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Arriving at the Stark Tower, I could see the huge portal machine standing in the centre of the roof and an unconscious Dr. Selvig thrown to the side like a rag doll.

"Well, would you look at that. The powerful sceptre, the key to closing the portal, just lying beside the machine, unattended. How lucky." Saying so, I move towards the machine and pick up the glowing sceptre.

Placing my hand on the machine, I calculate the precise location to stab so as to close the portal. Finding the place, I move back and look up into the sky.

"Oi, I'm such an idiot. Why am I letting Stark destroy the spaceship? I could just absorb it. Yeah. Let's do that." Slapping my forehead, I produce a small ball shaped mass of slime and pull my arm back.

Taking aim at the portal high up in the sky, I let loose the mass in my hand.

Crack. Boom.

A web of cracks spread out from underneath me, as I throw the ball high into the sky, while a second explosion occurs in the sky.

'Broke the sound barrier huh. Nice.'

Looking up into the sky, the ball stealthily passed through the portal, and made its way to the spaceship. Just before reaching it, it transformed into a huge sheet of white, large enough to engulf the whole ship.

Wrapping up the ship like a dumpling wrapper, the ship started to disappear into the mass of white, until eventually, a few seconds later, the ship, along with all stray Leviathans and Chitauri disappeared, leaving only a small mass of white floating around in the sky.

It was at this moment, that stark entered the portal. He looked confused, he thought that the spaceship would be directly above the portal, and not somewhere else. Looking around, he finally saw something in the distance. It looked like a holographic projection forming in mid space, a projection of a huge spaceship.

"I really need to rest, my mind's playing tricks on me." He said, changing directions with his thrusters, aiming the nuke at the spaceship.

Letting the nuke go off into the distance, the lack of oxygen made him start losing consciousness, eventually blacking out. But not before he felt a soft cushion like feeling enveloping him and pulling him towards the closing portal.

On the Stark Tower.

I could see through my clone's eyes the series of events unfolding. First, the slime ball successfully ate the ship along with everything inside, then came the realisation that Stark was about to blow up the ship, which is now sitting inside my belly, so I had my clone quickly conjure up a simple illusion, and placed a block of some random ore from my space at the impact point of the nuke, to make it seem as though it hit the ship and blew up.

One miscalculation I encountered was the location of the ship. In the movies, it was right above the portal, so when Tony let go of the nuke, he fell down right through the portal, but in reality, he travelled perpendicular to the portal's entrance, so now, he had no chance of falling through the portal.

So, I did the only sensible thing. I had the slime ball zoom towards him, and envelope him, along with his suit, and carried his unconscious body through the portal and towards the ground.

The remaining avengers left on the ground looked up at the closing portal, and saw Iron Man laying on a bed of a soft fluffy cloud like object, slowly coming down, until, it landed softly on the Chitauri corpse ridden ground.

Running up to him, Thor pulled off his face plate, and checked if he was breathing.

A panicked expression came over his features as he couldn't find a pulse nor a breath.

Just as he was about to call for help, I arrived in a flash.

"Move aside. He got hit by quite a blast of radiation along with lack of oxygen to his brain, he's currently in a semi dead state." I say as I kneel beside him and place a hand on his chest.

My hand turns into a goo and seeps through the armor, covering his body.

Pumping some celestial infused water from my adventure in the cave, over his body, I move on to replacing all the cells affected by the nuke blast. And believe when I say, it was way worse that what happened in the movies.

Unlike Nat's injuries, Tony hadn't lost a lot of blood, mainly some of his skin and superficial muscles were impacted, so a quick clean up and a soak in the water started to heal up his body.

The injury started to heal but his heart still wasn't beating, so a final push inside his body, and treads of my body wrapped around his heart, sending small bursts of electricity, imitating a normal heartbeat.

Artificially beating his heart for 30 seconds, I let go, while the rest of the avengers had all gathered around us, looking worried over the comrade.

Irritated and worried, the brainless Hulk finally let loose and just like in the movies, roared.

"Hhah. What happened, please tell me no one kissed me." Waking up in a panic, Tony looked around, seeing worried expressions on our faces, started joking.

"No one kissed you, just brought you back from the dead.

Come by my house tomorrow, I'll give all you guys full body treatments, heal up any injuries and fatigue from today's battle. Especially you Tony. I just gave you some first aid treatment so you can walk about for a while, but I still need to remove a few more radiation affected areas."

Saying so, I start walking towards the Stark tower, but when I realise no one's following me, I turn around, "what are you waiting for, Loki's still upstairs unconscious. By the way, Nice job, Hulk."

Hulk smirks at the compliment, while Nat, Thor, Tony, Barton, and Steve realise the situation and start following me.

Making our way up the side of the Tower on my energy shield/ elevator we reach the window to Tony's living room (?).

Crawling on the floor, trying to stand back up, was Loki, the God of Mischief.

Picking him up, Thor puts on a pair of Asgardian handcuffs on Loki, and when he started to make snide remarks, covered his mouth with a muzzle.

After that, everything went smoothly. Tony contacted Fury to convey their success. While everyone moved back to my Towers which were untouched by the damage and cleaned themselves up.

While waiting for everyone to clean up, I realised these guys hadn't even had breakfast, nor lunch.

So, like a good host, (my manners from my last life still remained), I started to cook a sumptuous meal for everyone.

Going into the kitchen, I placed a large pan on the stove, turned on the heat, and added some oil.

Chopping up a few cloves of garlic and a few inches of ginger, sauteing it in the oil. Taking out some minced beef from the fridge, I slapped it in the pot, broke it up and stirred it around.

While the meat took on a lovely golden-brown colour, I left it in the pot to develop some nice fond.

I am fond of fond after all.

Taking out a bowl, I got a few cups of rice, washed it and drained it. Remember, always wash your rice, otherwise Uncle Roger will be very angry.

Moving over the rice to the pot, I added a few glugs of white wine, scrapped the bottom, and stirred the meat around, adding the rice to the pot. Adding some chicken stock to the mix and covering it up, I moved it to a beautiful kitchen cooking range oven, and placed it in.

By the time everyone got back to the living room, a beautiful aroma spread throughout the house, tantalising their taste buds, causing them to salivate.

Without further ado, I plated the golden-brown risotto along with a few sides, and joined the rest at the table.

Taking the first bite, a bomb went off in their heads, nourishing their fatigued minds and bodies, and with newfound vigour, everyone started stuffing their mouths.

The whole pot was emptied in no time, and everyone was leaning back on their chairs, satisfied.

The mood in the room was peaceful, until Banner (he changed back from the Hulk sometime during his shower) brought up a depressing subject.

"So, now what happens. We did beat Loki, but so many people died. More than half of New York is destroyed, the streets are empty of people. Now what?"

"Who said people died. Not one did." I call out to snap everyone out of their depressed moods.

"Have you been paying attention at all. The Chitauri came, destroyed buildings, crushed the people within, and so much more." Steve raised his voice, clearly not believing my words.


With a snap of my fingers, a bright light enveloped Steve, and he disappeared.


Just as I snapped, Steve appeared right where he was sitting, just a moment ago.

"Thor, would you be a dear and pass your hand through Steve's body." I say with a smile.

"Are you joking. Why would I do that. And what was that bright light." Thor complained.

"Sigh" sighing at his actions, I picked up a saltshaker near me, and chucked it at Steve's body.


Seeing as the saltshaker went right through his body, almost everybody gasped, while Thor stretched out his arm.

Mjolnir zoomed past the house and appeared right in his hand as he jumped at me.

"LOKI" he screamed.


With a simple wave of my hand, I sent Thor tumbling through the room, landing unceremoniously in a corner.

"Seriously, is any person who can do sorcery Loki. Get up. And don't play with Mjolnir in the house. Look what it did, smashing into two walls and breaking a masterpiece duck." I said exasperatedly.

"Ugh. Sorry, I thought you were Loki. Loki was never so physically strong." Groaning, he got up from the floor and made his way to the table.

While this interaction took place between me and Thor, all the other's at the table gaped at the situation, unable to believe that someone who could go toe to toe with the Hulk was easily swatted down like a bug.

"Ok. Like I was saying. No one died. As you can see, the Steve you see in front of you is just a simple illusion made with magic. And no, not the kind those circus freaks do, this is real magic. It's the mystic arts. So, all I did before Loki opened up the portal, I teleported everyone from this city somewhere else, and everyone currently in the city was no more than a illusion."

"Wait. Hold on. So, you're saying, that we just risked our lives to save illusions. We almost died." Tony screamed.

"No, you risked your lives to provide an example to those that seek harm to the people of Earth. Did you think Loki is the only threat? No nonon. Why would some provide Loki with an army just to take over Earth? No one is that generous. My guess is, who ever it is behind these events, they wanted something more than just earth. Maybe something���s hidden here, which they want."

Listening to my explanation, everyone went into deep thought. Slowly, but surely, they realised what I said makes sense.

"Sorry for doubting you. But can I ask. Where is Rogers." Tony asked after a while.

"Ah. Forgot about him." Snap.

Snapping my fingers, the illusion vanished, and a second later, Steve was sitting back with confusion written over his face.

"What In The World Just Happened?" He screamed out.


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