

Chrissy: Yep.

(Ina: I wanted you)

🎶Lately I've been thinking about what I can do🎶

🎶I've been stressing to fall back in love with you🎶

🎶I'm so sorry that I couldn't follow through

But I can't go on this way. I've got to stop it babe🎶

🎶You've been wonderful in all that you can be🎶

🎶But it hurts when you say that you understand me🎶

🎶So believe me. I, I am sorry, I, I am sorry, I, I🎶

🎶I wanted you to be there when I fall🎶

🎶I wanted you to see me through it all🎶

🎶I wanted you to be the one I loved🎶

🎶I wanted you, I wanted you🎶

🎶I wanted you to hold me in my sleep🎶

🎶I wanted you to show me what I need🎶

🎶I wanted you to know just how down deep🎶

🎶I wanted you, I wanted you🎶

🎶I've been pushing hard to open up the door🎶

🎶Trying to take us back to where we were before🎶

🎶But I'm done. I just can't do this anymore

'Cause we can't be mended, so let's stop pretending now🎶

🎶We've been walking around in circles for some time🎶

🎶And I think we should head for the finish line

So believe me. I, I am sorry, I, I am sorry, I, I🎶

🎶I wanted you to be there when I fall🎶

🎶I wanted you to see me through it all🎶

🎶I wanted you to be the one I loved🎶

🎶I wanted you, I wanted you🎶

🎶I wanted you to hold me in my sleep🎶

🎶I wanted you to show me what I need🎶

🎶I wanted you to know just how down deep🎶

🎶I wanted you, I wanted you🎶

🎶I, I... I'm so sorry baby🎶

🎶But I, I... I gotta pack up and leave🎶

🎶But I, I'll always remember how we came close🎶

🎶... to being how I wanted to be🎶

🎶I wanted you baby🎶

🎶I wanted you🎶

🎶I wanted you to be there when I fall🎶

🎶I wanted you to see me through it all🎶

🎶I wanted you to be the one I loved🎶

🎶I wanted you, I wanted you🎶

🎶I wanted you to hold me in my sleep🎶

🎶I wanted you to show me what I need🎶

🎶I wanted you to know just how down deep🎶

🎶I wanted you, I wanted you🎶

I was tearing up and smiling. Just then I remember how angry and devoted I am to get Wraith. I was thinking that I broke her heart. Because I felt the same way about her as she did for me.

Chris: dammit..its probably more safe for her for me to be farther away.

Dad: Alright drop off soon.

Chris: coming....

The people going on this mission was me, Jason, Nate, and tons of Morgan's men.

It was on a island.

We were flying down.

Jason: Damn...big penthouse.

Nate put on his goggles.

Nate: Scanning.....about 10 guards.

Chris: Whats the plan?

Nate: Go for Wraith.

Jason: Lets get this!!

We parachuted and landed on the roof.

The mansion was huge and tree's covering around it. It was surrounded by a big beach and also the ocean.

Nate: Alright going in.

Jason and Nate was taking out the security.

I was looking for Wraith.

I went inside the house.

Chris: All the lights out?

Just then I got tackled onto the door in the hallway.

A security guard tried shooting but I punched him in the stomach and wrapped his head around with my arms.

I spinned and slammed him into the door.

Chris: fuck...

Wraith: Hello..

I looked up.

Chris: Wraith.

Wraith: I'm assuming your an ATP?

I pulled out my gun.

Chris: Your coming with us.

Wraith: Oh...Agent Chris...I know everything about you....

Chris: Then you know I won't hesitate to shoot.

Wraith: I know you don't kill. You always leave behind bodies of my men injured or asleep.

Chris: Then you know what i'm gonna do then.

Wraith: You know....your mom was just like you before we assassinated .

I was squeezing my gun hard.

Wraith: How do you live with yourself knowing you could have stopped her from dying.

I dropped my guns and sword.

I was getting angry.

Chris: Come here!

I jumped over his desk and punched him.

He got up and tossed me over his desk.

I then remember Chrissy.

Chris: What the?

He landed a punch on me then he kicked me through a door and we were in his room.

His room had a huge window looking out into a pond.

Wraith: You seem distracted.

He rushed me.

He landed a couple punches at my ribs.

I had a memory of Chrissy singing.

Chris: (Why am I thinking of her?)

He kicked upwards and launched me on the ground.

Wraith: Fight back...or is your mother still laughing at you from the dead.

I got up and managed to focus.

He tried punching.

I ducked and kneed him in the stomach.

I jumped and kicked him towards the glass window.

Chris: RAW!!!!

I ran up and kneed him through the window.

I was on top of him and started punching him.

He turned me over and tried to drown me.

I kicked his gut and grabbed his shirt.

I flipped him over me.

I grabbed one of the security's guards gun and aimed at him.

Wraith: Do it!!

Jason came and knocked him out from behind.

Jason: Damn...you good?

I nodded my head yes.


Nate: He got a few hits in didn't he?

Chris: I can take a punch it didn't hurt.

Nurse: Okay you should be fine.

She was wrapping me up with bandages.

Nurse: All right if you need anything just ask.

Chris: got it....

Jason: So you usually don't lose in combat so what happened?

Chris: my head wasn't in the game.

Jason: Is it Chrissy?

Chris: is it that obvious?

Jason: You should call her.

Chris: After leaving her and our opportunity of becoming singers. She would never forgive me.

Jason: You did this for your mom....she would understand.

Chris: maybe later.

Jason: Your dad is talking to Wraith.... you going?

Chris: no...there is something I gotta do.


Dad: Why did you do that!!!?

My dad was talking to Wraith.

Wraith: Didn't I tell you? She got too close and was learning stuff that she shouldn't know.

Dad: Why!!!?

My dad came and punched him.

Morgan: John!!!(My Dads Name) Calm down.

Wraith spit out blood.

Wraith: Got me good.

Morgan: We need to find out more about your team.


Chrissy: (Where is he?!)

Wendy: Your about to perform.

Jada: Good Luck!!!

Kaycee: Have fun!!

She was going into the stage.

Chrissy: Dammit....

The whole crowd was cheering.

Chrissy: Hey everybody!!!! Sorry but Chris couldn't make it!!! But I still plan to make it more fun!!

The crowd went wild.


Wendy: That was amazing!!

Kaycee: So cool!!

Jada: You were so amazing!!!

Chrissy: thanks...

Wendy: Whats wrong? It was amazing.

Chrissy: yeah it was...i'm gonna get ready and we can leave tomorrow.

Jada: is it because of Chris?

Wendy: Yeah..she really hope that he would be here.

Kaycee: He must be pretty important to her.

Wendy: yeah...


Chrissy: I just want to be alone.

Wendy: Okay well...Jada and them are staying in town for a few days. Let us know.

Chrissy: Kay.

She went in.

There was brand new furniture and also a note with a suitcase.

Chrissy: what is this?

She grabbed the note.

Chrissy: ''Chris: Hey if your reading this your probably wondering why I didn't come. You knew that my mother died but I had a chance to avenge her and i couldn't let it slip away and im sorry. I left to keep you safe. You knew what I did for a living and that could have put you in danger. I saw the video that you sent and I also felt the same way about you. These past few months have been the highlight of my life. I have been trying so hard to move on from my mom's death but I couldn't.... I made a song for you so I do hope you enjoy it....im so sorry for not showing up but I know your gonna be huge. I will always support you..this apartment is now yours...''

Chrissy started crying.

Chrissy: why....you didn't have to go....


Chris: There done.

Nate: What have you been working on?

Chris: just something.....

Nate: Whoa!!

It was two little gauntlets and also grapples that would fit my arm.

Chris: Yeah instead of my weapons I attached a grapple on my arms. These gloves can stick to walls and its also light when you wear them. The tech will automatically fit onto your arm so it won't weigh as heavy. I added a small gas tank from the back. The canister might be small but holds a lot of gas that can push a full grown adult.

Nate: Did you show Morgan?

Chris: Yep. He said that it was better than the idea before.

Nate: Nice. have you talked to Wraith?

Chris: ....no.

Nate: you should. Probably feel better.

Chris: I don't need to talk to that man.


Wendy: So he left?

Chrissy: yes....

Wendy: Have you listened to the song?

Chrissy: i can't.

Wendy: seems to me he didn't want to leave...

Chrissy: what do you mean?

Wendy: No guy would do this much if he didn't love you.

She grabbed the video.

Wendy: play it.

Chrissy: Please don't tell anyone.

She clicked play.

Music started playing.

Then you heard my voice.

(Ali Gatie: Its You)

Chris: 🎶It's you, it's always you

If I'm ever gonna fall in love I know it's gon' be you

🎶It's you, it's always you

🎶Met a lot of people, but nobody feels like you

🎶So, please, don't break my heart

🎶Don't tear me apart

I know how it starts

🎶Trust me, I've been broken before

🎶Don't break me again

🎶I am delicate

🎶Please, don't break my heart

🎶Trust me, I've been broken before

🎶I've been broken, yeah

🎶I know how it feels

🎶To be open

🎶And then find out your love isn't real

🎶I'm still hurting, yeah

🎶I'm hurting inside

🎶I'm so scared to fall in love

🎶But if it's you then I'll try

🎶It's you, it's always you

🎶If I'm ever gonna fall in love I know it's gon' be you

🎶It's you, it's always you

🎶Met a lot of people, but nobody feels like you

🎶So, please, don't break my heart

🎶Don't tear me apart

🎶I know how it starts

🎶Trust me, I've been broken before

🎶Don't break me again

🎶I am delicate

🎶Please, don't break my heart

🎶Trust me, I've been broken before

🎶I know I'm not the best at choosing lovers

🎶We both know my past speaks for itself

(For itself)

🎶If you don't think that we're right for each other (Baby, no)

🎶Then, please, don't let history repeat itself

'🎶Cause I want you (yeah, yeah), I want you (yeah, yeah)

🎶There's nothing else I want

'🎶Cause I want you (yeah, yeah), I want you (yeah, yeah)

🎶And you're the only thing I want

🎶It's you, it's always you

🎶If I'm ever gonna fall in love I know it's gon' be you

🎶It's you, it's always you

🎶Met a lot of people, but nobody feels like you

🎶So, please, don't break my heart

🎶Don't tear me apart

🎶I know how it starts

🎶Trust me, I've been broken before

🎶Don't break me again

🎶I am delicate

🎶Please, don't break my heart

🎶Trust me, I've been broken before.

Wendy: wow...

Chrissy: i'm gonna go to sleep. You can spend the night if you want.

She went to her room.

Chrissy: (damn....good music hehe)

She started crying.


A few weeks ago.


Morgan: He hasn't said anything yet.

Nate: Yeah we did all we could but won't confess anything.

Dad: Has Chris talked to him before?

Nate: No..

Dad: Why not?

Nate: Said he doesn't want to.

Dad: I need a better explanation then he doesn't want to.

Morgan: Come on...give the kid a break.

Dad: huh....your right. Where is he?


It was raining and I was riding my motorcycle through the city.

I went on top of a roof.

I grabbed my phone. My song became one of the top ten and I saw Chrissy posting new cover videos.

Chris: nice....

I can still sense her pain.

I ran and jumped off the roof.

Chris: bam!

I shot a grapple against a building and shot my gas and boosted myself through buildings and flying around.

I spinned and boosted through buildings and jumped on top of the roof.

Chris: these gears are nice.

Someone started calling me.

Chris: Hello?

Dad: We need you.

Chris: Got it.

I went back to my base.

Chris: Sup?

Dad: How you holding up?

Chris: i'm okay...

Dad: Not ready to talk?

I looked at the door in which he was in.

Chris: Yeah... i'm ready.

I went in.

He was behind a glass case and just sitting on a chair.

Wraith: Well....well.....well...there is the guy I wanted to talk to.

Chris: How's the bruise?

Wraith: Hahahaha!!!

I looked at the glass and saw my family watching us.

Wraith: Funny thing..you seem as if you were hesitating?

Chris: When you've had a shitty day you would too.

Wraith: Whats wrong? Girl trouble?

Chris: Listen I only came to see why you killed my mom.

Wraith: Then again it wasn't me.

Chris: stop lying.

Wraith: Woahhahahaha!!!!!!

Chris: Whats so funny?

Wraith: You know I like your motto...

Chris: And what is that?

Wraith: You fight for family. You haven't stop chasing me just to find out what happened to your mom.

Chris: That's the only thing that matters.

Wraith: Family that's good and all but it leaves you vulnerable...it makes you predictable.

Chris: true...but when I go...I have a something to fight for.

Wraith: Oh....like Chrissy?

My face dropped.

Nate: How does???

Morgan: What?!

Dad: oh no.

Chris: How do you know that name?

Wraith: We have agents that have been keeping an eye on you for awhile now. You might know them as Anna and Kenny.

I remembered them.

Chris: What did you do to them!!?

Wraith: Don't worry just a couple months of ago I gave them a raise and all they had to do was watch you.

Chris: They wouldn't do that.

Wraith: Well when you threaten there family they will.

Chris: What is wrong with you?

I punched the glass.

Wraith: Don't be like that....now I would call Chrissy... because having friends and family.....

He started smiling.

Wraith: Makes you vulnerable.

I busted out of the room.

Morgan: Agents follow Chris!!

I jumped out and swung across the city.

I called her.

Chris: Chrissy!!

Chrissy: i don't want to talk.....

Chris: No listen!!

Chrissy: i'm not going to.

She shut the phone.

Chris: Dammit!!

Me and Morgan's men were racing across the city.

Morgan's men: Don't waste to much gas Chris!

Chris: There's my apartment!

Morgan's men: Alright men keep on a lookout!!!


Chrissy: I'm not going to...

She shut her phone.

Then a knock happened.

Chrissy: Hello?

The door bust opened.

Chrissy: AWWW!!!

One guy grabbed her and another tried attacking her.

She ducked and punched him towards the wall.

Another guy came and restrained her.

Wraith's Men: Dang she can throw a punch.


I was outside.

I grappled near the window. I pushed so much gas that I flew straight through the window.

Wraith's men: What the?!

I drew my blades.

I stuck one in his mouth and the other near his chest.

Just then Wraith's men came out with a gun pointed at Chrissy.

Wraith's men: Drop the swords....we know you don't kill.

Chris: I'm considering it.


I saw her tearing.

Wraith's men: Drop it!!!

Chris: This is gonna hurt.

Wraith's men: What do you mean?

Just then Morgan's men shot through the window and knocked the gun off of the guy.

I took off my sword and knocked out the guy.

Chris: Chrissy! Dodge!

I grabbed my gun and shot.

He flew back.

Morgan's Men: Go In!

They came through and arrested the men.

Chris: You okay?

Chrissy: yeah....thanks.

Chris: no problem.

Then she came and punched me.

Morgan's men: Dang!

Morgan's men: We will give you guys some privacy.

The men left.

Chris: not gonna lie I deserve that.

She punched me again.

I was pushed against a wall.

She was about to punch me again but she was tearing.

Chrissy: Dammit!!!

Chris: Look i'm sorry.

Chrissy: me too.

She went to grab some ice.

Chrissy: Does it hurt?

Chris: Not as much as I hurt you.

Chrissy: So what now?

Chris: i'm really sorry...you have no idea how much.....

She came and hugged me.

Chrissy: I forgive you.....

Morgan's men: Chris!! Emergency!

Chris: What!?

Morgan's men: The ATP Facility is under attack.

Chris: I'm out of gas!

Chrissy: Lets take my car.

Me and Chrissy got in.

Chris: Dammit!! My dad and my brother isn't picking up.


The whole place was on fire.

Chris: Dad!!

I saw solders fighting each other.

Chris: Secure the perimeter!

Morgan's men: Got it!

Chrissy: What will you do?

I rushed inside the fire.

Chrissy: Chris!!!!


Chris: Anyone here!!?

Dad: Help!!

I rushed in.

He was trapped under some wood.

Chris: Dad here!

I lifted it up.

Chris: Where is Nate?

Dad: Fighting right now.

Then I felt a gun behind my head.

Wraith: Stand!!

I slowly got up.

Jason then came and punched him away.

Jason was coughing like crazy.

Jason: Lets get out of here.

Chris: No i'm not letting him escape!

Jason: Chris!

Chris: Get my dad out of here.

I ran back into the building.

I saw Wraith.

I tackled him into Morgan's office.

Chris: Where is Morgan!!

Wraith: 6 feet under.

I punched him but he kicked me back towards the wall.

He tried swinging but I grabbed him and flipped him upside down.

I then threw him away.

I slowly walked up.

He had a stick with fire on it and smacked me with it.

Wraith: Now you will die!!

He swung but I dodged.

I felt a surge of energy and tackled him through the fire and into the middle of the building. We both were surrounded by fire.

Chris: Shit...

We both got up slowly.

Wraith: You think you can win!!!!?

Chris: I don't think...I know.

We both charged at once.

He swung and hit me.

I didn't even feel it.

I pushed through and launched him so far back into a wall. He got stabbed by a building part.

He was coughing blood.

Chris: Got you.....

Wraith: damn it...

Chris: Sorry but this death you brought it upon yourself.

Wraith: Wait....

Chris: What!?

Wraith: Your mother is still....alive..

Chris: What?

Then the building started crashing down on me.

Nate: Where's Chris!?

Jason: Still in there!

Dad: Chris!!!

Chrissy: No damn it.....

I then jumped through the building and landed on my knee.

Chris: Oww....

Chrissy: are you okay!?

She hugged me.

Morgan's men: Where is Morgan?

I had his ATP emblem.

Dad: no....

Nate: Dammit...

Jason: Oh god....

I passed out.

I couldn't remember much after that.

I remember being in the hospital and seeing Chrissy and my family.


Chris: where?...

Nurse: Don't use to much energy.

Chris: Where am i?

Nurse: Your in the hospital.

Chris: Where is my....family?

Nurse: They all went back home. The only one here is a girl named Chrissy? I believe.

Chris: Oh....where is she?

She pointed behind me.

She was sleeping.

Nurse: Is there anything you need?

Chris: I'm okay...

She left.

I looked at her phone and she was listening to music.

I saw her listening to the one I wrote.

Chris: wow....

I looked at the time and it was 7:00 in the morning.

I thought back to what Wraith said.

Wraith: Your mom is still alive.

Chris: That can't be real.


( Corinne Bailey Rae: Put your records on)

Chrissy: Aww..... damn what time is it?

She looked at me and I was sleeping.

Chrissy: i hope you wake up soon.

She grabbed her guitar.

Chrissy: 🎶Three little birds sat on my window

🎶And they told me I don't need to worry

🎶Summer came like cinnamon, so sweet

🎶Little girls, double-dutch on the concrete

🎶Maybe sometimes we got it wrong, but it's all right

🎶The more things seems to change, the more they stay the same

🎶Ooo, don't you hesitate

🎶Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song

🎶You go ahead, let your hair down

🎶Sapphire and faded jeans

🎶I hope you get your dreams

🎶Just go ahead, let your hair down

🎶You're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow

🎶Blue as the sky, sunburn and lonely

🎶Sipping tea in the bar by the road side

(Just relax, just relax)

🎶Don't you let those other boys fool you

🎶Gotta love that Afro hairdo

🎶Maybe sometimes we feel afraid, but it's all right

🎶The more you stay the same, the more they seem to change

🎶Don't you think it's strange?

🎶Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song

🎶You go ahead, let your hair down

🎶Sapphire and faded jeans

🎶I hope you get your dreams

🎶Just go ahead, let your hair down

🎶You're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow

🎶Just more than I could take

🎶Pity for pity's sake

🎶Some nights kept me awake

🎶I thought that I was stronger

🎶When you gonna realize that you don't even have to try any longer?

🎶Do what you want to

🎶Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song

🎶You go ahead, let your hair down

🎶Sapphire and faded jeans

🎶I hope you get your dreams

🎶Just go ahead, let your hair down

Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song

🎶You go ahead, let your hair down

🎶Sapphire and faded jeans

🎶I hope you get your dreams

🎶Just go ahead, let your hair down

🎶Ooo, you're gonna find yourself 🎶somewhere, somehow.

Chris: wow...

Chrissy: Chris!!

Chris: That was nice to wake up to.

She was tearing up.

Chris: I'm okay....really...

Chrissy: i'm so glad...

Chris: Listen...I really am sorry..

Chrissy: yeah..you better be hehe...

Chris: Where's my family?

Then they came through.

Dad: Chris!

Chris: Hey guys.

Nate: How you doing?

I got from my bed and took off the wires.

Chrissy: Chris!? you can't take those off.

Chris: I'm feeling better trust me.

Jason: You good?

Chris: Yeah i'm fine.

Dad: Here!

He handed me a phone.

Chris: Hello?

Joe: Hey.

Chris: Joe? dang...haven't heard your voice in awhile.

Joe: How you doing? I heard about Morgan.

Chris: Yeah...he's gone... but.... are you free later?

Joe: Yeah just come by the house, why?

Chris: I will tell you.

I canceled the phone.

Dad: What did you want to talk to him about?

Chris: Something personal. Hey dad I need to talk to you guys later as well.

I checked out of the hospital.

We went outside and saw Wendy.

Wendy: Hi! Chrissy? you ready?

Chrissy: Yeah. Oh wait I forgot....Wendy this is Chris.

Chris: Hi.

Wendy: The Chris?

Chris: Yep that's me.

Wendy: The guy that she has been obsessed over?

Chrissy punched her in the arm.

Chris: Yep that's me but other than that were fine. And thank you for always being there for her. I can see why she calls you two very close.

Wendy was blushing.

Wendy: Thank you....

Dad: Has the way with the girls huh?

Nate: Man I can do the same.

Jason: Haha.

Wendy: I will be waiting in the car.

Chrissy: So...you planning on moving back in?

Chris: Depends...you looking for a roommate?

Chrissy: hehe....well...i'm going to a music convention downtown for a couple days. Wanna go?

Chris: Sorry but I gotta do something first.

Chrissy: bye...

She left.

Dad: What was that all about?

Chris: Can we go back to base?

Dad: Yeah actually there is something we wanted to show you.

We were driving near a cliff and I saw a mountain full of tech with a huge ATP sign on it.

Chris: Dang...this looks amazing.

Dad: Yeah.. Morgan had it built entirely on the mountain.

Nate: Your little friend was helping us too.

Chris: Chrissy?

Jason: Yeah we've been catching up on how she was like.

Dad: You guys are a lot in common.

Chris: Haha... I know.

I went in and saw all the men and soldiers. I knew most of them so it was good seeing them.

Chris: Dang how long did this take?

Dad: A week.

Chris: Have I been gone that long?

Nate: Yeah hahaha.

There was a huge meeting table in the middle of the facility.

Chris: So who runs this now?

Dad: Me.

Chris: Congrats dad.

Jason: Yep..Jake is graduating and he is going to be joining us.

Chris: Nice. Actually that helps me a lot.

Nate: Why?

Chris: Lets sit down.

I told them about mom.

Dad: What!?

Nate: no way...

Jason: Wait...you guys don't believe him do you?

Chris: I mean its worth looking into.

Nate: can she really be?

Dad: Who knows? but we can't just let this go by. Thanks Chris.

Chris: No problem.

My dad got up and went to work with the other agents.

Nate: Aren't you gonna go talk to Joe?

Chris: Yeah i'm going.

Jason: What did you want?

Chris: I will tell you guys when I come back.

I drove my motorcycle and was riding to my older brothers house.

I got off my bike.

Chris: huh... what am I gonna say.

I knocked on the door.

Random Voice??: Who is it?

Chris: Its me!

Karen: Uncle Chris?

She opened.

Chris: Karen?

Karen: Wow!! I haven't seen you in so long.

Chris: Me too.. Your huge. How old are you?

Karen: 18.

We hugged and I went inside.

Chris: So where is your old man?

Karen: Back there.

I went back to the house.

I saw Joe swimming with his kids and wife.

Chris: wow.. hehe..

Joe: Chris!!

Gen: Uncle Chris!!!

Avery: Hi uncle Chris!!

Tina: Chris!! Its been to long.

Tina is Joe's wife.

Joe got out of the pool.

All his kids came and hugged me.

Chris: Sorry to budge in.

Tina: No its fine. Please come inside.

Me, Joe, and Tina all went inside. So did the kids.

Chris: Avery your 7? Wow...

Gen: I'm 5!

Chris: You kids are so big. I brought some presents.

Tina: You didn't have to.

Chris: I insist.

I brought out a new gaming system for the kids.

Joe: Your spoiling them to much haha.

Chris: Come on summer break needs to be fun.

Gen: Thanks Uncle Chris!!!

Avery: Thank you!!!

Chris: Karen this is for you.

Avery: The newest project phone!?

Joe: Dang I don't even have that.

Tina: Come on you didn't need to spend that much.

Karen: Thank you so much!!! You have no idea.

She hugged me.

Chris: No problem.

Gen: Mom!! we need help setting it up.

Tina: Coming!... I will let you boys talk.

Me and Joe went into his backyard and sat on a table.

Joe: Wanna drink?

Chris: Soda is fine.

He came back out.

Joe: So what did you want to talk about?

Chris: huh...you've missed so much. haha.

Joe: Tell me.

I told him everything including me and Chrissy and also our mom being alive.

Joe: That's a lot to take in.

Chris: I know.

Joe: I retired you know.

Chris: I know.

Joe: Then why are you here?

Chris: Because...i'm thinking of leaving. I came by to ask you how you did it? How did you leave that part of your life behind you?

Joe: You see that?

He pointed at his family playing games.

Chris: Yeah.

Joe: That's why. I loved Tina.. we both were ATP for awhile as well and we wanted to settle down. Chris...its your life but let me ask you a question?

Chris: What?

Joe: Have you ever been in love?

Chris: I'm not sure?

Joe: Well when you see Chrissy what do you feel?

Chris: I feel relax...I feel like all my problems go away. The word i'm trying to say is...I fell in...

Joe: Love? Hahaha sounds cheesy.

Chris: Hehe...

Joe: So there's you answer. What is making you hesitate?

Chris: Everything....finding mom....leaving something that I have been doing all my life....leaving dad and Nate... That's why I came to you.

Joe: For?

Chris: Because you did all that. And you are still here with a smile.

Tina: Chris you having girl trouble?

Chris: Oh hi...yeah kinda.

Tina: I'm not sure if this helps but when Joe left with me..it made me so happy. And i'm not gonna lie.... I wasn't sure if he wanted to start a family with me.

Joe: You never told me that.

Tina: To be honest I wasn't sure you were gonna be happy living with me in a modern life after all the cool spies and agent stuff.

Joe: You know choosing you was the best choice I have ever made. When we had Karen it was the most amazing moment of my life.

Tina: Thanks.

Chris: Yeah...I have never seen Joe as happy as he is now.

Tina: And that was thanks to you all.

Chris: Us?

Tina: If Joe had never gotten into ATP then he would have never met me. He wouldn't have his brothers convincing him to ask me out.

Chris: Wow didn't think about that.

Tina: Do you love this Chrissy girl?

Chris: Of course I do.

Joe: Then go.

I thought back to all my memories with her.

I got up.

Joe: Made up your mind?

Chris: Yeah..

Tina: And??

Chris: I have a job to quit.

Then I left.


I was driving my motorcycle back.

Chris: I'm feeling good today..

I drove off the highway and back into the city.

Chris: WHEEWWWW!!!!!!


Two days later.

Dad: Has anyone seen Chris?

Nick: Nope not since he went to talk to Joe.

Ethan: Have you guys talked to Joe yet?

Dad: Yeah were planning on going this weekend.

Then I knocked on.

Chris: Hey guys.

Nate: What were y'all talking about?

Chris: Umm... sorry where is dad?

Jason: Your dads over there why?

I was walking to his office and Nate and Jason were following me.

Chris: Dad?

Dad: Hey what supp?

Chris: Umm here...

It was a small device.

Dad: Whats this?

Chris: Last known locations of mom.

Dad: What!?

Nate: Whoa....

Jason: How did you....?

Chris: The past two days I have been searching and also went back to where she died. I went to Wraiths hideout and apparently he was keeping files and was keeping an eye on her. I couldn't find much cause he destroyed the evidence.

Dad: Chris...

He came and hugged me.

Dad: I'm so proud of you.

Nate: Thanks Chris.

Jason: Alright lets get to work!

Chris: Wait one more thing.

Dad: What?

I took off my ATP badge and put it on my dads desk.

Nate: What are you....?

Chris: I'm resigning... well at least for now.

Jason: You sure about this?

Chris: .....yep. I'm really sure.

My dad and Nate came and gave me a hug.

Dad: Enjoy your life.

Nate: Go little bro.

Jason: Make sure you don't screw this up haha.

Chris: I won't..

Dad: Lets celebrate.

We all celebrated the whole night.


The next morning I went to the hotel.

Chris: Anna!

She came and hugged me.

Anna: Thank you.

Chris: No problem. Where's Kenny?

Anna: Taking some days off for his family. He told me to tell you to say thanks.

Chris: Of course. Am I allowed to move back in?

Anna: Of course!

I went into my room.

Chris: Huh... Time for some remodeling.


Chrissy: Do you think he's coming?

Wendy: Oh my god can someone.....slap her.

Kaycee: Come on.....he will come.

Chrissy: But its the last day....

Jada: Is he hot?

Kaycee: What?

Jada: If she is going this crazy over him then that must mean he's really cute.

Wendy: He's kinda cute.

Chrissy: Yeah he is....

Jada: Jesus.

They were at the music festival in a booth.

Then they heard piano being played on stage.

Chris: Hey everybody!!!!

Wendy: Is that?

Chrissy: Its him!!!

There was a crowd and then I saw her.

Chris: How is the music festival!!???

Everyone started cheering.

Chris: This song goes out to a very special girl in the crowd. I hope you hear this.

Crowd: WHOOO!!!!

Jada, Wendy, and Kaycee: Awww...

(Blake Mcgrath: Let You Love Me)

Chris: 🎶When I think about your love

🎶I close my eyes let it surround me

🎶Though I just don't understand

🎶How to let you love me

🎶Its not something I could earn

🎶Yet it's something that you really give

🎶Or you simply ask of me

🎶Be still and let you love me

🎶So i will let you love me

🎶I am here with open hands

🎶All I need is you again

🎶No I won't move, let my soul be still

🎶So i will let you love me

🎶Yeah i will let you love me





🎶When I think about your love

🎶All the stars light up around me

🎶I feel your presence in the wind

🎶And I know that you love me

🎶So I will let you love me

🎶I am here with open hands

🎶All I need is you again

🎶No I won't move, let my soul be still

🎶So I will let you love me

🎶Yes I will let you love me





🎶Yes I will let you love me

🎶Oh yes I will let you love me

🎶Let you love me

🎶Oh yes I will let you love me

🎶Oh yes I will let you love me

🎶Let you love me

🎶Oh yes I will let you love me

🎶Oh yes I will let you love me

🎶Let you love me

🎶Oh yes I will let you love me

🎶Oh yes I will let you love me

🎶Let you love me





🎶When I think about your love

🎶I close my eyes let it surround me

🎶Though I just don't understand

🎶How to let you love me.

Crowd: WOOHHH!!!!!!!

Chrissy: wow...

Jada: Okay I guess he was worth it.

Kaycee: That was amazing.

Wendy: Happy now?

I walked off the stage.

Then I started walking towards them.

Chrissy: Oh my god....he's coming! Do I look okay?

Kaycee: hehehe..

Jada: Hahahaha!!!!

Wendy: You look fine.

Chris: Hi everyone!!

Chrissy: hi...

Wendy slapped her own face.

Wendy: oh my god Chrissy....

Jada: Hi i'm Jada!

Chris: Nice to meet you.

Kaycee: Hello! I'm Kaycee.

Chris: Hi! Nice to meet all of you. Beautiful names by the way. Unlike me so plain.

Kaycee: Haha.

Jada: Haha.

Chris: Hey Wendy!

Wendy: Hello Chris!

Chrissy: Quite an entrance.

Chris: I showed up didn't I? haha.

Chrissy: Yeah you did..

Wendy: Well me and Jada, and also Kaycee are gonna go talk over there.

Chris: So....

I jumped up and sat next to her.

Chris: So....?

Chrissy: So...?

Chris: I quit my job.

Chrissy: What!?

Chris: Shhh...

Chrissy: Oh right.. we should talk somewhere more private.

We went walking. Its was dark.

Chrissy: You quit?

Chris: Yep.

Chrissy: You quit being a ATP?

Chris: Yep.

Chrissy: Why?

Chris: What do you think?

I kissed her.

Chrissy: oh....my..god.

She started kissing me back.

Chris: Whoa! Whoa! Were in public.

Chrissy: Sorry...got a little excited.

Chris: I've been waiting to do that.

Chrissy: Me too.

Chris: So go and hangout with your friends. Your coming tomorrow right? We can talk back at the hotel.

Chrissy: Kay....bye.

I left.

Chrissy: huh....finally....hehe.


Chris: All right I got until tomorrow to finish this.


Chrissy: Bye girls! Thanks for coming this week.

Kaycee: Yeah it was really fun.

Jada: Have fun Chrissy!

Chrissy: With what?

Jada: Chris. Hahaha.

She started blushing.

They both left.

Wendy: Alright if you ever need me.

Chrissy: Thanks.

Wendy went away.

Chrissy: Anna!

She went to hug her.

Chrissy: He told me what happened.

Anna: Thanks for worrying. He's waiting for you upstairs hehe.

Chrissy: Thanks.


Chrissy: Hey roomie!

Chris: Hi!

Chrissy: Thank you... I hope you found what you were looking for.

Chris: I did. Come here I got something to show you.

We went in and saw my room but there was no bed.

Chrissy: What is this?

It was a recording studio.

Chrissy: Wow.

Chris: Yep completely sound proof and fully functional.

Chrissy: Thank you. But wait where are you gonna sleep at.

Chris: I can take the couch.

Chrissy: Or...

She started kissing me and pushed me into the room.


The next morning.


I woke up and made coffee.

Chrissy: That was fun last night.

I turned around.

Chris: Yeah it was.

Chrissy: So when do you want to start?

Chris: Lets go record.

We both went into the studio.


Thanks to her I was able to move on. I left my Mom's search to my family and me and Chrissy continued our life of being musicians. Best decision I have ever made.



(Tousher, Why Would I Ever remix)

Chrissy: 🎶Why would i ever,

🎶Why would i ever,

🎶Why would i ever think of leaving you.

Chris: 🎶Why would i ever,

🎶Why would i ever,

🎶Why would i ever think of leaving you.

Chrissy: 🎶Wait a minute baby,🎶tell me whats up lately, I've been knowing you to long.

Chris: 🎶I gotta' Get this outta my chest girl i put you in a test, 🎶cause' i listen to these sad songs.

Chrissy: 🎶How could ever think that, 🎶I wouldn't have your back, 🎶Its me and you against the world.

Chris: 🎶If i told you that i love you,🎶 No matter what we do,🎶 You promised to be my girl.

Chrissy and Chris: 🎶we're never stopping like the beat of my heart,

🎶no turning back now that we came so far,

🎶why would i ever wanna push you away,

🎶when the only one i pull in is you.

Chrissy:🎶why would i ever, 🎶why would i ever, 🎶why would i ever think of leaving you.

Chris: 🎶why would i ever,🎶why would i ever,🎶why would i ever think of leaving you

Chrissy: 🎶wait a minute hold up,🎶they said when you rolled up,🎶you was yelling off the chain.

Chris: 🎶wait a minute hold up,🎶brush off my shoulder,🎶i was at the top of my game

(at the top of my game).

Chrissy: 🎶now we've been through some problems,🎶trust me we can solve them,🎶we got too much in it to lose.

Chris: 🎶too much in it to prove,🎶there is nothing, 🎶i gotta tell you something

baby i'm gonna do it for you (for you)

Chris and Chrissy: 🎶we're never stopping like the beat of my heart,🎶no turning back now that we came so far

🎶why would i ever wanna push you away

when the only one i pulling is you.

Chrissy: 🎶why would i ever, why would i ever

🎶why would i ever think of leaving you

Chris: 🎶why would i ever, 🎶why would i ever

🎶why would i ever think of leaving you

Chrissy: 🎶why.. did you ever question between us,🎶have you seen us,

🎶we got that love,

Chris:🎶she tried to hold it down,

🎶i wanna hold it up,

🎶and if things get too hot,

🎶then maybe i will self destruct,

🎶and when i drop the dice,

🎶it's like i'm gambling,

🎶and every situation frozen,

🎶i feel as cold as ice,

🎶baby lets take it slow,

🎶don't wanna crash the day,

🎶cos if i take the short cut,

🎶you know we feeling like.. i, i

🎶we're making it right, right

🎶we taking our time, time

🎶don't make any stop, stop

🎶i'm waiting

Chrissy: 🎶why would i ever, why would i ever

🎶why would i ever think of leaving you

Chris: 🎶why would i ever, 🎶why would i ever

🎶why would i ever think of leaving you.


Chris: Whew!! Good job.

Chrissy: You too!