A Sliver of Frost
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A Sliver of Frost


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What is A Sliver of Frost

Read A Sliver of Frost novel written by the author MoYun_ZJ on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering reincarnation, cultivation, mystery, princess, magicworld. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[A #xianxia retelling of the legend of The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl x Music] "Perfection comes in many ways, little sister... sometimes, perhaps perfection shouldn't be the goal at all." --- Three realms were created when Goddess Nuwa broke the world. Immortal Celestia, Mortal Earth and the Nether Realm, where sinners were cast. Yun Zhi is the youngest and most talented of the 7 weavers in Celestia, in charge of weaving the ephemeral skies. Her weaves are perfect, but her magical progression has been stuck for ages. A chance visit to the mortal realm brings her to Xiao Che. Handsome and mysterious, his music astounds her - with the power to move her heart and disrupt the three realms. Is that really why she can't forget him? --- *Updated Weekly (1 - 2 chapters a week)

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I seldom give perfect 5 stars, but this novel is so well written, I can see the scenes clearly in my mind. Ah Zhi and Ah Che are cute and lovely. Of course what is to come can be assumed, but Author does a great job in how to approach any issues. This novel has characters that are entertaining, relatable, and you will start to invest in them. The world is wonderful as well and detailed so I could see it as I read. Well done author. Please continue this novel.


Overall : the book was amazing! It has a nice plot line and the flow of the story was just nice! The synopsis was great and everything in the story adds up to the greatness of it! Writing quality : the writing was great and there were less to no mistakes made! The sentences were written out well with great use of words!! The writing technique was unique and it brings out the story reading! Updating : the updates are stable~ Characters : they were well written and well crafted out! They were well described and explained in auxiliary chapters, on how their names are named and the other descriptions! I love the characters for their own unique like style and their speaking dialogues were fresh to the eyes!! World background : it is written out well with some great descriptions on things and the choice of words to describe them were amazing!! It brings out the imaginations of it, more clearer~ it also shows the authors creativity with words and how it is able to attract the attention of the readers! My thoughts : I love it!! This is a rare hidden gem!! The story itself had me captivated and the starting got me hooked into reading more of the awesome content! This book has the potential to soar with the great writing creativity of the authors!! I hope to see more of this and great work author, keep it up!! ✨☺️


THE ABSOLUTE BEST WRITING I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED ON WEBNOVEL. This is a review after chapter 6. That's all I have had time to read today, but I will definitely be back! This is a colorful, beautiful, vivid, and attention grabbing story! You can tell how much work the author has put into the story. they have created deep and intellectual characters and a story that will squeeze your heart! Keep it up! I love it!


The visualisation given by the vividness of the descriptions is really the creme of the crop. It's hard to find another author who could employ the technique better. The words flow like a siren call, seducing its readers into the immersion of the plot. It's gripping, telling, and enthralling. The author had enough background knowledge of the genre that her world building was simply convincing. This is a rare gem I'm glad to have found. Will definitely look forward to the development of the plot[img=update]


Amazing, I already love both if the protagonist when they met, it's like I felt something on my heart that made me fall for the two. Also I can't wait to add more scene of my two favorite characters. (Forgot their names, but they are the twins..) So keep up from writing, I can't wait for more.


Reveal spoiler


The story is well thought out and the pacing is perfect. The descriptions pull you into the book immersing you in the world. I love the plot of this book. Well done to the author.


The synopsis was good but slightly confusing, I had no idea what was going on lol. Going on to the novel, I was just as confused, somehow. I was reading but nothing really stuck to mind since I didn't really understand what was going on. Well, until later down. As I read, things started to make a lot more sense. The author has a beautiful way with words and a descriptive skill of 10/10. The sentences were intricate and beautifully structured, somewhat poetic. I enjoyed reading them. There were little to no grammatical errors so this novel was an easy read. Other than getting me confused lol, it didn't have any flaws. Overall, the novel is beaming with potential and the writer is really good at putting words in the right place. [img=recommend]


The author is skilled with words, allowing us to visualize the world and be drawn into the story. The author introduces the world properly, giving readers a lot of information about the history and politics while avoiding info dumps. I really like the characters, they all feel real and unique and the interactions between them make sense.


The writing and descriptions are very poetic. Makes me feel like im watching a beautiful xianxia movie. The world is interesting and i like the inclusion of music in the plot. Hope to see more updates soon!


Great introduction, the story grows through each read and the picture created is beautiful to the extent that one can see the image the Author has depicted through those words.


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