1 A Child is Found

Continent: Giltena

Year: x764

In the dead of night with the moon and stars out a lone woman was walking in the woods carrying an infant. The figure was a woman was standing at 5'8, with shining white skin, sliver long hair tied in a ponytail in the middle and loose on the sides. She was had two black horns coming out of the side of her head curving down behind her head following her hair and stopped just below her neck. She was wearing a black dress staring from her neck and going down just below her ankles, with the middle cut into a dimond-shaped covering her breasts and stopping above her waist line showing her toned stomach. She was wearing knee high black heel boots, and black gloves that goes up to her elbows. She was beauty come alive and when the moonlight shone on her it was as if a goddess has come down to Earthland. When she came out the woods a temple built in to a cave was seen. It was made of white and black marble with not only the moon's cycle painted on the front but also the sun's cycle. I was a beautiful temple, and home to the Moon Dragon Goddess Selen also home to the Solar Dragon King Apollo. Though no one knew Apollo staying in the moutain just of the Moon Goddess. Selen walks up the stairs gently rocking the infant as he sleeps and baths in the moonlight.

Selen: Hmmm. This child has a lot of magically power. I wonder what happened to his partents just to leave him in the middle of the forest.

As she looked down at him with her sliver eyes she felt something she has never felt in her life. Love. Selen has already decied that she would care for this human child and when his old enough teach him magic.

Selen: I hope that old fool Apollo dosen't make a fuss about this, but then again during the war he fought on the humans side so he should be ok with it. Either way it's not his decsion. I already made up my mind. Hmmm now humans have two names soo i'll name you Dante Moon. Hehehe I guess you like that name huh Dante.

When Selen named Dante Moon a smile graced his face as if he approved of the name his new mother gave him. Inside the temple Selen walked down the staris to her bedroom to put her son to bed. As for food she used a enchantment on him so the moonlight would supply hm with the nutrients he needed. Selen's magic was like other dragons, it caused destruction but when she heard about enchantments hundereds of years ago that's what she mastered at. She even came up with a way for dragon-slayers to remain human without having a drgaon go inside said slayer to form antibodies. Of course she keep everything on enchantments in her spell book. Now that she laid her son down she decied to sleep with hime and introduce Apollo to him in the moring. As moring rolled around Selen got up just as Dante was waking up wanting to be changed. Selen changed him wraped him in a blanket, got dreesed and went outside where she knew Apollo would be basking in the sun. Selen walked outside with Dante in her arms to Apollo laying down in the middle of a field filled with grass and flowers. Apollo was a big dragon. Bigger than the Fire Dragn King Igneel and his solar fire is so strong that not even Igneel dared to eat them. Apollo has golden scales that shine in the sunlight while the his belly is a redish-golden, great spikes on the top of his head going down to his tail and when his relases his dragons breath his spikes glow a golden-red starting from his tail to his head (Godzilla style cause who dosen't like Godzilla) great dark gold wings with 3 claws on the top tip of his wings.

Apollo: I thought I smelled wrong last night, but low and behold I was right. You brought back a human huh Selen.

Selen: Yes I found him in the forest on my walk. He was all alone with no other human in sight. In all honesty im surprised he was alive concedering the animals that live there.

Apollo: So why do you have a human with you?

Selen: His name is Dante Moon and I decied to raise him as my son and teach him dragon slayer magic. I want to ask you to teach him your dragon magic as well.

Apollo: Hmmm. Dante Moon is a nice name, but I'm confused I thought that you didn't care for humans.

Selen: Well I normaly don't but the fact that this child survied and has high magicaly power leads me to belive that he could be the one to defeat Acnologia.

Apollo: Yes I can sense tht he has great power in him, and as for killing that abomination of a dragon that remains to be seen. I'm sure you and the others could kill him, but since his not even on this continent you and the others have no reason to go seeking a battle that could destory millions of humans. As you know im too old for such fights now, and as for teaching him dragon slayer magic I have no problem with it, but you know the cost that magic has for humans.

Selen: I already have a solution for that, and it's not either of us going into his body. I created a spell called [Moon's Purity] it destroys a dragon seed and keeps the human from turing into a dragon. I can also revert a dragon that was once human into being a human once more. It's a complacated spell but if the person his strong enough then it well work.

Apollo: Leave it to you to come up with a way around. Since it won't him the child then im all for it. Afterall my time on Earthland is almost up. In a few years my sprit well go back to the sun. I would love to have a successor to my dragon's arts. Not to meantion you aslo long to be one with the moon just as I long to be with the sun.

Selen: Yes. Your right.

Apollo: So a Solar/Moon Dragon Slayer. Hahaha never thought I would see the day.

Selen: Yes as hard it is to comprehend we'll make the strongest dragon slayer to ever be made, without the kill all dragons part that Acnologia has. Among teaching him dragon slayer magic i'll teach him how to read, write, math among other things as well. Now im going to need to few of your scales I plan on making him a blanket of both our scales so he'll always have something of ours.

Apollo: Sure here you go.

As Selen took the scales she laid Dante down so she could transform into her dragon form. Selen's drgaon form is larger than Apollos by a small bit, her scales are pure sliver that fades to black but in the moon light she glows having the moonlight shine off of her. Her black horns growns to the half-way point of her neck but curve up to form two pointie tips. Selen has four legs and the underside of her belly is white. She doen't have spikes of any kind and her wings are sliver with one claw on each one. As she takes off a few of her scales she transforms back into her human apperance picks up Dante and goes back into the temple to make his blanket. Back in the temple Selen lays Dante down and hums a song she once heard while she makes his blanket. Selen then starts really thinking about what a Moon/Solar Dragon Slayer could be. While outside Apollo is thinking the samething.

Continent: Giltena

Year: x776

In the back of the temple you can see golden dragon and a tan little boy sitting down in a medatation postion with gold hair on the top of his head but when it gets half way it turns silver as the rest of his hair goes down to the top of his shoulders wearing a black skin tight vest with golden outline and black shorts with the same golden outline and black sandles. This golden dragon is Apollo and the boy is Dante Moon. In the middle of the day they were training his Solar Dragon Slayer magic, working on absorbing the solar rays from the sun to replenish his magic. Sit on a step of the temple watching Dante was his mother Selen wearing her usal skin tight black dress but this time next to her is 2 cats. One on the right and the other is the left. The cat on the right has golden fur on the body but at the edges of the ears and at the end of the tail it's white with a black flower clips in both it's ears showing it's a girl, and her name is Sun. On the left is a another cat that looks the same as Sun but this one is silver and where Sun has white fur this cat has black fur but her hair clips are gold, and her name is Luna. Dante found them last year when he went into the forest hunting for something to eat and when he so a wolf-snake about to eat two helpless animals he attacked with a Solar Dragon Roar and killed it. After Founding out that they had no where to go Dante took them back home with him, and his mom instantly fell in love with them. She also gave them there names, and after that they became family.

Apollo: Good Dante now it's time to show us how strong you have gotten. Attack me when your ready.

Dante opened his eyes an shown light brown eye's and smiled and you could see his abnormal sharp canines which his mom told him that's a characteristic trait of Dragon Slayers.

Dante: Alright dad let's do this. [Solar Dragon Roar], [Solar Dragon Tail Lash], [Solar Dragon Talons], [ Solar Dragon Heat Blade], [Solar Dragon Raising Wing]. Hahah I moved you back! YES! I did it. HEY MOM DID YOU SEE THAT!!!

As Dante was celebrating his success Apollo was shocked that Dante made him slide back a few feet as was his mom Selen even as she was hugging Dante she was looking at the skid marks on the ground.

Sun: Way to go Dante I knew you could do it

Luna: Congrats Dante

Dante let go of his mother and smiled at his little sisters.

Dante: Thanks Sun. Luna. What do you think Mom? Dad??

As Dante looked back and forth from his mom and dad he saw a smile on his mom's face while his dad started to walk back towards him.

Selen: I am so proud of you my beautiful baby boy. Since I know that you Moon Slayer magic is just as powerful as your Solar were not going to train tonight, but there is something we have to do. Just the two of us ok.

Dante: Ok mom sounds good. So dad what do you think?

Apollo: Very good. Those attacks actually stung a bit, and the fact you pushed my back speaks for your power. I'm happy I could pass on my magic to you son, but you have about 10 seconds before you pass out haha you used up all your magic in those attacks.

Dante: What are you talking about dad I feel fi-

He passed out and before he feel on the ground Selen caught him, picked him up and smiled.

Selen: You know he usally dosen't use all his magic in attacks. He just wanted to impress you. You old goat.

Apollo: I know, and he did. So tonight after your done with the ritual huh?

Sun/Luna: What do you mine papa?

Selen: Oh nothing it's just tomorrow when he wakes up his going to be on a boat along with you two starting a adventure.

Sun and Luna started crying, and Sun being more out-spoken than Luna asked

Sun: Why...Did we do something wrong?

Selen still holding Dante got on one knee

Selen: No girls. Neither of you have done anything wrong, but I want you 3 to go out and see what this world is like. I've taught all 3 of you about everything you need to know about the humans and wizards, and besides it's not safe for you 3 to be with me right now. Only when Dante get's stronger well finally be able to come home. I'll be leaving my book with all my enchantments with Dante and in it well be an explanation of everything he needs to know. Besides like I said this isn't forever. Right girls.

Sun and Luna look at eatch and smile. Knowing that there mom never lied to them before so it should be ok.

Luna/Sun: Yes mama.

Selen: Good. Now you two go eat and play for a bit, then wash up and go to bed. I need to do something with Dante.

After they left Selen put Dante in a deep sleep that he wouldn't wake up from until tomorrow morning.

As the sun came down and the full moon was at it's peak Selen went to the top of the temple still carring Dante in her arms. At the center of the roof was a stone slabe she had perpared years ago for this day. Really she could have done it anywhere outside that the moonlight shined, but Selen thought for her son it should be special. As she laied him on the stone she started chanting and a seconds a huge puer silver magic circle appeard above the temple drawing in moonlight. This was the enchantment spell [Moon's Purity]. Pure moonlight and bits of solar energy begin to come down directly on Dante's sleeping body while Selen focused on how to guide the magic into Dante and to purtify has dragon seed while breaking it down destroing it for good. It's a very complacated enchatment you have to focuse so much on the energy from [Moon's Purity] while guiding towards the dragon seed and make sure to give enough to just destroy it keeping the excess energy away from the rest of the body. Selen didn't think that anyone but her could do this spell and even if wizards somehow got a hold of her spell book that she plans t give to her son, got together and decied to do the spell's in her book. Everyone ding the spell has to be a Master Enchanter because one mistake would kill everyone doing the spell. After 3 hours the dragon seed inside of Dante was gone. Selen even did a check to see if Dante would have two on account of him have two dragon slayer magic's but only one. It seems he did have two but since th sun and moon are so colse related to one another the seeds fused and became one. That's why it took Selen so long to finish destroying the seed.

Selen: Alright my son it's done. I wish you could stay with me a little longer but I know you need to experience the world. This continent is too dangerous for your level of power. If certain people found out that you were my son they would hurt you to get to me, and I would destroy this world to save you. My old friend Grandeeney said something about a plan to kill Acnologia so that's where i'll tell Apollo to send you. Goodnight my Moon and Sun. I love you.

In the morning Apollo carried a sleeping Dante, Luna, and Sun going to a boat on the shores of Giltena. As he gets near the boat Dante starts waking up.

Dante: Hey dad where are we and where is mom?

Apollo: I see your awake good. Now everything well be explained when you set sail and when the moon is out open the book your mother gave you in your pack.

Dante is confused and a bit worried. So he decieds to just wait and see. Growing up with two dragons has made him patient in somethings and information is one of them. Apollo landed and Dante took the pack, Sun, and Luna from his dad. He walked to the ship and went to look around it and realized it's the ship he grew up learning about. He knew this ship well and how to sail his mom and dad made sure of it. He put Sun and Luna in his room, put his pack down and went to talk to his dad.

Dante: So dad what can you tell me?

Apollo: I can tell you that I'm not long for this world. I've been alive for a very long time and it's time for me to go back home.

Dante: What you can't just say that and leave I..I..- I don't know what I'll do without you dad.

As Dante start to cry Apollo make him look at him as golden lights start to come form him and up in the sky.

Apollo: Just because my body won't be here dosen't mean I won't be watching over you. After all every day I'll be looking over you. All you have to dao is feel the sun's warmth and you'll know that I am always with you son... I'm so proud of you....

As Apollo fades away Dante goes to his knees and start to silently sob. He stays in the position until Luna and Sun come and land on each of his shoulders to cry with him. What Dante didn't know was both of them woke up to hear everything Apollo said to Dante, but they didn't come out right away because they were conforting each other. After a few more minutes thye all got up and started to take the ropes off of the dock and set sail.

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