A Sliver of Frost Book

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A Sliver of Frost


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Five thousand years have passed since Goddess Nuwa broke the world, splitting it into three realms. Yun Zhi is an immortal Celestian, in charge of weaving the ephemeral skies. In Celestia, passion is frowned upon. Balance is the key to keeping the realms apart, thus ensuring the purity of the Celestian soul. Yun Zhi lives for her art, crafting impeccable weaves that outshine the rest of her six sisters. All she seeks is progress in the seven weaves of power. But why has she stalled at the second weave? When she hears Xiao Che's music in the mortal realm, the power of his song astounds her. Is he truly a common pathfinder, seeking the path to immortality? Or does his music hold the clue to a darker conspiracy, one with the potential to disrupt the realms? And if balance is truly the key to perfection, why does Yun Zhi feel like she's on the verge of a breakthrough, only when her heart is moved? === "Perfection comes in many ways, little sister... sometimes, perhaps perfection shouldn't be the goal at all." Now updated on Wattpad instead. https://www.wattpad.com/story/283012936-a-sliver-of-frost