A Song For A Summer's NightA Song For A Summer's Night

A Song For A Summer's Night

by TheRedQueen

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[18+; Completed] Two people, the CEO of an Entertainment company, Song Luli, and Long Jie, the successor of a conglomerate, are entangled together in a web of power, high society, and calculating schemes—and what do they need to do to survive it? A marriage pact to bind them together. Both are bound to duty, responsibility, and their families, and neither cares about love. But what happens when they both mutually respect and admire each other’s work? What happens when they cannot deny their physical attraction for long? Will their feelings develop profoundly, or will they maintain a platonic business relationship? Disclaimer: This novel is RESTRICTED to 18+ only due to Mature themes such as DETAILED SEX SCENES, COARSE LANGUAGE, AND FIGHT SCENES. THERE IS NO RAPE. ... Synopsis: Song Luli is a sharp-tongued, bold, and reserved young woman who unexpectedly becomes the new successor of her father's company—Song Entertainment—right after her older sister abruptly disinherits herself. Song Luli, now the heiress of a large company, soon receives word that Song Entertainment is crumbling in the business world. To secure her position, she must marry Long Jie, a wickedly handsome heir of a conglomerate, who is bound to duty and responsibility. Long Jie is a handsome, ruthless, and calculative young man who destroys careers or makes them, and he is known to be frigid by rejecting every offer for a suitable match. But he picks Song Luli. On the terms of marriage, they agreed to never fall in love, to never think about the possibility as they dedicate their time towards their jobs and families. Marriage benefited both of them for the sake of power and to survive the turmoils of High Society. Watch as the budding romance blooms between two stubborn and cynical individuals who share more in common than they want to admit, learning more about what it means to be married, and battle the power struggles that they face, together. Meanwhile... Song Luli's cousin Su Xiang is an aspiring doctor devoted to her job and inheriting the legacy her mother built. She is the heiress of Song Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest medicinal companies in the country. But when her older adoptive brother returns from four years of Medical school, she must confront the blooming feelings she harbours for him. ... Tags: #Arranged Marriage, #Romance, #Forbidden Romance, #Crime Drama, #Mystery, #Plot Twists, #Underworld *There are a few love stories interwoven in the plot that comes together in the end to unravel a devastating truth.* - No prolonged misunderstandings - No sexual assault Discord: https://discord.gg/nBT8jWj ... Art, not mine, will be removed at request. Credit to the artist!

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